210-451 - Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals

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Example Questions

IaaS is an acronym for what type of Cloud? What are two characteristics of a LUN? (Choose two.) Which option is an open and extensible southbound protocol that supplies policy directly to data center networks? VMware's ESXi Hypervisor is a Type-1 hypervisor. What does this mean? Which Cloud service model is appropriate for a physical data center move to the Cloud? Company ABC hosts all their applications internally. During one day of the month, the demand for their applications far exceeds the capacity of their datacenter. Which Cloud model should Company ABC consider using? What is an invalid Cloud deployment model? Which best describes a SaaS Cloud model? Which Cisco product can provide an iSCSI target for an iSCSI initiator? Where is the Hypervisor installed? Which Cisco product is outside of a Vblock? What best describes server virtualization? Which integrated infrastructure rely on OpenStack technology? What best describes the live migration of a virtual machine from one host to another? What are the five specific characteristics common to the Cloud environments? Which of these are hypervisors typically utilized in a modern data center? In an Openstack Cloud deployment which has a fibre channel SAN providing the block storage, which two options are valid fibre channel zone member types? (Choose two.) Which platform is ideally used to orchestrate a FlexPod from a single management platform? Which administrative task is most disruptive to a Cisco UCS B-Series cluster? Which option describes what the use of no_root_squash does in an NFS environment? Which best describes a Cloud deployment model that relies on interoperability between Cloud providers? Which three options are Common Cloud characteristics? (Choose three.) Which option is used to manage Multi-Domain Cisco UCS? Which API structure does Cisco UCS Manager support? What are the key features of UCS? SRIOV provides which of the following? Which description of Cisco vPath is true? Which technology focuses on Layer 2 distributed data centers? Which characteristic is an inoperative attribute of a private Cloud deployment? Which /etc/exports line will allow you to enable read-only access from the NFS client Which type of zoning is represented? zone name zone1 vsan 10 member pwwn 20:00:00:55:a5:00:00:04 member pwwn 50:00:d3:10:00:18:e1:05 member pwwn 50:00:d3:10:00:18:e1:06 Which option contains server hardware identifiers, firmware, state, configuration, and connectivity characteristics? Refer to the command line display below: vsan database vsan 1000 name FCoE vlan 1000 fcoe vlan 1000 int e1/1 switchport mode trunk switchport trunk allowed vlan 1000 no shut int vfc10 bind interface e1/1 switchport trunk allowed vsan 1000 no shut On which line does the error occur that prevents FCoE from operating correctly in a Cisco Nexus switch? Which statement defines Cloud Service Models? Which two options are benefits of the Cisco InterCloud Solution? (Choose two.) Which two technologies support running Linux and Windows virtual machines? (Choose two.) Which option is the correct steps to regenerate a UCS B-Series SSL certificate? The Cisco InterCloud Fabric Director provides what functionality? Which option is one essential characteristic of Cloud computing? Which option lists the Cloud deployment models? Which of the following most accurately describes the default role of Server Equipment Administrator in UCSM? Which of the following two storage technologies would require that its' block device be attached to an instance before you can perform any filesystem commands? (Choose two.) Which option lists Data Center network architectures? Which two options are characteristics of NAS? (Choose two.) Which of the following best describes the order of operations of FCoE Initialization Protocol?

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