250-402 - Administration of Altiris(TM) Client Management Suite 7.1

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Example Questions

A system administrator deploys the Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 agents and plug-ins. Some of the agent and plug-in installations fail during the install. Which option should be enabled in order to track agent and plug-in installation progress? A Deployment Solution administrator needs to re-image an employee's hard disk without losing an important, existing folder. How can the administrator deploy the computer image without erasing the existing folder? A help desk technician is using pcAnywhere to work on a system remotely. The technician discovers that operating system files are missing and this is causing errors when logging on to the system. Which pcAnywhere feature should the technician use to solve this problem? A user must run PCTEdit.exe from which location in order to edit an existing PC Transplant package? Which component of Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 helps reduce the cost of imaging and managing workstations from a centralized location? A maintenance window is configured to start at 21:00 and end at 22:00. The default Software Update Agent policy has been scheduled to run at 19:00. A Software Update policy is created and configured to install updates at 17:00, repeating daily. The maintenance window is honored. All machines are powered down Wednesdays for maintenance between 20:00 and 00:00, but are powered on at all other times. If it is Wednesday at 21:00, when can updates next be installed? Which step must be performed prior to deploying an imaging job using PXE Automation? What are two prerequisites for installing and configuring IT Analytics? (Select two.) A Deployment Solution administrator is creating a job to capture an image of a computer's hard drive using a Disk Image task. What should precede the Disk Image task? An administrator needs to create an exact image of a computer using Deployment Solution 7.1. Which type of imaging task should the administrator use? What can cause duplicate entries for a software resource in the Software Catalog? A Software Request Status report displays the current status of each software request received through the Software Portal. What will happen when the system administrator runs the report for Linux systems? A system administrator is setting up a policy to deliver a software application to an entire environment. As part of the delivery, the administrator needs to prevent installation on computers that already have the software. Which option allows execution only on computers that need the software? An inventory policy is set to run once at 17:00 Wednesday and is present on all computers. A user interrupts the inventory by shutting down a computer right after 17:00 and turns it back on at 08:00 the next morning. When does the inventory run? Which statement is true about the Application Metering feature of Inventory Solution? An administrator receives notification of a new vulnerability threat from Symantec Deepsight Alert Services. The alert includes the name of an executable that should be prevented from running. Which policy should the administrator configure? Which type of component is included in the Software Catalog? Which prerequisite must be met before implementing Software Management Solution? A maintenance window is set from 22:00 to 00:00. The Default Software Update Agent policy is set to install software updates at 03:00. A Software Update policy is created and scheduled to install as soon as possible. The maintenance window is honored. All machines are powered on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Assuming the policy has been applied, when is the earliest the software update can be installed? A system administrator is unable to send a file to a user through email, because it is too large (50Mb). Which feature of Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 is used to copy the file quickly within a managed network? Which protocol should be configured in the connection profile when remotely managing an Intel vPro enabled system? An administrator needs to use the Deployment Solution task listed below in a job that will be used to capture an image of a computer running Windows XP. Prepare for Image capture. Which two configuration steps must be completed before the task can be created? (Select two.) Which Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 solution tracks the installations of an application and how often the application is used? A group of computers are received from a computer manufacturer with a list of corresponding MAC addresses. To facilitate the imaging of the computers, the list is modified and then imported to Deployment Solution, creating new computer accounts. In a lab, all computers are started and booted into WinPE automation. In the console, a job is assigned to each computer appropriate to its hardware; but the computers never get the tasks or run the jobs. What is a likely reason for this behavior? Which two technologies are supported on Intel hardware when using Out-of-Band Management? (Select two.) A Deployment Solution job is being used to deploy a computer image and a computer's personality. Which two tasks should follow the imaging task and should be used before using a personality deployment task? (Select two.) New software bulletins have been released by Microsoft and are unavailable in the console. Which step should be taken to distribute the software updates? A corporate president has decided to