1Z0-597 - SPARC T4-Based Server Installation Essentials Exam

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Example Questions

Which command lists dynamically reconfigurable hardware resources and shows their operational status? During the acclimatization process, what is the maximum positive or negative temperature gradient that is permitted for multi-layer boards? You need to hot-plug a hard drive, which is not a boot device, while the server is online. Which action is required before removing the drive? The DIMM slots on a SPARC T4-1 server are currently 1/4 full (i.e., 4 out of 16 DIMM slots are populated). You plan to add four additional DIMMs. How are they installed? You have set up several guest domains on a SPARC T4 server. Which operating system(s) are supported in these guest domains? According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), what is the recommended minimum number of virtual CPUs that should be allocated to the control domain? Power-on self-test (POST) detected a faulty core on a SPARC T4-2 server. The server supports an important internal application for the customer. What is the state of the application and why? On a SPARC T4 server running Oracle Solaris 11, you execute the following: % beaddm create alt_krit What is the result? What is main objective of having Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS)? On SPARC T4-2 server, if the memory riser has four dual-rank DIMMs, its bandwidth is approximately 94% of the possible maximum. If the memory riser has only two dual-rank DIMMs, what is the approximate bandwidth as a percent of the total bandwidth? Which two statements are true regarding the Stream processing Unit (SPU) on the SPARC T4 processor? Activating Auto Service Request (ASR) Assets _________. You lost your Oracle ILOM settings after a service processor firmware update. Why? You are running Oracle Solaris on a SPARC T4 server and wish to enable network traffic control and guest domains. What action needs to be performed? According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), what is the minimum amount of time SunVTS should be run? What is out-of-order execution? To disable ILOM CLI session time-out, which command should be used? In the ILOM if you redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS, but disable HTTPS, what will be the result? On a SPARC T4 server running Oracle Solaris 10, you execute the following command: # lucreate ­c sol_run ­m /:/dev/dsk/c0t4d0s0:ufs \ -m /usr:/dev/dsk/c0t4d0s3:ufs ­n sol_tan What is the result? In planning for the installation of a SPARC T4 server, you notice that a more recent version of a patch is available than what is currently on the EIS-DVD. According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) methodology, what should you do? You plan on creating a RAID volume to mirror the system disks. After you have selected a controller, what fcode command should be run to list the physical drivers on the controller? You have the Oracle ILOM keyswitch_state=standby. What is the Impact ? In order to consolidate the applications on a SPARC T4 server, you require virtual machines that run an independent operating system instance. Which virtualization technology did you select? The customer wants power-on self-test (POST) to be triggered any time power is applied, or there is an error-invoked reset. How is this best accomplished? A power supply fails on a SPARC T4-4 server and a replacement is not available. What should you do? As part of a server consolidation project, a customer would like to run Solaris 9-based applications on a SPARC T4 server. What technology is required? How many XAUI (10 GbE Attachment Unit Interfaces) ports are provided per SPARC T4 processor? In general, when labeling a cable, the host connection should follow the format: <system name> <board no.> <slot no.> and _____________. How is I/O access configured for logical domains with no physical I/O access? Identify two specification of the Enterprise Installation Standard (EIS) for Basic Solaris. According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), what is the recommended minimum amount of memory that should be allocated to the control domain? Which two tasks are required to install and configure Oracle VM Server for SARC Management Information Base (MIB) software? After the Logical Domains Manager has been installed, what happens to the original system and instance of Oracle Solaris? Based on the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), why should Oracle Explorer Data Collector be run with the "-i" switch after initial system power-on and setup are complete? What is Critical Thread Optimization? You have set up power on self test (POST) to run when the scrvrr has been reset by the user. The customer would like POST to run any error-invoked reset. How is this accomplished? Why are Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) "soft failures" the most serious type of failures? According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) on electrical grounding, what is the benefit of additional grounding points? The SPARC T4-2 server has ___________ than the SPARC T4-1 server. What package should be installed if you wish to harden the control domain on a SPARC T4 server running Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.1? You are unable to add an Oracle ILOM user account, what is one possibility that would cause this issue? During an installation of a SPARC T4-2 server running Oracle Solaris to, you noticed several missing packages and drivers. What caused this? You are trying to reach the OpenBoot prompt (ok) from Oracle Solaris on a SPARC T4-1 system running Oracle VM Server for SPARC. The OpenBoot firmware is not available. Why is the OpenBoot prompt not available? The amount of disk space recommended by the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) for the root slice is __________ for UFS File and Solaris 10. Error conditions by POST, Oracle Solaris Predictive Self-Healing (PSH), and Oracle ILOM are forward to which component for fault handling? You have configured DNS and have determined that the services processor serial number for your target server is 0641AMA007. What is the host name of this server? Which three are included for each test in the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) Test procedure Plan? You are installing a SPARC T4 server at a customer site using a single-phase power feed. The power outlet is 15 meters (16.4 feet) from device. Which Enterprise Installation Standard (EIS) document would you have highlighted this issue prior to installation? When sizing the /var partition on a UFS file system, you have estimated the /var/sadm area to have 20 GB. Why? According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) for SPARC T4 servers running Oracle Solaris 10, what steps are required in order to configure the server to use Auto Service Request (ASR)?