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Example Questions

You have a large enterprise customer who requires a next-generation solution for a mission- critical Data Center that supports their requirements for multi-tenancy. Select the product that meets their requirements for a future-ready platform (40/100 Gigabit Ethernet) and cost- effectively facilitates service integration. Your prospect is using VMware to virtualize their Data Center. In a meeting one of the customer representatives asks if Avaya offers a tool to manage and visualize a Data Center Network including automatic configuration of VMs and the physical infrastructure. How would you respond? You are following up on a customer who has recently installed an Avaya Wireless LAN 9100 solution that now wants to allow users to bring their own Wi-Fi devices onto the network. What upsell opportunities would you be focusing on during your visit? In connection with a CCT (Contact Center Technology) implementation project for the Government of Mourito, Avaya has partnered with a leading Distributor in the country. Avaya is required to import certain telecom equipment into Mourito. Avaya arranges for the shipment and same reaches Mourito port. In order to release the shipment, a no-objection letter is required from the customs unit in charge of the port. This is standard operating procedure in Mourito vis- a-vis overseas shipments. Typically, it takes about 7-14 working days to receive the letter. The Distributor, citing project exigency, pays a sum of $150 to a senior customs official and obtains the NOC (No Objection Certificate). What prompts the Distributor to make the payment is that facilitation payments are customary and legal in Mourito. What breach, if any, has the Distributor committed? We are at the beginning of an emerging market defined by which two of the following key inflection points? (Select two) Which three of the following value-statements of Video Surveillance are correct? (select three) Which three of the following are attributes of the Avaya Networking Management Suite:(select three) A customer asks you about the benefits of stacking Avaya's Edge Switches. Which three of the following responses are correct? (Select three) The Avaya LAN CAT tool compares Avaya switches with switches from competing vendors. What kinds of aspects are compared? How does Avaya VENA Fabric Connect help to reduce time-to-service? (Select two) Which two of the following would you consider to be business benefits of Avaya's Fabric Connect technology? (Select two) A leading Partner of Avaya, responsible for managing several of our accounts, entertains, without Avaya's knowledge and approval, the Chief Technology Officer ("CTO") of a leading client whom Avaya services via the above Partner. The entertainment involves hosting a cocktail dinner for the CTO and his family at a suburban luxury hotel costing approximately $200 and giving a gift coupon worth $500. The Partner does not expense the above to Avaya and justifies the above action on the ground it was a "good will" gesture and not done with any ulterior motive of securing more business. Is the Partner's behavior appropriate? Two things that help to make the IT department more cost efficient include? (Select two) Pursuant to opening a new branch office in an emerging market in South Asia, the distributor ("Distributor") engaged by Avaya comes in contact with a leading businessman in the country who claims to have sufficient contacts within the non-government space and offers to promote Avaya and our offerings in the country. For the above purpose, the businessman demands a cash payment of $1000 which the Distributor pays on behalf of Avaya without seeking Avaya's express approval. Is the Distributor's conduct appropriate? Avaya is bidding for a telecommunications project with the Government of India ("GOI") through one of its Partners. The GOI official who is in charge of the tender requests that the Partner arrange a site visit to Avaya premises to check out our facilities. This is part of the bidding process which authorizes the concerned department to undertake a capability study of all the bidders. The Partner and Avaya take the three (3) member GOI team on a tour of Avaya facilities and conduct a demo of our core offerings. At the end of the demo, Partner and Avaya serve refreshments i.e. tea/coffee and biscuits for the GOI team. Have the Partner and Avaya conducted themselves in compliance with Avaya policy? Select the statement that best describes the core component of the Identity Engines portfolio. Which three of the following characteristics represents the key highlights of ERS 4800 models? (Select three) Select the three best reasons for giving administrators their own login and only the access privileges they need for their job. (Select three) Avaya is trying to get payments worth $100,000 released from a public sector client in connection with an implementation project Avaya delivered successfully three (3) months back. The Partner through whom Avaya bid for the project is the primary interface conducting regular follow-ups with the client. The client contact promises to get the payment released within 45 days provided the Partner or Avaya pay up $150 to expedite release. The Avaya channel account manager encourages Partner to do "whatever it