2V0-631 - VMware Certified Professional 6 - Cloud Management and Automation Beta

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Example Questions

An organization is migrating to vRealize Automation from vCloud Automation Center. Which two steps are necessary to support this requirement? (Choose two.) Which two tools would a vRealize Automation administrator use to extend the default installation for the implementation of Anything as a Service (XaaS)? (Choose two.) Which two fields are required when creating a new property definition in the Property Dictionary? (Choose two.) The vRealize Automation administrator has created a service named Development, which includes catalog items based on Windows and Linux. The administrator has created an entitlement named Linux Users and added the Power On and Reset Actions permissions and the Development service. The Linux users report seeing both Linux and Windows catalog items. What is required to ensure the Linux users only see Linux catalog items? An administrator wants a FlexClone machine blueprint to deploy only on FlexClone storage. What is the best method to meet the requirements? You have been tasked with customizing the provisioning workflow of a specific blueprint. What object would you need to edit to achieve this? What should an administrator do to ensure that virtual machines on a compute resource have a controlled, non-DHCP range of IP addresses? Which encapsulation protocol does NSX support when integrated with vRealize Automation? After registering the vCloud Connector plug-in with vCenter Server, an administrator discovers that the private cloud does not appear in the plug-in interface. What step could be taken to resolve this issue? An administrator is creating vRealize Automation reservations as initial placeholders for Business Groups. The administrator has specified Compute Resource, Name, Network Paths, Storage, and Provisioning Group settings to create the reservations. Which additional setting must be specified to complete the task? A tenant has requested a custom message in the vRealize Automation console. What role is required to make this change? Which three options will ensure that all machines deployed by the finance business group have the same Distributed Firewall rules? (Choose three.) vRealize Automation uses vRealize Orchestrator endpoints to run what sort of workflows? After successfully creating a service blueprint, which two steps must be completed to allow the newly created service blueprint to be available for use? (Choose two.) A vRealize Automation administrator installs and configures a new vSphere Endpoint. Where should the administrator add the compute resource in order to use the new vSphere Endpoint? An administrator creates a vRealize Automation virtual machine blueprint with the following resource parameters: A user tries to launch a machine based on this blueprint with the following resource parameters: What is the immediate outcome of this attempt? The ability to perform a stretch deploy of a virtual machine contained in a vApp using the vSphere Client is unavailable. The administrator verifies that the environment is properly licensed and the target virtual machine is powered off. What should the administrator do to enable the stretch deploy option? You are creating an endpoint for vCloud Air. You need to set up multiple vCloud Air organizations as separate endpoints. What condition must apply? Which two Network Profiles could an administrator create to ensure every machine can access the external network and is also accessible from the external network? (Choose two.) The URL for a vRealize Automation server has changed, prompting the need to update Application Services registration. This is done using what process? What step is required to use the default vRealize Orchestrator instance with vRealize Automation? An administrator needs to define a Static IP Address Range in vRealize Automation. Which object is a prerequisite to complete the task? Your company is moving cloud providers from Amazon EC2 to VMware vCloud Air. The IaaS Administrator is cleaning up the remaining components. What is a valid component that the IaaS administrator can remove? Which mechanism should be used in vRealize Automation to associate host names with a particular department? Which three types of Compute Resources can vRealize Automation use to provision machines? (Choose three.) When adding an Active Directory Identity Source, which two fields are required? (Choose two.) When deploying a multi-machine blueprint that includes two web servers that should both service client requests, what type of NSX for vSphere service is deployed? The vRealize Automation administrator has created a vSphere blueprint. During the entitlement configuration, which action should the administrator configure to allow users to delete machines that have been provisioned from this blueprint? An administrator powers on a vRealize Automation Multi-Machine Service that includes Machine A and Machine B. The application on Machine A does not start correctly and displays the following error message: Machine B not ready What step should be taken to resolve this issue? An auditor needs a list of all events from the last six months. Company policies do not allow the auditor to login to the system. How can the administrator give the auditor the events required? An administrator needs to create property definitions in the Property Dictionary. After clicking on Blueprints under the Infrastructure tab, the administrator notices that the Property Dictionary menu isn't visible. What is the issue? What is required to integrate vRealize Automation with vRealize Orchestrator? Which three administrator roles can edit system-wide settings? (Choose three.) An administrator needs to account for the daily cost of operating a virtual machine as well as the cost of the software deployed on the virtual machine. What action should the administrator take in vRealize Automation to provide the needed information? A user has been assigned the vRealize Business Standard Budget Management Controller role. Which two details can the user view in the Consumption List? (Choose two.) An IaaS Administrator is explaining Endpoints to a colleague. How can the administrator explain why it is not needed to enter credentials every time vRealize Automation collects data from an Endpoint? What could cause an upgrade of the IaaS components to fail? An administrator needs to enable a cluster to be used by vRealize Automation. The cluster has the following configuration: Which change to the cluster must the administrator make? A tenant requests to use their own email server instead of the default email system defined. How does the tenant administrator fulfill the tenant request? How can an administrator make a commonly used development environment available for end-users to deploy? A department has a critical business service that will need Compute Resources of 8 GHz CPU, 20 GB Memory and 310 GB Storage. How should the administrator configure vRealize Automation to ensure the highest priority for this critical service? The Goal Navigator assists administrators in which two ways? (Choose two.) A business group manager requests an email be sent out when resources in their reservations run low. Which option best addresses the request? Senior IT leadership wants information to help determine workload placement and tradeoffs between buying new hardware or using a public cloud provider. What VMware product provides that information? An administrator is troubleshooting IaaS components in a vRealize Automation deployment. Which two steps outline the process for generating a log bundle for these components? (Choose two.) Which two administrator types will be set up during the configuration of a new tenant? (Choose two.) What is required for a tenant to manage an item in vRealize Automation that was created by a vRealize Orchestrator workflow? A vRealize Automation workflow is configured to accept typed user data as input to customize a virtual machine during launch. Which defined property below would enable this functionality? Once an administrator has added a new property definition to the Properties Dictionary, in which two places can it be used? (Choose two.) Why would you add a text element to a service blueprint?