299-01 - Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional - Network Performance Management Exam

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Example Questions

How do all the Cascade components stay time synchronized? What data do I need from netflow sources for the Cascade Profiler report-by "network segments" to work correctly? On Cascade Profiler, what is the purpose of a Service Segment when creating a new service? Additional data sources that Cascade Profiler can leverage besides flow data arE. (Select 3) In defining a user defined policy on Cascade Profiler that triggers when the aggregate connection rate from any internal host to all external hosts exceeds a certain threshold, one has entered "within internal" for host/group A and "outside internal" for host/group B. How should the statistics be tracked for host/group A and B? One advantage of using a trace clip for analysis within Cascade Pilot instead of its parent capture job trace is: What report on Cascade Profiler would be used to show both sides of a conversation and the ports they communicated on? Which configuration screen or screens are edited on the Cascade Shark to change names used by certain ports within various views on Cascade Pilot: How does Cascade Profiler track URL's? Cascade Profiler Dashboard can be configured to show: (Select 3) For an analytic policy that monitors TCP retransmission bandwidth, which of the following best describes what is minimally required before a baseline can be established? How many SNMP recipients can receive a single event notification for Cascade Profiler? Which Cascade device is capable of sending flow data to more than one Cascade Profiler? (Select 3) Which of the following best describes any limits that are enforced on the number of service, performance and availability policies that are supported on any Cascade Profiler? Voice over IP (VoIP) monitoring by Network Performance Management systems typically includes, but is not limited to, the following metrics (select 3): Which of the following is information that Netflow v5 provides to the Cascade solution? (Select 2) What does Cascade use as the flow key to identify a unique flow? Trace clips in Cascade Pilot allow you to: Cascade dependency mapping (Connection Graphs) have multiple 'layouts' for showing dependencies. Which of the following is not an option? Which of the following types of hosts are included in Cascade grouping on Cascade Profiler? Within Cascade Pilot, when packet capture (pcap) files have associated trending/indexing data the following are true (select 2) Hosts that do not match group definitions within a group type are: If unable to connect to the Cascade Shark Appliance from the Cascade Pilot console it could be becausE. (Select 2) Cascade Performance analytic event detail reports include multiple tables that are ordered by: What information is required to configure the Switch Port Discovery feature in the Cascade Profiler? (Select 2) On Cascade Profiler, Which of the following account role permissions is not unique to administrator accounts? An interactive view within Cascade Pilot is useful for: The Cascade Shark de-duplication mode should be used: How many signatures can a Layer-7 Fingerprint have? Which parameters can be used to set up an Application Performance analytic on Cascade Profiler? Within the Cascade Pilot GUI, the following filter types are availablE. (Select 3) A router that has been recently configured to send NetFlow to a Cascade Gateway has yet to appear in the Devices/Interfaces page on the Cascade Profiler. What are the most likely thing to check? Which version of SNMP is supported for Switch Port Discovery on Cascade Profiler? Which Cascade device actually polls for the SNMP information in the switch port Discovery process? What is the maximum number of Cascade Profilers that can be configured in the Cascade Shark appliance as receivers of flows? How is QoS data obtained in a Cascade Profiler? (Select 2) What is the chart granularity possible through the Cascade Pilot UI? (Select 2) If you use overlapping IP address ranges (for example, 10.1.2/16, and 10.2.3/24) in a host group definition on Cascade Profiler which of the following is true?: Within the Cascade Pilot GUI, filtered items are often indicated: You can analyze data on Cascade Pilot received from live interfaces iF. (Select 2) If a VLAN SPAN (VLAN101) is configured and monitored by Cascade Shark, which of the following is true? (Select 2) If a report table on Cascade Profiler includes the "Server Delay" column but shows no value for "Server Delay" in some cells, what are the possible causes? (Select 3) When designing a Cascade deployment which of the following is important to consider about sizing? What are three ways Cascade Shark can monitor packet data in an environment: (Select 3) Why should all flow exporting devices use the same NTP (Network Time Protocol ) source? On an Enterprise Profiler, which Cascade software module usually runs on hardware with another software module, but can be placed on its own hardware to support extremely large clusters? Which of the following is a valid group definition on Cascade Profiler? (Select 4) What is the maximum limit of configurable flows that can be exported from the Cascade Shark appliance? (Select 2) The "Policies Usage" that is reported under System ­ Information pertains to which of the following: When links in a network are using WAN optimization, it is best if the Cascade Profiler or Express receives data from a _________or _________ monitoring traffic on the LAN side of the Steelhead that is located on the server side of the optimized connection. This is necessary in order to determine server delay. (Select 2)