1Z0-884 - Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.2 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam

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Example Questions

The Sun Cluster 3.2 framework software has already been installed. In order to support a clusterunaware application, which additional software must be installed? When configuring IPMP groups for use in the Sun Cluster 3.2 environment, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) The cluster administrator wants to disable the BREAK signal on the serial port. Which file needs to be edited? While setting up logical network interfaces within IPMP groups, what is the maximum number of virtual network interfaces for each physical adapter? The cluster administrator is running SunCluster 3.2 on x86 machines running Solaris 10 update 3, and needs to boot one of the x86 machines into non-cluster mode. To which menu item does the cluster administrator add -x' using the GRUB editor? The cluster framework contains a kernel heartbeat module. Which two functions are provided by kernel heartbeats? (Choose two.) Your Oracle database is configured with Sun Cluster HA-Oracle using a resource called oracle-rs, and you need to perform a backup of the database files using the tar utility. Which operation should be performed? Your customer has just created a new Veritas Volume Manager volume named oravol in the already registered disk group oradg. Now they are trying to create a UFS filesystem on top of the volume and keep getting the following error message after executing the command: newfs /dev/vx/rdsk/oradg/oravol /dev/vx/rdsk/oradg/oravol: No such device or address Which two statements describe the cause of the error? (Choose two.) Sun Cluster 3.2 requires an IPMP configuration for a logical host resource. Which action does NOT lead to a persistent IPMP configuration? What path should a system administrator add to the MANPATH variable to find the manual pages for the commands in the Sun Cluster 3.2 CLI? Your customer has asked you to create a Veritas Volume Manager volume. They want the volume to be RAID level 1+0. The name of the group is oradg and they want the name of the volume to be oravol, and 3 Gbytes in size. Which three statements are correct? (Choose three.) What is the name of the cluster console package that the cluster administrator will load onto the administrative workstation? A customer has a three-node cluster configured as a pair-plus-one topology. The customer asks about whether they need to use any quorum devices, and if so how many. Which answer best describes how the administrator will respond? Which two are requirements for Solaris Volume Manager shared storage disksets in Sun Cluster 3.2? (Choose two.) What functionality does the global device implementation provide? Cluster framework daemons are started with boot scripts on Solaris 9 and with SMF on Solaris 10. Which statement is true? You have been running your four-node cluster with three private networks for a while and now you want to change the IP address space used for the entire cluster transport from 172.16.x.x to 192.168.5.x. How can you accomplish this change? When setting up a three node, shared all topology using Sun Cluster 3.2, the cluster administrator wants to use a shared disk as the quorum device. How many quorum disk devices should be installed and how many votes will each quorum device provide? Which is important when installing Sun Cluster with Solaris Volume Manager to manage the boot disks? Your customer has chosen to use Solaris Volume Manager for the shared disks. A diskset named ds1 has already been created with node1 and node2 being able to master the diskset. The customer would like to build a mirrored volume to contain their application data. The diskset ds1 contains two 36 Gbyte disk drives using did devices d4 and d8. The customer would like to use as volume names d101 and d102 as the submirrors and d100 as the mirror. The customer would like to create two soft partitions named d10 and d11, with d10 5gb and d11 10gb in size. Which sequence of commands will accomplish this task? Suppose you have a Veritas Volume Manager disk group named appdg with default settings registered using: #cldg create -t vxvm -n node1,node2 appdg. You are now asked to configure the following: appdg should be online on node1 by default, and node1 should take appdg automatically back when it joins the cluster. Which identifies the correct action to accomplish this task? In the Sun Cluster 3.2 environment, where can you store the actual data for RAC databases? When you want to fail over your application between zones, you have to understand the principles of integrating non-global zones in a cluster. Which statement below is incorrect for the zones integration? Suppose you have a resource apache-rs and you have been asked to make sure that this resource can be restarted on the same node, but must NOT trigger a failover to another node. Which command will accomplish this task?. Which two network adaptors can be used simultaneously as both public and private interfaces? (Choose two.) You have a two-node cluster configured. Node one is out of the cluster. You make changes to node two (add resource groups and disk device groups). You now shut down node two and try to boot node one, which fails due to amnesia prevention. Which two keep node one from starting the cluster? (Choose two.) Which IPMP restriction for multiple adapters in an IPMP group is no longer a restriction in Solaris 10? Sun Cluster 3.2 supports using Veritas Volume Manager. Which two versions are currently supported on the SPARC platform? (Choose two.) As cluster administrator, you need to run an application that fails over between non-global zones, and you will have a LogicalHostname resource to control IP address failover between the zones. The application needs to be able to resolve the IP address in order to run properly. Where do you need to include the /etc/hosts entry for the IP address, assuming you are using no other name service? Which command will shut down all nodes of the cluster? As a precautionary measure the cluster administrator wants to have a backup of the cluster configuration. Which command can be used to provide a usable backup of the entire cluster configuration? Which tasks are performed by the Sun Cluster 3.2 framework components? Which two steps are required to be able to boot your servers into the cluster? (Choose two.) What is the minimum number of private interconnects recommended to build a two-node cluster using Sun Cluster 3.2? How is a disk repartitioned when it is added to a diskset? A system administrator has a two-node cluster to which it becomes necessary to add a third node. Once the hardware has been connected, which two steps are required to add the new node to the cluster? (Choose two.) Which two name service lookup entries are modified with an entry of cluster in /etc/nsswitch.conf for Sun Cluster 3.2? (Choose two.) A three-node cluster contains three resource groups which have these Nodelists: one-rg has a Nodelist: node1 node2 node3 two-rg has a Nodelist: node2 node3 node1 three-rg has a Nodelist: node3 node1 node2 The Fallback property on each of the resource groups is set to FALSE. Following a maintenance outage in which node1 and node2 have been shut down and rebooted into the cluster with node1 joining the cluster before node2: Where will the resource groups be located, and which command should be run to move the resource groups to their preferred nodes? Which is an advantage of Sun Cluster 3.2 integration with SMF? A new cluster has been installed and the customer needs to create a HA-NFS service. Which steps have to be executed ? If the cluster administrator wants to restart a process, they have to be sure it is NOT one of the cluster daemons. Which two daemons listed below can you send a kill -HUP signal to without affecting Sun Cluster 3.2? (Choose two.) The Sun Cluster 3.2 framework provides Global Storage Services. Which is applicable? You are setting up a cluster. You want to mirror your storage devices using Veritas Volume Manager from one array to another. Which software RAID volume management application would you use if your database application was Oracle RAC? Which two hardware platforms are supported by Sun Cluster 3.2? (Choose two.) Which component of Sun Cluster 3.2 provides global naming consistency for shared storage? Which two commands are recommended ways to shut down a node? (Choose two.) A customer has a four-node cluster configured as a scalable topology. No quorum devices have been configured. How many nodes must be present in order for the cluster to be able to offer any of its application services? Which is a reason for using link-state testing rather than "ping testing" for public network adapters in IPMP groups in Solaris 10? Identify the required steps in order to enable automatic reboot on a two-node cluster (nodes mars and earth), if all the monitored disk paths from that node are broken and there is another node that still has working paths to at least one of the shared devices. Before you can configure your cluster, what must you do on each node to prepare for the global devices device files?