1Z0-580 - Oracle Solaris 11 Installation and Configuration Essentials

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Example Questions

When conducting an automated installation, the name of the resulting root pool is "rpool1." Which is the direct cause of this? Which command can be used to determine which apache web server packages are installed? By default, a zone is automatically configured with type of network port. Which command would you use to create an instant writable volume or file system whose initial contents are the same as the dataset from which it was created? When upgrading to Oracle Solaris 11 from Oracle Solaris 10, the Live Upgrade utilities are _________. Which service must be enabled in order to create an iSCSI LUN? Which two actions must be taken to enable IP forwarding on all interfaces yet disable on a specific interface? What is the difference between the default configuration for zones and an immutable zone? What are the two reasons that network configurations are set using svccfg, ipadm, and nscfg? Best practice for creating local IPS repositories recommends ______. What are the three properties of a business critical cloud infrastructure? Your system has two disk devices, c2t0d0 and c2t1d0, and two flash devices, c2t5d0 and c2t8d0. Which command would you to create a storage pool named "tank," which mirrors the disks and adds the two flash devices as "cache"? To upgrade a system from Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11, it is necessary to________. Which three ZFS options may be combined to provide zones storage with data security and a minimal storage footprint? What has become the default graphical user interface for Oracle Solaris 11 desktop operation? You are performing an initial AI Installation of Oracle Solaris 11. You have not identified a target disk for the root pool and your installation fails. What are the two possible disk based reasons for this failure? List three reasons why Oracle Solaris 11 and SPARC would be the best platforms for deploying an Oracle database. Which two actions must be taken to enable IP forwarding on all infterfaces yet disable on a specific interface? Which command would be used to restore the gedit package to its original as-delivered state? When conducting an automated installation, the name of the resulting root pool is rpool1. Which is the direct Cause of this? Three zones each need access to shared data. Which configuration method can be used to safely achieve this goal? What information would the beadm list ds command output ? What two features identify Oracle Solaris 11 as being "built for clouds"? Best practice for creating local IPS repositories recommends_______. Name three items that illustrate the business value of an integrated stack approach. After installing and customizing an Oracle Solaris 11 non-global (solaris brand) zone, you execute commands: # zonecfg ­z myzone `set file-mac-profile=fixed-configuration' # zoneadm ­z myzone reboot What is the impact of making this specific change? Which IPS task requires special privileges? Examine the message below. What would be the next action? Message: Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.2.42 Copyright (C) 1997-2006, Intel Corporation Intel(R) Boot Agent PXE Base Code (PXE-2.1 build 085) Copyright (C) 1997-2006, Intel Corporation CLIENT MAC ADDR: 00 1E 68 57 51 4A GUID: 080020FF FFFF FFFF FFFF 001E685714A CLIENT IP: MASK: DHCP IP: GATEWAY IP: TFTP. PXE-T02: Access violation PXE-E3C: TFTP Error - Access Violation Which step is required to installthe gnu-emacs editor? Two reasons to choose IPMP over link aggregation are _____. When upgrading to oracle solaris 11 from oracle solaris 10, the Live Upgrade utilities are ______. A developer wants to use DTrace in a zone to examine the kernel. What are his options? When upgrading to Oracle Solaris 11 from Oracle Solaris 11 Express or Oracle Solaris 11 Early Adopter, the progress suddenly fails. Which command can you rely upon to get you to a good known state where you can still boot the Oracle Solaris 11 Express or Oracle Snarls 11 Early Adopter images, as they were, prior to your upgrade attempt? Which command would result in safely detaching a disk or disks from a mirrored pool to create another identical pool? The oracle solaris image packing systems (IPS) Which two actions are used to permanently configure a new interface? What two benefits will Oracle and our customers likely realize by utilizing a fully integrated stack architecture? Which term describes a read-only copy or a file system or volume, which can be created quickly, easily, and initially consumes no additional space within the pool? When conducting an installation using Live Media(such as the Live DVD image, for example), the system boots into Console mode because the system s graphics card is not supported by the contents of the Live Media. In lieu of downloading and using the Text Installer image, you opt to perform a remote installation using a second system. Do both systems have to be on the same subnet in order for this method of installation to succeed? What are the two functions of a Storage Profile? Which two commands will show or make reference to the aggregation. Immediately after creating the first aggregation? Your installation has completed successfully and the system did not reboot automatically. Which option would cause this? You are working on a system that appears to be hanging during the boot process. Which would be the course of action for determining which step in the boot process is causing the issue? Network boot of Oracle Solaris x86 systems on subnets without a DHCP server is accomplished with ______. What three items are true with regard to network planning in a Solaris 11 environment? The beadm utility___. The pkg update command will__. Which is the preferred command to manage Layer 3 network properties in Oracle Solaris 11? Which three options are true of the Oracle Solaris 11 root file system? In order to reassure your customer that ZFS filesystem encryption is secure and trustworthy, which three items would you include in your explanation of why they should use it?

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