2V0-620 - vSphere 6 Foundations Beta

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Example Questions

What is a requirement when enabling a Virtual SAN cluster in an existing High Availability (HA) and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Cluster? An administrator has unsuccessfully attempted several times to install an Operating System inside a virtual machine. The administrator finds that the installation fails at random intervals. Which two actions can be taken to resolve this issue? (Choose two.) Which three steps must be taken to use vSphere Update Manager 6.x to upgrade an ESXi 5.5 host to vSphere 6.x? (Choose three.) An administrator is moving a virtual machine into a resource pool. The VM and resource pool are configured as shown: VM configuration: Resource Pool configuration: What happens to the virtual machine's resource settings when it is moved into the pool? An administrator has just completed installing an ESXi 6.x host, but doesn't know what address has been configured. Where is the ESXi host IP address configured? Which two NFS Protocol versions does vSphere 6 support? (Choose two.) When you add an ESXi 6.x host to a new Cluster, which vSphere object owns the CPU and Memory resources of the hosts? An administrator is troubleshooting basic network connectivity issues. Which two scenarios are potential issues that this administrator might face? (Choose two.) What is the effective vSphere licensing level during the 60 day evaluation period? An administrator is migrating a virtual machine from a Test cluster to a Production cluster. The two environments do not have any shared storage. What is the easiest way to accomplish this task? An administrator is using the Host Failures to Tolerate Admission Control Policy for a vSphere High Availability (HA) cluster. When configuring this setting on the cluster, the administrator sees this error message: Insufficient resources to satisfy HA failover level on cluster What are two likely causes for the error? (Choose two.) When modifying a vApp, which two vSphere entities can be added? (Choose two.) After installation of a host in your test environment, you need to move it to production. The only major change that needs to be made is that the hostname of the server needs to change. What are two ways that an administrator can change the host name without editing configuration files on the host directly? (Choose two.) During a new vSphere Distributed Switch configuration, where does the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) value get modified? Which three statements are true regarding Fault Tolerance? (Choose three.) vMotion can be performed between which three physical boundaries? (Choose three.) An administrator is attempting to restore a number of files in a directory within the Operating System of a virtual machine. How can the administrator restore the files from a previous backup? VMware tools is failing to install on a Microsoft Windows virtual machine. What are two possible situations that would prevent the installation? (Choose two.) What are two ways to identify TCP/IP stack information? (Choose two.) What information is required as part of an interactive ESXi 6.x installation? Which two statements are true about VMFS5 datastores on ESXi 6.x? (Choose two.) What are two possible causes of Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS) being disabled on one or more virtual machine disks in a datastore cluster? (Choose two.) An administrator has an application that requires connection directly to PCI devices through a virtual machine. What is a limitation of this configuration? What may be a cause for failure to unmount an NFS datastore? An administrator has been tasked with enabling High Availability (HA) on a cluster in a vSphere 6.x environment with default settings. The cluster configures properly and there are no errors. The next day when powering on a virtual machine, an error is presented: Not Enough Failover Resources Which three scenarios are likely causes of this error message? (Choose three.) An administrator is attempting to remove an ESXi 6.x host from a vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS). When the administrator attempts to remove the host, the following error is observed: The resource '16' is still in use. What three steps are needed to successfully remove the host from the switch? (Choose three.) Which two components can be used when configuring Enhanced Linked Mode? (Choose two.) An administrator is attempting to migrate a large Hadoop virtual machine using vMotion. The administrator notices a delay when the machine is quiesced. The Hadoop virtual machine is processing many transactions a second to an in-memory database. Which two actions would help reduce the amount of time needed to perform a vMotion on this virtual machine? (Choose two.) A company has decided to implement Virtual SAN within their vSphere 6.x environment. The Virtual SAN cluster will be composed of three ESXi 6.x hosts that are on the Virtual SAN Ready Node list. Each ESXi host includes: The company will pilot a Virtual SAN cluster utilizing VMware best practices while maximizing storage capacity. The Virtual SAN cluster will use Manual Mode. Which two Disk Group configurations would meet the stated configuration requirements? (Choose two.) An organization has an ESXi 6.x host that contains two resource pools. The host is being relocated to a DRS cluster. What two actions can be taken to integrate the host into the cluster, and what would happen to the existing ESXi resource pool hierarchy as a result? (Choose two.) An administrator is installing vCenter Server for an environment that has 40 ESXi 6.x Hosts and 150 virtual machines. Which database would meet the minimal requirements needed for this task? Which two Fibre Channel zoning options are supported with vSphere 6.x? (Choose two.) An administrator is creating a new vSphere Distributed Switch that will be utilized with a specific vSphere Cluster. The cluster itself contains a mix of ESXi 5.x and 6.x Hosts. Which Distributed Switch version should be created to support this configuration? How many Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs) can be configured on a vSphere 6.x Distributed Switch? When configuring vSphere Replication for a virtual machine, what is the lowest Recovery Point Objective (RPO) that can be selected? What component must be installed prior to deploying a vCenter Server in vSphere 6.x? An administrator is attempting to power on a virtual machine, but is unable to do so. Which two reasons are probable causes of the failure? (Choose two.) Which three traffic types are available services options when configuring a vmkernel port? (Choose three.) Which three conditions would prevent Storage I/O Control from being enabled on a group of datastores? (Choose three.) What is required when changing a virtual machine name using the vSphere Web Client? Which two statements are true regarding VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache (vFRC)? (Choose two.) Which two events happen when Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) is disabled? (Choose two.) Which two parameters are required when adding an iSCSI target to an iSCSI Software Adapter using Dynamic Discovery? (Choose two.) An administrator has recently installed a new ESXi 6.x Host, and during the configuration notices sporadic network problems. To check whether the issue occurred sometime during the configuration, the administrator would like to reset the system. How can this be accomplished in the shortest amount of time? Which two Virtual SAN related actions might start resynchronization of virtual machine objects? (Choose two.) An administrator is configuring the Failover Order option on a vSphere Distributed Switch. Which two options should be used with IP-hash load balancing? (Choose two.) What is a benefit of using Enhanced vMotion Compatibility for an environment? An administrator must determine an appropriate backup solution, given these conditions: Which solution allows an administrator the ability to backup 100 virtual machines? Which three operations occur during a cold migration of a virtual machine? (Choose three.) An administrator logs into the vSphere Web Client, but is unable to see any hosts and clusters. Which two options could fix the problem? (Choose two.)

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