1Z0-897 - Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Web Services Developer

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Example Questions

A Web service needs to encrypt certain SOAP headers when responding. Which statement about this encryption is true? A developer is creating a web service endpoint using a stateless session EJB for the business logic of an application. Choose two methods to select role based access control for the business logic ? (Choose two) In designing the security for your enterprise application with multiple Web services, you don't want that each of the services handle user authentication by itself. Then which of the following you can use in your design? What are two valid facts about WS-I? (Choose two.) Which of the following is NOT a correct way of configuring handlers on a Web Service client ? (Choose one) Choose three ways to enable MTOM on a web service endpoint deployed in an EE container ? (Choose three) An airline built and deployed a back-end application to manage reservations. To support interoperability with as large a base of standalone client applications as possible, the services provided by this back-end application are exposed as XML-based restful web services. Management just added a new requirement that AJAX-based web application clients be supported, too. One of the developers suggested that it is enough to extend the existing application to support both XML-based and JSON-based restful web services. Assuming the developer is correct, choose the sentence that best describes an attempt to introduce this ability as this developer suggests (Choose one): When a SOAP envelope is optimized on the wire, the following can be said about the optimized infoset : (Choose one) A developer needs to write a Web service that supports user sessions that timeout after 120 seconds. Which configuration file is correct for the developer use? (Choose one) Which of the following can an EJB-based web service endpoint may NOT be able to use ? Which of the following security technology is not covered in Metro project? (Choose one.) Which statement is true about StAX? A developer is asked to consult on a Web services project and assist the team with a good design approach on a new project. The team members disagree on whether to use WSDL or Java first. Several members are skilled with XML and see a schema and WSDL as the correct place to start. The team has also learned the deadline for this project has been moved up and another team plans to reuse their code. Which statement is true about the proper course of action to take in this situation? In which order do LogicalHandlers and SOAPHandlers configured on a Web Service endpoint execute on an incoming message ? (Choose one) What is an advantage of enabling Addressing feature on an endpoint? An enterprise has a requirement to create a Web service to accept purchase orders. The order data contains some authorization information that is specific to each order (such as, who can access which parts of the order). Keeping in mind future enhancements in types of orders that the enterprise needs to accept, which two design solutions provide the most flexibility? (Choose two.) What would be the HTTP content-type header when a message is optimized using MTOM ? (Choose one) Choose the option that best describe the deployer's choices, when deploying an EJB that is also exposed as a RESTful web service using JAX-RS (Choose one): A developer is asked to determine which Web services approach is correct for a new project. A SOAP-based Web service must be created and deployed in an environment where many customers will use it. These customers will be responsible for developing their own clients using different frameworks, based on the published WSDL. Which approach is correct to use first in this situation? (Choose one) Choose the JAX-RS type that is used to produce URLs to resources, given the resource class, to incorporate into resource responses (Choose one): Choose the types of Enterprise Beans that can be made into JAX-RS root resources (Choose two): Which security technologies are not included in WS-Security? An automobile manufacturer publishes a Web service for use by their suppliers. The manufacturer has stringent security requirements that require suppliers to verify their identity. Data integrity and confidentiality must be maintained between the client and the server. Which two technologies can be used to meet the requirements? (Choose two) Which of the following option represents the behavior of the endpoint, when the addressing feature is enabled on the service with the use of @Addressing() annotation. Which of the following WS-Security token profiles is not supported in Metro? Given that StockQuoteService is a Service class and StockQuoteProvider is a corresponding SEI for a web service. Which of the following options enable MTOM feature for proxy for the StockQuoteProvider SEI ? (Choose one) Choose the statement that best describes the use of Enterprise Beans as JAX-RS root resources: Which of the following two EJB types can be used as web service endpoints ? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about public key digital signatures applied to Web services? (Choose two) An automobile manufacturer publishes a Web service for use by their suppliers. The manufacturer has stringent security requirements that require suppliers to verify their identity. Data integrity and confidentiality must be maintained between the client and the server. Which two meet all of these requirements? (Choose two.) A Java EE application contains business logic composed of EJB beans. All current clients are Java applications accessing the business logic using RMI. Some clients are remote (running in different JVMs) and some are local (running in the same JVM). Which of the following two occur if EJB components are exposed as Web services? (Choose two.) XML Signature and XML Encryption provide the foundation for message level security in Web services. Which statement about XML signature is NOT true? A developer wants to use WebServiceContext in the web service endpoint. Which of the following is the correct way to get WebServiceContext object ? (Choose one) Which two statements are true about JAX-WS support for data bindings? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about creating a Web service with JAX-WS? (Choose two.) An MTOM optimized infoset+attachment on the wire for a large binary data saves around X% in size when compared to original infoset, where X is: (Choose one) Which of the following can be used on the SEI's method parameter so that the corresponding generated schema type is wsiap:swaref ? (Choose one) A developer creates a Web service for his company's inventory service. He uses servlet container to deploy the web service and wants to enable basic authentication for all web service invocations. Where does the developer configure security requirements for the above case? When working directly with SOAP, which two statements are true about the encoding of compound values? (Choose two.) Choose two options from the following that can be achieved by setting the standard BindingProvider properties on a SEI proxy: (Choose two) A developer must create a program to parse a medium-sized XML file looking for an instance of a specific element. Once the developer has found the element, the value must be updated and saved to disk. Which two XML parsing APIs should be used in this situation? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about the I-Stack and annotations technologies? (Choose two.) A student developer has created a new library of math functions to share with friends in a linear algebra class. The developer is having difficulty getting people to come over to the dorm to see the new code library, so he decides to deploy it as a Web service so that everyone can enjoy the features via the Internet. One of the functions has this WSDL definition: <portType name="MyMathLib"><operation name="incCtr"><input message="tns:incCtr"/></operation></portType> Which two statements are true about this Web service? (Choose two.) Where can a developer specify confidentiality or integrity constraints on communications with a Enterprise Bean exposed as a JAX-RS root resource?(Choose one) If you are developing a Web Service starting from WSDL 1.1, how would you declare in wsdl that the Web Service requires the use of Addressing in a standard and interoperable way. What is an accurate description of the handling of application exceptions thrown by a JAX-WS service endpoint? Choose the code fragment that corresponds to a resource delegating processing of a request to a subresource correctly, when processing the URL "/parent/child" (Choose one): Which of the following is NOT true about configuring handlers on a Web Service endpoint? (Choose one) HTTP clients can provide authentication information to the server via the "Authorization" header in the HTTP request. Choose the alternative, if any, that would serve as the definition for a resource method that would allow a JAX-RS resource to obtain this authentication data (Choose one): Which two statements are true about WSIT client development and using the WSIT configuration file? (Choose two.)