1Z0-590 - Oracle VM 3.0 for x86 Essentials

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Example Questions

What two steps would best harden an Oracle VM Server installation? When setting up a server pool, enabling what option will persist the IP address of a server pool master after an HA failover? What is the effect of running repos.py with the --delete option on an existing repository? If a guest domain is not responding, and powering off the guest through the console does not work, which xm command can be used to kill the guest immediately (equivalent to pulling the power plug)? A RedHat Enterprise Linux installation with three installation CDs needs to be created. What is the proper way to set up the ISO images? As you are grouping workloads into server pools, you decide you want to use network traffic as one of your criteria. Which answer describes how Network QoS (Quality of Service) might apply? Oracle VM Server 2.2 consists of which two software components? You have a large number of virtual machines that need access to a storage repository. Which answer describes the factors you use to determine your storage repository strategy? A low priority guest is using up more of the physical network traffic than desired. Select the two valid network QoS settings for restricting outbound network traffic? What are the correct steps for doing a V2V conversion? A virtual machine is copied onto portable media and transferred to another machine In a different server pool. The virtual machine is then run on the new host, but it falls to boot. What are two potential problems? Which two hardware requirements exist for an HA-enabled server pool with Live Migration? Which disk protocol is the default disk type for disks in a paravirtualized guest? What is the purpose of the use "command" In the CLI? Which statement best describes the pricing metric for Oracle VM configurations? How can you tell that a virtual network interface in a virtual machine is set up to use Paravirtualization? What two steps are required to ensure that virtual machines failover to a new server when their current server goes down? What two steps can be used to create a highly available storage repository? There is an issue booting into a virtual machine. The log files show that there is an issue during the Linux boot process of the guest. What two methods will best help determine the problem? A customer is running an existing server farm of open source Xen servers running the same version of Xen as Oracle VM 2.2. The customer would like to manage these servers with Oracle VM. What is the best reason that this will not be possible? What three artifacts are created as a result of running the JeOS tool? In hardware virtualized environment, which answer best describes the drivers that are used in dom0 and the guest to communicate block I/O requests? Customers looking for pre-tested, validated architectures, with documented best practices for software, hardware, storage, and network components should consider which Oracle offering? A customer decides to use 2 large servers to load balance a mix of large and small virtual machines. Each server has 64GB of RAM and 8 quad-core CPUs. There are 14 virtual machines, 6 of which use 12GB of virtual memory and 16 vCPU each, and the remaining 8 use 2GB and 4 vCPUs each. What two issues will the customer likely discover when one of the servers fails? When an Oracle VM server starts, by default how does it map physical NICs to Xen bridges? A customer wants to use hard partitioning with Oracle VM to restrict the number of cores that can be used by a virtual machine to four cores. Which method will best accomplish that goal? A new shared virtual disk is created by the Administrator and placed in a group named Development. A user with Development as a group creates a new virtual machine but cannot see the new shared disk when trying to attach it using the Oracle VM Manager. What is the problem? A customer has installed Oracle VM Manager from the Oracle-provided template onto a server pool of ten servers. As additional VMs are being added, the user interface for the Oracle VM Manager application is becoming slow. What is the problem? When setting up an iSCSI repository, what three steps must be completed before running the repos.py commands? Which two statements describe Oracle Validated Configurations? What two benefits can be derived from having multiple utility servers? A software vendor is using JeOS to create new templates for their product. They need to provide a simple way to reset their templates to the initial configuration for testing purposes. What method should they use to accomplish this? Which command will add ethO to the bridge xenbr0? Which two are characteristics of block I/O in a fully hardware virtualized configuration? What two configuration files are associated with an OCFS2 cluster? A 64-bit Windows XP Installation CD has been ripped to an ISO file named WinXP.iso, and has been put in the /OVS/iso_pool/ directory with user and group-readable permissions. When navigating to the Import ISO screen in the Oracle VM Manager, no ISOs are available for import. What has gone wrong? A server with 16GB of RAM is only showing 8GB available after boot, but before running any virtual machines. What method will best find the issue? What is the effect of running a server pool restores? When using NFS, what technology is used to control locking on the NFS mount? What requirements apply to shared storage on an HA Server Pool? In a paravirtualized environment, which answer best describes the drivers that are used in domO and the guest to communicate block I/O requests? When vitalizing a cluster of Windows 2003 servers on Oracle VM, which virtualization technique should be used? In which directory should an Oracle VM guest be placed In order to Import It as a virtual machine? In an emulated/translated environment with ten guests, each operating at lOOOHz clock rate, how many interrupts will be created per second? Describe the certification process for Oracle products on Oracle VM. After installing the PV drivers into a Windows guest, the networking fails on reboot. What is likely wrong? What is the correct sequence for importing a P2V image? Which three attributes of an existing virtual disk can be changed using Oracle VM Manager? A number of high priority virtual machines require significant file system access and you are trying to decide what type of memory impact on dom0 they will have. Which two are best practices you should consider for memory use in dom0? In hardware virtualized environment, which answer best describes the drivers that are used in dom0 and the guest to communicate network I/O requests?