1Z0-569 - Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Essentials

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Example Questions

Which Exalogic component has direct network access to the Power Distribution Units (PDUs)? (choose one) Looking at the front of a full rack Exalogic X2-2 machine, what do you see in rack slot 1 at the very bottom of the rack? (choose one) Which is true about the InfiniBand spine switch as it is used in Exalogic? (choose two) In an Exalogic machine, which network interface is used by applications running on compute nodes to communicate with applications running on other compute nodes? Which network in an Exalogic machine connects to your existing management network and is used for administrative work? In which scenario would you configure a set of floating IP addresses using the BOND1 interface for WebLogic managed servers and administration server? Which command can be used to display the overall status of an InfiniBand switch in an Exalogic machine? Which is true about Exalogic rack configurations? (choose one) Which two are correct about Node Manager configuration? Which two statements are true about the Exalogic X2-2 model? When configuring server migration, where do you specify an IP range for BOND0 (IPoIB) and BOND1 (EoIB)? Which are included in the Exalogic Base Image that is installed at the factory? (choose two) Marcar para Revisión (Seleccione todas las respuestas correctas) Which two statements are correct concerning profile configuration supported by the sun ZFS storage appliance? Which statement is true about a zone's default network interfaces when a zone is configured? Managed servers in a cluster __________ Which three statements are correct about Node Manager? Which could most benefit from the performance optimizations of Exalogic? (choose two) Which two network channels are necessary to be configured on the admin server? GridLink data sources support SDP when Exalogic is connected directly to ____. (choose one) When you run the Exalogic Configuration Utility scripts the first time, which three verification steps are performed? (Choose Three) Where do you specify a listen address for Node Manager running on Exalogic compute nodes? IPoIB sits atop the InfiniBand core in the Exalogic architecture. What is IPoIB? (choose one) What IP type is used when configuring non-global zones on Exalogic compute nodes? What is the main difference between a multi-datasource and an Active GridLink datasource? What is true about the Exalogic InfiniBand network? What are the redundant features of Exalogic compute nodes? (choose three) An Exalogic X2-2 rack contains 42 slots. What would you find at rack slots numbered 17-22 in a quarter, half-rack, or full-rack configuration? Which Oracle product is recommended for hardware management and monitoring? (choose one) Exalogic supports multitenancy. Choose the best description of this capability. (choose one) If you cannot connect to ILOM over the network, which connection method would you use? What is the primary difference between installing WebLogic Server on Exalogic and installing on a typical Linux system? An Exalogic X2-2 rack contains 42 slots. What would you find at at rack slots numbered 17-22 in a quarter rack, half rack or full rack configuration? (choose one) Where are web tier nodes located in the reference topology? Which two JARs/WARs must be deployed on WebLogic Server to Coherence*Web to function properly on Exalogic? Which default profile configuration is supported by Exalogic? Exalogic uses which techniques to dramatically enhance workload throughput and drastically cut latency? (choose two) Looking at the front of a full rack Exalogic X2-2 machine, how many InfiniBand switch gateway rack slots would you find populated? (choose one) The WebLogic service migration allows you to migrate which three different services? Which two JARs/WARs must be deployed on WebLogic Server to Coherence Web to function properly on Exalogic? When an Exalogic machine is connected to an Exadata machine, which network is used? In a reference Exalogic topology, all compute nodes _________ After you enter configuration information in the Exalogic configrator spreadsheet, which configuration file is generated? Which three statements are correct concerning scaling the deployment topology on Exalogic to additional machines? Here are the main hardware components of an Exalogic machine half rack. What line items would change if you were ordering a full rack instead? (choose one) I. 16 Sun Fire X4170 M2 compute nodes II. 1 dual controller Sun ZFS Storage 7320 appliance with 20 drives III. 2 Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switches IV. 1 Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 V. 1 48-port Cisco Catalyst 4948 Ethernet management switch VI 2 redundant 15 kVA or 24 kVA PDUs Which three JARs/WARs must be deployed blahblahblah Coherence*Web blahblahblah ? ILOM supports _____. (choose two) Marcar para Revisión (Seleccione todas las respuestas correctas) Which three configurations are performed after powering on the storage appliance for the first time and establishing a connection? Which three problems could affect ILOM login and access over the network? (Choose Three) Which factor determines the netmask for an IP subnet? What is true about OneCommand? (choose two) Marcar para Revisión (Seleccione todas las respuestas correctas)