1Z0-591 - Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Essentials Exam

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Example Questions

Oracle BI Server at a company is connected to Data Warehouse that is refreshed on a daily basis, the majority of users at the company log in to Oracle BI every Monday to generate the previous week's sales report. The BI Administrator schedules cache purge and cache seeding to improve report response times. How is this accomplished? To add multiple sources to on existing logical table dimension in the Business Model and Mapping layer, the source of the data must first exist in which option? You do not have a physical time table in your database but would like to use the time series functions that OBIEE offers. What two options do you have? Oracle BI Server cache setup information is configured by using Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware control. Which component stores the configuration Information? DSNs are set up for access to which data sources? Identify the reason why Oracle OLAP provides a favorable aggregation strategy. The Time Dimension hierarchy is a good example of a__________. An organization has its employees' names in an Employees table, and information about their jobs in a Jobs table. However, an organization's employees can have multiple jobs, and the same job can be performed by multiple employees. This situation would result in a many to-many relationship between the Employees and Jobs tables. How can the many to-many relationship issue be resolved? Which two Oracle BI Components contain security information regarding permissions and privileges? Under what circumstances would you model within the BI environment to include transactional data directly? Which component is responsible for determining the device that receives the alerts for a given user account? The Consistency Checker checks______. Which two options are included in Oracle BI Server cache management techniques? Cache in OBIEE is used to_____. Select the two correct answers. Which of the following characteristics pertain to a "ragged" hierarchy? Content that is saved in personal and shared folders can be browsed by using which view? Select the correct statement. What are the two disadvantages of implementing Query Caching? What is an example of a Session Variable? A customer would like to create a change and a % Change for Revenue at the same time. How would they accomplish this? WLS Embedded LDAP Server is managed by the Admin Server Console and supports which three options? In the Oracle Data Warehouse Reference Architecture, which term is not a layer in the data warehouse? Which two steps are needed to set up Failover support for an OBIEE deployment? Which two components are required for all OBIEE installations? Which language is used by OBIEE to query Essbase? A customer has a requirement for rolling period calculations. What two additional steps will need to be done to enable this in the repository? When creating a new dimensional hierarchy in the BI Administration tool, right click the dimension, then select "New Object" What must be selected next? OBIEE 11g authentication of users is performed by which two components listed below? Identify the two types of storage for Essbase. One of the initial phases in OBIEE implementation is the Discovery phase where the project team focuses on a few activities. Which option is not one of them? Identify the correct mode to use when opening the web catalog while performing security settings modifications and migrations. When Exporting an Analysis from a Dashboard, which of the following is NOT an option? A customer always wants Aggregate Table l to be looked at first to see if it can answer the query. What should be done to make sure this happens? Derived metrics are_____. Which OBIEE capability enables developers to build Aggregate tables? When creating a Security Realm in the WebLogic Console, which object is created? How do System Session Variables obtain their values? Which three components are part of a cluster server? Pre Deployment sign-off is a milestone for a OBIEE implementation and is based on successful completion of certain tasks. Which option is not one of them? The Oracle BI office plug-in allows you to import the results of an OBI request into which two MS applications? What are the two types of Session Variables? The administration tool is the developer's interface to the repository file. It allows the development of and changes to the metadata repository file. Which statement is true? A company's Database Administrator has divided the region table into two tables so that the region "West" is in one table and all the other regions are in another single table. What kind of partition is being used? The WebLogic Console will allow you to perform which of the following functions in the BI Managed Server? If a customer is planning on building a data warehouse, how would you describe data warehousing to the customer? Which variable does not use initialization blocks to initialize its values? What must be purchased when integrating Oracle map with Oracle BI? When a customer wants to get sales numbers by day, how is data stored in the Star Schema, if the data is loaded nightly? What is the process in which there is redundancy of data to improve performance? Which analysis features could be applied to provide interactive controls for end users?

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