1Z0-523 - Oracle Application Grid Essentials

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Example Questions

Choose the two correct statements regarding Oracle WebLogic Server Which of these is an available Oracle WebLogic Message Bridge attribute ? Which statement is TRUE about the CacheFactory class ? Development of real-time event-driven applications using Coherence is supported b You are at the client site working with a WebLogic Administrator who has to type Username and Password each time he/she starts an instance og Oracle WebLogic server and is quite annoyed by it. Please suggest a secure and optimal way to reduce the typing of username passwod during server startup Node Manager is a WebLogic Server _____ that enables you to start, shut down, and restart Administration Server and Managed Server from a remote location. Which two are advantages of using WLS JMS instead of using a third-party JMS Provider (Tibco, Sonic, etc.) ? Which three of the following are consirered Fixed Asset Deprecation Rule Components ? How can the command-line Coherence application in Windows and UNIX be started ? Which two statements are true about Oracle Real Applications Insight ? See the build instructions for managing Coherence via JMX and put the steps in order. 1. Update set-env.cmd (or set-env.sh if you are building on UNIX) to reflect your system environment. 2. Open a command shell and execute set-env.cmd (or source set-env.sh if you are building on UNIX) 3. Run ant build. 4. Deploy the jmx-console.war file found under the build directory to your application server. Be sure to start your application server JVM with the necessary Coherence Management Framework overrides. For example: -Dtangosol.coherence.management=all 5. To remove build artifacts from your file system, run 'ant clean' Which two of the following are the imposed restrictions to production redeployment in WebLogic Server ? Why would you use WebLogic Diagnostics Framework (WLDF) instead of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) You want to use te Coherence Java APIs to directly cached POJOs. Consider this snippet of code: NamedCache cache - CacheFactory.getCache("mycache"); cache.put(new Integer(I)f "hello"); cache.put(T,"hi"); cache.put(new Long(II),"hey"); This code inserts three objects into the cache. Why ? Which two statements are true about the Application Grid ? Integration between ____ with "multi data sources" and ____ is defined as Gridlink for RAC (Real Application Clusters) Which Coherence caching pattern matches the sequence of events ? 1. Data is requested from cache 2. The requested data does not exist in the cache (cache miss) 3. The Coherence cache store is used to red data from the back-end persistent data source, and placed in ther cache 4. Data requested from the cache is returned to the caller Which two functional areas does Oracle Application Grid provide ? Identify two correct statements to complete the sentance. In a Coherence implementation, it is a best practice to implement PortableObject on all customer objects because: ABC Company has approximately 150'000 products in their catalog and wants to put these within a Coherence cache to improve performance and access times of their existing JEE application without too much change to existing code. There are a number of servlets that get the same product information multiple times within a page. There are also a number of server-based processes that run at regular intervals and also request product information many times. Products have small changes which need to be updated during the day. What would be the most appropriate caching scheme to use ? Which interface provides the ability to aggregate values across a cluster in parallel using Filters ? You are doing an environment assessment for a client that has invested in Oracle RAC for fault tolerance, load balancing, and scalability. The client also invested in clustered Oracle WebLogic Server. You notice that this client's environment is not integrated for active-active high availability deployment of applications. What will be your recommendation to achieve that ? As an architect for ABC bank, you have been tasked to improve the performance of their online balance transfer application. Due to various margers and takeovers, the bank has heterogeneous systems. Some applications are based on Java while others on either .net or C++. You would like to propose object serialization with Coherence to enable passing objects between these different language platforms. Which of the following options provides the capability ? Which statement is true about XpauseTarget in Oracle JRockit JVM ? I guide users through the process of creating or extending a domain for their target environment: Identify me Which two statements are true when when a Coherence cluster member is lost ? Which two statements are true about Oracle Weblogic Clustering ? Which is a command-line scripting interface based on Jython used for automation of WebLogic Server administration ? You are an Enterprise Architect in a large IT organization. Your organization has deployed applications on a variety of containers such as WLS, WebSphere, and JBoss. Why would you consider consolidating on a single type of container (instead of mix) ? Which two stand-alone products are also parts of Oracle WebLogic Enterprise Edition offering ? Ml Managed Servers in a domain must run the of the Orcle WebLogic Server software What two statements are true about Oracle Enterprise Manager's Java Diagnostic tool, which makes the tool suitable for production server diagnostics ? In Real Operations Insight, metrics are sent from the various WebLogic Suite components into Enterprise Manager for ____ and ____. Which two statements are true about interoperating with Oracle AQ JMS with Oracle WebLogic server ? ____ is a collection of components managed by Fusion Middleware Control. It can contain Oracle WebLogic Server domains, one Administration Server, one or more Managed Servers, clusters, and the Oracle Fusion Middleware components that are installed, configured, and running in the domain Which two statements are TRUE regarding Coherence Indexes ? With regard to the drivers behind Application Grid based computing, consider the following statements and indicate which is TRUE: I. data center complexity leads to lack of predictability making it difficult if not impossible to guarantee quality of service II. data centers must do more with less and find a way to better utilize existing capacity III. growth means added complexity In Real Operations Automation, we have Domain Template and WebLogic Scripting Tool for provisioning and configuration respectively. Which are the other two elements ? At a run time, each Oracle Web`logic Server instance in a given domain creates an in-memory representation of the configuration described in this document Which feature/offering of Oracle Application Grid makes it particularly easy to significantly increase the performance of Web-based applications with no code change ? Which two Oracle products come pre-packaged with Oracle's JRockit JDK ? As a best practice, what would you change in the following command line to create successfull domain template "My WebLogic Domain" ? Pack -domain=C:\oracle\user_projects\domain\mydomain - template=C:\oracle\user_templates\mydomain -template_name="My Web Domain" Choose two correct role definitions for Grid Control in context of WebLogic server What is the solution for the "maximum socket buffer size" warnings in Oracle Coherence version 3.1 to 3.3 ? This is a special WebLogic Server instance included by the WebLogic Server Domains. It represents a central point from which you configure and manage all resource domain. Coherence provides the ideal infrastructure for building _____ services, and the ______ applications Which three data sources integrations are provided by Coherence out of the box ? To perform management activities, each domain requires its own Which product should be used along with Oracle Enterprise Manager Packs for Fusion Middleware for end-to-end visibility ? Select three true statements regarding Coherence