centralize management of operating system updates after a virus spread through the corporate network. The president requires the ability to create reports about which updates have been deployed, which updates are still needed, and other information that will demonstrate the security of the network. Which two features of Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 provide all of the required functionality? (Select two.) Which Symantec Management Console security item needs to be modified to allow a console user to download software updates in Patch Management Solution 7.1 without approving them? A system administrator is creating a managed delivery policy to deliver software to managed computers and elects to deliver the software to the Symantec Workspace Virtualization (SWV) layer. Where is the software installed if the administrator delivers the software without having previously installed the Symantec Workspace Virtualization Plug-in? Which two are required for full use of the Symantec Management Console? (Select two.) The Delta Hardware Inventory policy is configured to run daily at 18:00. The Delta Software Inventory policy is configured to run weekly on Mondays at 18:00. Both policies are enabled for all managed computers. What will happen on Mondays at 18:00? A healthcare company has several small outlying locations with extremely limited bandwidth to corporate headquarters. Maintenance of computers in these locations has improved significantly with the recent addition of a Site Server and fully automated installations of operating systems using Deployment Solution. The only exception is with new computers or computers that need to have their OS drive replaced. The system administrator is unable to apply a new operating system to these computers remotely. What needs to be configured to enable fully automated imaging of these computers? Which two rule details should be included in a policy to allow a specific version of an Integrated Development Environment to run? (Select two.) How can greater efficiency and consistency be achieved when deploying multiple Managed Software Delivery policies to endpoints? Which configuration step should be completed before a computer image can be sent to a managed computer without an existing operating system installed on its hard drive? An administrator sets up an inventory to run at 16:00 weekly on Wednesdays, with the setting to throttle inventory reporting evenly over a period of 4 hours. All clients are refreshing their configuration policies every 4 hours. The current time is 08:00 on Tuesday morning. When will the inventory be collected? An administrator created a software resource with a detection rule. What should be used to determine whether this software resides on a managed computer? Deployment Solution backup images are designed to be used for which purpose? An inventory policy is set to run weekly at 18:00 on Wednesdays and is present on all computers. However, a user shuts down a laptop right after the inventory starts at 18:00 and turns it on the next morning at 08:00. When will the inventory run? An imaging task is created for upgrading a current environment from Windows XP to Windows 7 using Ghost and the inventory from the existing computer. A valid license key is assigned and a valid image is captured. To facilitate imaging, clients are instructed to close their applications and leave, but to leave their computers logged in so the imaging task can properly identify them. However, each attempt to assign and run the task on an endpoint computer results in failure almost immediately. What is the likely cause? What can be used to create pivot-based reports from data gathered by Inventory Solution? A system administrator discovers that an unauthorized piece of software called "Solitaire 2099" has been installed on company desktops. The software installs a browser toolbar that prevents the use of the company standard browser toolbar and needs to be removed immediately. The administrator has also been instructed to identify all users that are playing the game so that they can receive a private email about the situation. Which two capabilities of Inventory Solution will help the administrator? (Select two.) Which information is gathered by a Targeted Software Inventory? A system administrator sets up a Software Inventory policy to run every Monday between 08:00 and 10:00. After the policy has taken effect, users report that their computers are running slowly during the inventory scans. Which setting will reduce the effect of the inventory scan on users' computers? A system administrator needs to add an existing software release to a specific software product. With the desired software release selected, which method should be used to complete this process? A system administrator needs to quickly deploy Windows 7 to several new computers without preconfigured operating systems. The administrator decides to use an existing Ghost image since the necessary drivers have already been added to the DeployAnywhere database. The PXE Configuration is set to respond only to known computers. How should the administrator proceed? Which file type is used in PC Transplant to describe all of the components that are needed to transfer an application's settings and data files? Which items must be specified to minimize duplication of data and minimize processing on the Notification Server when manually adding a software resource to the Software Catalog? Which two methods can be used to assign a Deployment Solution imaging job using the drag and drop technique? (Select two.)