takes" to get the money. What should the Partner do? Select two key benefits of using Avaya's Switch Cluster technology. (Select two) Your new customer is excited about the simplicity Avaya's Fabric Connect offers with end point provisioning rather than complex hop by hop node by node configuration others offer. He asks if the Edge Switches are stackable like other Edge Switches. Which of the following two are correct responses? (Select two) You have a customer that is currently using a Microsoft Active Directory and will be implementing an RSA Authentication Server in the future. Which of the following options will be supported by the Identity Engines portfolio? (Drag and drop the correct choice into the empty box.) Which three of the following attributes are parts of seamless remote access fromAvaya?(Select three) The growth in surveillance is happening everywhere. Ranging from 41% in EMEA to 54% in APAC, with North America in the middle at 48%. Which of the following target markets is the largest segment? Where would a VSP 9000 typically be deployed? (Select the two correct options) During a sales visit to a dedicated Avaya customer you are asked what the consequences of not implementing network access control are. (Select the four correct options) Which two of the following are key benefits of Virtual Provisioning Services? Your colleague is finalizing an Avaya Aura project with a customer. He found out that some of the existing non-Avaya edge switches will also need to be replaced and asks you "What kind of savings do Avaya Edge Switches offer over the competition?" Which three of the following reasons would you offer him? (Select three) While talking to a prospect about a network in a new major enterprise branch, you mention COM to provide topology-based network configuration and provisioning. Your prospect, however, brushes this off by saying that their IT people prefer to use CLI based management. With which two of the following options should you respond? (Select two) Your colleague has mentioned to you that she is talking to a prospect about a new Contact Center solution. Which two of the following options would you select? (Select two) A customer is questioning the time savings provided by Avaya's "Auto Unit Replacement". He says that replacing the unit is only a small part of the whole process. Configuring the new unit can take a long time. How could you respond? An existing customer with an extensive deployment of stacked ERS 4850GTS, shows interest in upgrading their network to Fabric Connect. He asks if he can upgrade the ERS4850GTSor if this would require VSP 4000 switches at the edge, which would prove very costly. Which two of the following are good responses? (Select two) Your colleague tells you that he has read Avaya's Fabric Connect technology enables the creation of flatter topologies. He asks you, "What are the benefits of doing this?" How would you respond? Avaya provides centralized access control through Identity Engines to ensure network access policies are applied based on which three of the following? (Select three) One of Avaya's customers has contacted you and requested a recommendation for a product that will be able to act as a captive portal and will provide the ability to authenticate and offer access to users that do not have 802.1x capability. Which of the following products would you recommend? Which unique Wireless LAN 9100 feature enables the delivery of predictable application performance to mobile users? Avaya Wireless solutions address the market with which three of the following key enablers: (Select three) A leading reseller ("Reseller") of Avaya is invited by Avaya to attend a function organized to recognize the Reseller for its key contribution in increasing the revenue of Avaya's contact center technology ("CCT") suite of products from $1m to $3m over a 2 year period. The authorized representative of the Reseller is awarded a memento with an Avaya logo and a framed picture of Avaya CCT suite of products. Is it appropriate for the reseller to accept the memento and the picture from Avaya? There are 4 Global Support Services portfolios that are available to the Customer; Direct, Retail, Wholesale, and Co-Delivery. Which of these portfolios is sold only by Avaya and not by Partners? With which Ethernet Switch product should you generally lead in a Campus Edge wiring closet opportunity?(Drag and drop the correct choice into the empty box.) What does Avaya mean with delivering a "fit-for-purpose" solution? Your customer asked what other value the Identity Engines portfolio can add to the existing access control solution. What are your two responses? (Select two) Avaya has a distinct advantage in the market because, unlike other vendors, our Fabric solution is not exclusive to only the largest and most expensive products. Which Avaya products currently support for our Fabric Connect technology? (Select three) Which Avaya Switch is ideally suited to deliver today's pressing need for flexible, high-speed Ethernet connectivity in the high-performance Data Center Top-of-Rack (ToR) role? Complete the following sentence. Avaya Professional Services are available to... (Drag and drop the correct choice into the empty box.) How are Avaya's Core Ethernet Switches differentiated from other Switches in the industry? (Select the two correct options)