2V0-641 - VMware Certified Professional 6

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Example Questions

You are tasked with designing a data center architecture that should maximize the use of vMotion within your environment. The design has these requirements: · The network must utilize widely offered layer 2 switching and layer 3 switching services · Purchase of new equipment should be minimized Which two network design architectures will provide the requirements for vMotion in your data center? (Choose two.) A company has augmented its Data Center infrastructure by using vCloud Hybrid Service during peak hours. The company wants to extend their existing subnets into the cloud while workloads retain their existing IP addresses. The virtual machines in these subnets use an NSX Edge Gateway as their default gateway. Which solution should this company use? Which statement is correct when upgrading vShield Data Security to NSX Data Security? Which NSX component can validate that security policies at your organization are being enforced correctly? Which NSX service or feature provides optimized management of virtual machine broadcast (ARP) traffic? What is the minimum number of vSphere Distributed Switches (vDS) that must be configured before deploying VMware NSX for vSphere? How does NSX simplify the underlying physical network? A vSphere administrator wants to setup an NSX Edge Service Gateway to provide traveling employees secure access to company servers located in specific network segments within the corporate Data Center. The remote access solution must provide a method to authenticate the users. Which two methods can be used with the NSX Edge Service Gateway? (Choose two.) On a vSphere Standard Switch, how does teaming two or more physical network adapters provide load balancing when using the Load Balancing feature Route based on the originating virtual port ID? Which two options are pieces of information required to perform an NSX backup? (Choose two.) If a Security Group is the Source for a General Logical Firewall Rule, which Virtual Machines will be affected by the rule? How are Logical Firewall rules applied to affected virtual machines? What are three switch features found only on vSphere Distributed Switches? (Choose three.) Which two characteristics of the underlying physical network does VMware NSX require for robust IP transport? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true regarding Layer 2 VPNs? (Choose two.) Which NSX feature provides the ability to audit network traffic, define and refine firewall polices, and identify threats to the network? What are two advantages for using NSX for vSphere's Logical Switching? (Choose two.) Where must you go to manually register a third-party service with VMware NSX? You want to use an existing NSX Manager to extend logical networks to the ESXi hosts of a new cluster. What should you do? Which two components are required to enable layer 2 bridging? (Choose two.) A network security administrator wants to monitor traffic on several VLANs configured on a vSphere Distributed Switch. The traffic will be sent to another distributed port. What type of port mirroring session must be configured to meet these requirements? An administrator has deployed NSX in an environment containing a mix of vSphere 5 hosts. The implementation includes the Distributed Firewall Service, but the administrator finds that rules are not being applied to all affected virtual machines. What two conditions would cause this behavior? (Choose two.) An administrator configures the IPSec VPN service on an NSX Edge instance, but the negotiation fails. Examining the log file, the administrator notices the following messagE. INVALID_ID_INFORMATION Which misconfiguration caused the error? When preparing a vSphere host cluster to work with VMware NSX, which two options show VIBs that are installed and registered with all hosts within the prepared cluster? (Choose two.) Which action is not an option for adding Virtual Machines to a Security Group? Where does the Distributed Logical Firewall enforce firewall rules? Which two are valid statements regarding third-party services and NSX? (Choose two.) An administrator manages a TFTP server virtual machine that is connected to a Logical Switch with a VNI of 7321. The TFTP server has been configured to use port 1069. An NSX Edge Service Gateway is connected to VNI 7321 and has an uplink interface with access to the physical network. Assume external users can reach the Service Gateway. What should the administrator configure to ensure external connections to the TFTP server are successful? Which statement best describes scaling a fault tolerant spine-leaf multipathing fabric architected for an NSX deployment? After consulting with the network team, it is decided that Transport Zones will be configured with Unicast Replication Mode for a new NSX for vSphere deployment. Which statement is true regarding the function of the VXLAN Tunnel End Points (VTEPs)? A vSphere administrator deploys the NSX Edge Load Balancer in Inline mode. Which is not a requirement for the Load Balancer to operate correctly? Which component automates the consumption of third-party services and provides mapping to virtual machines using a logical policy? What is the function of NSX Data Security? An administrator wants to perform Activity Monitoring on a large group of virtual machines in an NSX environment. How would this task be accomplished with minimal administrative effort? What two statements correctly describe the way NSX provides integration with Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs)? (Choose two.) A vSphere administrator wants to add a VLAN LIF to a Distributed Router. What must the vSphere administrator do for the VLAN LIF to be added successfully? An administrator wishes to control traffic flow between two virtual machines. The virtual machines are in the same subnet, but are located on separate ESXi hosts. The administrator deploys an Edge Firewall to one of the hosts and verifies the default firewall rule is set to deny, but the two virtual machines can still communicate with each other. What task will correct this issue? An administrator has recently deployed NSX, but is still using a pair of physical network security devices. The administrator wants to use the physical security devices to filter virtual machine traffic hosted in the overlay network. Which NSX component will provide the connectivity between the overlay and the physical network? Which two options are valid SpoofGuard operational modes? (Choose two.) Which is not a valid Destination option for a General Logical Firewall rule? Where is the layer 2 bridge instance deployed when configuring a bridge connection between a logical switch and a VLAN? Which service cannot be included in a Security Policy using Service Composer? What are two valid methods of configuring virtual machines to use a vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS) that are currently using a vSphere Standard Switch (vSS)? (Choose two.) What is the earliest version of vCloud Network and Security (vCNS) that can be upgraded to VMware NSX for vSphere 6.0? Based on VMware's best practices, what two statements define the best solution for scaling layer 2 services for the virtual network? (Choose two.) What is the most restrictive NSX role that can be used to create and publish security policies and install virtual appliances? Which two statements are true regarding NSX? (Choose two.) A new ESXi 5.5 host is deployed in a vSphere environment with VMware NSX for vSphere. How can the host be prepared for VMware NSX for vSphere? You have deployed a two-tiered application using four virtual machines: · Two virtual machines are web application servers · Two virtual machines providing a clustered database service What feature can you configure to provide the most accurate account for only the traffic between the web servers and the clustered database? Which statement is true regarding an NSX Edge gateway device configured with a DNS Server?

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