1Z0-620 - Siebel 7.7 Application Developer Professional Core Exam

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Example Questions

Which file controls the default parameters in Siebel Analytics Web? Which of the following HTML objects must be included inside the <object? and </object> tags? Which of the statements is true of a view selector view? ABC Winery would like to see the trend of its ABC wine consumption among the American consumers from 1950 through 2000. Which of the following charts would best suit its need? Which of the following records the Siebel Analytics Server messages such as startup time, any business models that are loaded, and any errors that occurred? If you wish to drill down on a column heading, where would you add this functionality? Which CSS (cascading style sheet) influences the overall appearance a of dashboard's top section, including dashboard names and links? Which of the following is NOT true of iBots? Which of the following are some of the necessary steps when using iBots to trigger Siebel Workflow? Choose two. What is the default alignment for objects in sections of a dashboard? Where in the Siebel Analytics would you create Web groups and users? The Saved Selections options within Intelligence Dashboards allow you to___. Choose three.