1Z0-536 - Oracle Exadata 11g Essentials

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Example Questions

Striping data across disk is performed with what software? You are getting ready to prepare your client to obtain the maximum benefit from using the Sun Oracle Database Server. Which features can reduce the amount of I/O processed and are unique to the Exadata Storage Server? When initially setting up an Exadata Storage Server, in what order should you run the following Procedures? When using IORM, which statement accurately describes when redo log files writes take place? Which three types of classification can you use to prioritize I/O requests with IORM? What three types of resource plans can be used with I/O Resource Manager? A Database Resource manager plan includes which three attributes? How is cell-to-cell communication implemented in an Oracle Exadata machine? What model of the Exadata Database Machine come with 3 infiniBand switches? Your customer has an initial need to store 100 TBs of data in the Oracle Exadata Database Machine. You recommend a Full Rack with 336 TB disk. When your customer asks why you have seemingly recommend large a machine, what should you reply? Your customer has estimated that they will need to store 25 TBs of uncompressed data, and they want to use High Performance disks Exadata Storage Server. Which size Oracle Exadata Database Machine should you propose to handle this amount of data without compression? How many IORMPLANS can be active at the same time? What is the rule for using different types of compression on difference of a single table stored on an Exadata Storage Server? Your customer asks you what advantage Offload processing gives to the Exadata Storage Server. How con you explain it best? Which three load characteristics will benefit from IORM plans? Why is performing an incremental backup of data from an Exadata Storage Server likely faster than backing up data from normal storage? The Oracle Exadata Database Machine retrieves data from disks in response to a SQL statement in the same way as a standard database server. Which is true of a Storage Index in the Oracle Exadata Database Machine? Which statement would you make about sharing I/O resources in an Exadata environment? You are going to set up grid disk for your customer. Which is the is the best pratice to use when defining grid disks for a Storage Server? What does the Exadata Server software use Bloom Alters for? Which task must you perform on Exadata Storaqe Server to enable Intra- database resource management ? Can you use Active Data Guard effectively between a Oracle Exadata Database machine and a Standard Database Server? Your customer wants to use Hybrid Column Compression, but they concerned because they update recent data frequently. Which is the strategy for addressing this scenario? You have completed initial installation of an Exadata Database Machine. Which type of components can you add after installation? Which three attributes are likely to result in data being cached in the Exadata Smart Flash Cache? How much flash memory comes with each Exadata Storage cell? Which Exadata Storage server users can edit Exadata Configuration? What does the role attribute of a DB plan Indicate? What action(s) must you perform to create Flash-based grid disk? Which statement properly describes potential allocation for a grid disk? Which statement about the Database Smart Cache and the Exadata Flash Cache is true? They are different names for the same thing. Which three statements are true with regards to I/O Resource Plans? Your customer's high priority applications are throughput-sensitive. The feature of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine is Crucial to service high priority applications? which types of prioritization does I/O resource manager do automatically? Which Exadata Storage server users can only view Exadata cell objects? Why would you reduce the default disk_repair_time parameter? Your customer has designated a number of database objects to be persistently in the Exadata Smart Flash Cache. What happens if the total size of these objects is greater than 80% of the size of the available Exadata Smart Flash Cache? What percent of Flash Cache can be used to hold pinned database object? Your customer wants to use their Oracle Exadata Database Machine consolidate multiple existing Oracle Databases. They see a problem, since some of these databases currently use RAC and others do not. How should you address this potential issue? What happens when a grid disk is in a synch state? What happens if you bring a disk in an Exadata Storage Server back online before the disk_repair_time expires? You have defined a caterogy plan for an IORM plan. The Interactive category has an allocation of 90 and level of 1, the Batch category has an application of 80 and level 2, and the Maintenance and Other categories are level 3 with an alloction of 50 for each. If the I/O requests for all categories are saturating the cell and 50% of these request are for the Interactive category and 30% are for the Batch category, what percent of the remaining I/O requests represent the maximum amount allocated for the Maintenance group? Which software runs on the Exadata Storage Server? Which resource plan is evaluated first by the I/O resource manager? Your customer does not think that offload processing will give them any advantage, since they are using only packaged applications. How do you address this issue? How much memory comes with each Exadata Storage cell? What benefit is provided by column filtering? If a hard drive is removed from a storage cell, what must you do? Which assortment of disk on a cell is created by using the CREATE CELL DISK ALL command?