220-702 - CompTIA A+ Practical Application Certification Exam (2009)

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Example Questions

A user has just moved a PC from one office to another. The patch cable and the NIC do not appear to be functioning in the new office but were working before the move. The patch cable is plugged in correctly to both the NIC and the wall jack. Which of the following actions should the technician take FIRST? A technician has to enter a 4 digit numeric key before they can access the phone. Which of the following security measures has the technician decided to employ? A technician is implementing BitLocker on a client's laptop for traveling purposes. Which of the following should be performed before implementing BitLocker? Which of the following is the reason for pinging the loopback address? A customer, Jill, is having trouble accessing a particular website. Bob, a technician, notices that it is a secured website. Which of the following steps should Bob take in the troubleshooting process? After installing a new processor in a computer, which of the following is the NEXT step the technician should perform? Which of the following is the difference between a stop error (e.g. stop C0021xxx) and a Dr. Watson error? Which of the following ports MUST be open in order for Remote Desktop to function? A user reports that after adding several programs and files the computer is running slower. Which of the following can a technician suggest to correct this issue? Which of the following would resolve a problem in which external speakers connected to a sound card are not playing audio? Which of the following protocols would be used to connect to in order to send email? A technician is replacing a Windows 2000 Professional computer with a Windows 7 computer for someone with login account USER1. Which of the following directories should be copied or moved from the old computer and where should they be placed on the new computer? Which of the following will occur if a PCMCIA device is used in a PC card slot? When a laptop is turned on, it reports that a SMART error has occurred. Which of the following components should Mike, a technician, test FIRST? A technician, Karen, receives a work order that a user's computer will not boot into Windows. The user reports he is seeing the error message: "NTLDR is missing". Which of the following is the FIRST troubleshooting step Karen should perform? Which of the following is the MINIMUM account required to install most programs on Windows XP? A user is unable to view any DVDs on their laptop which has a DVD-ROM drive installed. After further investigation, the technician realizes that there is not any DVD-ROM or CD-ROM available under the My Computer utility. Which of the following system utilities would MOST likely be used to identify and resolve this issue? After installing an updated video card driver in a Windows XP machine, a technician sees a bluescreen of death (BSOD). Which of the following would BEST help the technician repair the computer? A technician is troubleshooting an issue on a desktop PC and has reduced the system to its essential components but cannot get the system to boot. The computer is emitting an ongoing series of beeps. Which of the following has malfunctioned? A system powers on, begins POST, displays the BIOS version information and then hangs with the error message Error loading operating system. Which of the following is MOST likely cause of this issue? Which of the following is a valid local loopback address test command? Which of the following file attributes is used to show that a file has changed since the last time it was backed up? Which of the following should be the FINAL step a technician should take once they have cleaned a system of a malware infection? In Windows XP, where is the default user profile located? Which of the following commands can be used in Windows XP to modify when the CHKDSK command runs? Which of the following operating systems, by default, uses Documents as the name of a user's document folder? Which of the following IP addresses would a technician ping to verify the integrity of the local TCP/IP stack? A user reports that after the Windows firewall is turned on, emails can no longer be sent. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem? Company policy does not allow users to use dial-up connections. A new shipment of laptops contains built-in modems. Which of the following is the BEST way for the technician to setup the laptop to prevent the use of the modem? Which of the following BEST describes the practice of attempting to gain information through deceptive emails? A user launches a software application on their Android tablet device. Once the software has loaded, the user reports that when turning the tablet to work the application in landscape mode, the software does not automatically adjust to landscape mode. Which of the following is the cause of the issue? A technician has booted Windows XP Professional to the command line and needs to view a text file on the hard drive. Which of the following tools will allow this? A customer is unable to connect to network resources and their IP address is Which of the following address types does this represent? Which of the following is the default install directory in Windows 7? A technician notices that the computer locks up at times and maintains a high commit charge. Which of the following is the BEST solution to resolve this problem? A customer states that their Internet connection is extremely slow. The technician suspects a failing NIC. Which of the following command line tools would verify this? A SOHO has added three more wireless devices to their network. And now the new devices are having problems with signal strength. Which of the following would help with the LEAST amount of cost to the SOHO? A technician notices that a computer is making a loud clicking noise but continues to run. System speed is barely affected, but they cannot access certain drives. These are the symptoms of which of the following? Which of the following will occur if a laptop SATA 1 drive is installed on a SATA 2 controller? A customer calls and states the new plasma display they just received has yellow spots all over the screen. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue? A user has a laptop that they need to get ready for an outdoor presentation. The user is concerned that the laptop will turn off the screen or go into standby before their presentation is complete. Which of the following Control Panel paths should the technician use in order to prevent this from occurring? Which of the following Windows Vista tools will allow a technician to collect event records from one computer and store them on another computer? Which of the following ports and protocols are MOST likely needed to set up email on a mobile device? After installing a new video card, the computer loads Windows and continuously reboots. Which of the following would be the FIRST step that a technician should take? A customer wants to run an application that is disk I/O intensive. Which of the following drive types should be installed for MAXIMUM performance? Users are reporting that a Vista feature asks them for confirmation before running most applications or making system changes. Which of the following is the name of this Vista feature and where should the technician direct users to turn the functionality off? After powering on a workstation, an intrusion alert is displayed indicating that the case has been opened. How would a technician reset the alert? Which of the following connection types would be installed to provide a connection between two offices using a PSTN? When putting a mobile device into airplane mode, which of the following features is typically disabled? (Select TWO). Which of the following ways of manipulating a file will retain its NTFS permissions?

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