1Z0-525 - Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 7.9.6 for ERP Essentials Exam

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Example Questions

The parameter files generated by DAC are_____. Which two are mandatory pre-installation tasks for Informatica Power Center Client installation? The webcat structure, along with various other presentation parameters are stored in: Which is not a customized fact or dimension table? What are action links used for? Where is the appropriate JDBC Driver installed to enable DAC to connect to the database? What is the default location where parameter files are created by DAC? During what phase does DAC calculate the sequence of the tasks listed under the selected subject area? Which three calendar types are supported by BI Applications 7.9.6 release? Which statement is true about the safe path in SDE and SIL mappings when implementing a Type I customization? Which utility is used by the DAC server to issue commands to read information in the Informatica repository? Which task level parameter(s) control(s) the granularity of data in Aggregate tables? How does DAC know the source OLTP and target Data Warehouse connection Information? Data Warehouse Administration Console (DAC) interacts with Informatica Server using what command? Considering loading a fact named w_xxx_A, what is the exact sequence in which the mappings related fact are loaded? How many Informatica Repository Servers can be configured with a single DAC server? Web object security can be enforced at which three levels? What is the significance of the Informatica parameter files: parameterfileOLTP and parameterfileDW? Which three variable types does the BI Applications data model support for specifying currencies? Which statement is true? Which variable is changed for Target Warehouse in the OBIEE repository while promoting the code to the new environment? Which utility reads the contents of the .ctl file and generates the SQL statements to create and alter tables? The Out of the Box BI Applications reports that are included on the dashboards are role based. How do you support these roles specifically in workflows? A large insurance company ABC-Safe uses PeopleSoft and Hyperion Planning & Budgeting for Financial Analytics and a third-party software package for HR Compensation. ABC-Safe wants to have a consolidated picture of its finances and compensation packages. What would you advise? Which types of data level security are available in BI Applications? i) Operating Unit ii) Inventory Organization iii) Company Organization iv) Ledger v) Business Group vi) Primary Employee/Position Hierarchy-based The universal adapter in Informatica, is used to load data from what two sources? Which module is not covered in BI Applications for EBS? How does the DAC task instruct Informatica whether to run a full load or incremental load? Which combination of the following machines represents an appropriate architecture for an Oracle BI Applications implementation? i) Machine A running DAC Server and DAC Client ii) Machine B running DAC Server and Informatica Services iii) Machine C running Informatica Services and Informatica Client tools iv) Machine D running DAC Client and Informatica Client tools v) Machine E running DAC server and client, Informatica services and Client tools vi) Machine F running Oracle BI EE components vii) Machine G running an Oracle Database hosting the data warehouse viii) Machine H running the source system Which two parameters are to be set while configuring BI Applications for Supply Chain Analytics? During which phase of the Oracle BI Applications project flow are decision makers interviewed for the first time? What is a DTM in Informatica? Which two are considered Informatica Type II Customizations? Considering BIEE is seamlessly integrated with source application, identify three ways in which user credentials can be passed on to BIEE from the source application login. Which two Ports are checked while implementing Slowly Changing Dimension in Oracle BI Application? Which Informatica Power Center component is used for configuration of domain, server grid and services? By default how many aging buckets are configured for Accounts Payable/Receivables Aging reports? In an Oracle BI Cluster Server environment which statement is true? To enable SSO integration of the Source EBS Application with BIEE which file do you need to configure? Which item under DAC connection information will be modified while promoting the code to a new environment? Which three attributes identify a single set of books? What is a set of books? i) It is synonymous with a Ledger ii) A set of books identifies a company or fund that shares a common chart of accounts structure, calendar, and functional currency iii) List of parameters required for the ETL to run successfully Some users need a new Critical Success Factor or Ratio based on a measure that is not available. How would you help them in a way that is the least time consuming? Which csv file contains grouping information of natural accounts? Data Warehouse Administration Console Is used for which three purposes? Upon which two entities can security be based when using PeopleSoft as source application? How can you be sure that all ETL tasks are executed in the right ordering by Informatica? How does Informatica know which source OLTP and target Datawarehouse connection information is to be used for task execution in BI Applications? Which three tasks is DAC capable of handling Data Warehouse connection Information? The Green Factory (a national agricultural organization with one office for IT support and consisting of 20 farmers, 2 dairy producing factories, and a vegetables and flowers Auction) wishes you to implement Sales Analytics and enable all members to benefit most from the Out of the Box materials. What would you advise?