1Z0-821 - Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration

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The su command by default makes an entry into the log file for every su command attempt. The following is a single line from the file: SU 12/18 23:20 + pts/1 user1-root What does the + sign represent? The interface net3 should be operating, but is not. Command: ipadm show-addr | grep net3 Response: net3/v4 static down Which command should you enter next? When you issue the "gzip: zommand not found" message is displayed. You need to install the gzip utility on your system. Which command would you use to check if the gzip utility is available from the default publisher for installation? Identify three options that describe the new Oracle Solaris 11 zone features. You display the IP interface information with ipmpstat -i. Which two characteristics are indicated by characters that may be included in the FLAGS column? You have been asked to do an orderly shutdown on a process with a PID of 1234, with the kill command. Which command is best? In Oracle Solaris 11, where is the Oracle default repository located? You need to set up a local package repository to serve 75 client systems. Multiple clients will being the package repository concurrently and you need to ensure that the local repository performs very well under this heavy load, especially during package intensive operations. Which option would ensure the best performance of the repository during package-intensive rations by multiple clients? On localSYS, your SPARC based server, you back up the root file system with recursive snapshots of the root pool. The snapshots are stored on a remote NTS file system. This information describes the remote system where the snapshots are stored: Remote system name: backupSYS File system whore the snapshots are stored: /backups/localSYS Mounted file system on localSYS: /rpool/snaps Most recent backup name: rpool-1202 Disk c0t0d0 has failed in your root pool and has been replaced. The disk has already been part< and labeled and now you need to restore the root file system. Which procedure would you follow to restore the ZFS root file system on localSYS? You have installed an update to the gzip package and need to "undo" .ho update and return the package to its "as-delivered" condition. Which command would you use? The following information is displayed about the compress/zjp software package, which Is currently installed on this system: NAME (PUBLISHER)VERSIONIFO Compress/zip3.1.2- NAMEVERSIONDATECOMMENT Compress/zip3.109 Dec 2011 04:50:38 ESTNone Which statement describes the information that is displayed tor the compress/zip software package? When setting up Automated Installer (AI) clients, an interactive tool can be used to generate a custom system configuration profile. The profile will specify the time zone, data and time, user and root accounts, and name services used for an AI client installation. This interactive tool will prompt you to enter the client information and an SC profile (XML) will be created. Which interactive tool can be used to generate this question configuration? You have already generated a 256-bit AES raw key and named the keystore file /mykey. You need to use the key to create an encrypted file system. Which command should you use to create a ZFS encrypted file system named pool1/encrypt using the /mykey keystore? On which is the open boot prom available? You want to display the IP address assignments of the network interfaces. Which command should you use? A change in your company's security policy now requires an audit trial of all administrators assuming the sysadm role, capturing: There are two command necessary to accomplish this change. One is a rolemod command. What is the other? Select two correct statements about the authentication services available in Oracle Solaris 11. Your server has one zone named dbzone (hat has been configured, but not yet installed). Which command would you use to view all the options that were used to configure this zone? The /etc/hosts file can be best described as______. Which command would you use from the bash shell to determine the total amount of physical memory installed in your Solaris system (x86 and SPARC)? You create a flash archive of the Solaris 10 global zone on the serves named sysA. The archive name is s10-system.flar, and it is stored on a remote server named backup_server. On sysA, you create a Solaris 10 branded zone named s10-zone. You want to use the flash archive, located On" /net/bactup_servers/10-system.flar, to install the Operating system in the s10-zone zone. Which command do you choose to install the s10-system.flar archive in the Solaris 10 branded zone (s10-zone)? You are attempting to edit your crontab file in the bash shell. Instead of getting your usual vi interface, you are presented with an unfamiliar interface. In order to have your editor of choice-vi- what command must you type after exiting the unfamiliar editor? The global zone has 8 CPUS. YOU suspect that one of your non global /ones, dbzone, is consuming all of the CPU resources. Which command would you use to view the CPU utilization for all of the zones to confirm this? Identify the correct description of an IPS image. After installing the OS, you boot the system and notice that the syslogd daemon is not accepting messages from remote systems. Which two options should you select to modify the syslogd daemon configuration so that it accepts messages from remote systems? What determines which bits in an IP address represent the subnet, and which represent the host? Your system is assigned an IP address object However, the net mask--expressed as four octets--is required. Which is the correct netmask? Select the packet type that identifies members of the group and sends information to all the network interfaces in that group. You need to configure an ISCSI target device on your x86 based Oracle Solaris II system. While configuring the iSCSI device, the following error is displayed: bash: stmfadm: command not found Which option describes the solution to the problem? User1 is attempting to run the following command: cp bigfile verybig The system displays the following errer: cp: cannot create verybig: Disc quota exceeded Your initial troubleshooting shows that the df -h command indicates the account is at 100% capacity. What command would you use to determine how much disk space the user has available? Which two options describe how to override the default boot behavior of an Oracle Solaris 11 SPARC system to boot the system to the single-user milestone? You notice that the /var/.dm/messages file has become very large. Typically, this is managed by a crontab entry. Which entry should be in the root's crontab file? In a fresh installation of Oracle Solaris 11, default datalinks are named with a genetic naming convention, and they increment as you add interfaces. What is the default name? Which modification needs to be made to the Service Management Facility before you publish a new package to the IPS repository? You have installed the SMF notification framework to monitor services. Which command is used to set up the notifications for a particular service? A user jack, using a bash shell, requests a directory listing as follows: [email protected]: ~ $ 1s dira dirb dirc diraa dirabc Which three statements are correct? You are attempting to troubleshoot an event that should have made an entry into the messages log. This event happened about two weeks ago. Which file should you look at first? Which two statements describe the COMSTAR framework available in Oracle Solaris 11? Which command would you use to determine which package group is installed on your system? User jack makes use of the bash shell; his home directory is/export/home/jack. What is the correct setting of umask, and where should it be set, to allow jack to create a shell script using the vi editor, that is executable by default? You are using AI to install a new system. You have added to following information to the AI manifest: <configuration type= "zone" name= "dbzone" source = "http://sysA.example.com/zone_cfg/zone.cfg"/> Which statement is true with regard to the zone.cfg? Which command should you choose to display the current parameters for the FSS scheduler? How should you permanently restrict the non-global zone testzone so that it does not use more than 20 CPU shares while it is running? To confirm the IP address and netmask have been correctly configured on the network interfaces which command should you use? Which two options are characteristics of a fast reboot? You are logged in to a Solaris 11 system as user jack. You issue the following sequence of commands: Identify two correct statements. You need to install the solaris-desktop group package. Which command would you use to list the set of packages included in that software group? You suspect a problem with the oponldap package and want to make sure that the files have not be modified or otherwise tampered with. Which command would validate all of the files contained in the openldap package and report any problems? United States of America export laws include restrictions on cryptography. Identify the two methods with which these restrictions are accommodated in the Oracle Solaris 11 Cryptographic Framework. Which three options describe the purpose of the zonep2vchk command?

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