1Z0-560 - Oracle Unified Business Process Management Suite 11g Essentials

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Example Questions

Which two activities are supported by BPM Studio? Select two. The initial performer of a task is determined by the role associated with the swimlane in which the task Modeled except when you use___________. Which two statements are true? Select two. Process data objects can be accessed from_________. What is the purpose of measures? Which two features do you find in decision tables? Select two. BPM capability maturity levels describe__________ JavaServer Faces (JSF), JavaServer Pages (JSP), ADF Faces Rich Client (ADF Faces RC), and Data Visualization Tool (DVT) are all components that form the ADF __________. Which two are correct about business indicators? Select two. Which two features are provided by BPM Process Analytics? Select two. Which two business indicators should be created to identify a value like "Sales Total by Region"? Select two. Which task should be accomplished to enable metrics data to be sent to Oracle BAM? Which components are parts of BPM Suite 11g? Select two or three. In which two ways can BPMN processes use rules? Select two. Which one is not allowed? Only the process owner of a process can ____________ . Which two options can be used to create custom dashboards on business indicator data? Select two. Which one is semantically valid in BPMN? Which one is not correct regarding the Process Simul-ation Model? In Oracle BPM 11g, a signal event is implemented as a(n) Which three models are supported in the BPMN 2.0 specification? Select three. A task is considered overdue when__________. Which three allow defined business indicators to be measured? Select three. Which event type cannot be used as a trigger at the start of a BPMN process? Which ADF technology binds UI components, such as input fields, to human task details? Which two are available using BPM Workspace? Select two. Where are the two places that you can see a visual representation of the path a running process has taken? Select two. In the BPM Workspace, which two are available as ways to sort your tasks? Select two. A task is considered overdue when__________ What is the specially-seeded BPM role with business admin privileges to act on others' behalf or reassign tasks? In Oracle BPM 1 11g, which two things can be accomplished using a script task? Select two. Beyond process modeling, which two activities are supported by the Process Composer? Select two. Which one cannot be used as a start point to initiate a new instance of a process? Which two correctly describe a Project Simulation Model? Which out-of-the-box dashboard would you use to determine how many instances were particular business process? In the ADF model-view-controller architecture, the controller is the ADF____________. Which two are predefined instance attributes that can be used in data associations and expressions? Select two Which end event should you use at the end of your process to send a message to a specific process? Which start event is allowed in a subprocess? Human workflow notifications are implemented if through___________. You can implement complex server-side validation logic to the task form by using a custom__________. Which one empowers the business user to model the business process? Which two are true about BPM roles? Select two Human workflow is implemented as a_________. Which three measurement marks can be identified on a sequence flow? Select three. When is an approval group name resolved? Process instance data is made available to task instances via___________. Which three actions can be performed in Process Spaces? Select three. Which three options does process tracking provide? Which two actions can you perform on a task in your Inbox? Select two.