1Z0-508 - Oracle Fusion Financials 11g General Ledger Essentials Exam

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Example Questions

In Oracle Fusion Applications, a calendar can only have ___________. Which is an example of embedded intelligence in the Fusion General Accounting Dashboard? During implementation, the consultant designated the cost center segment qualifier as the natural account segment qualifier. Select the process that enables you to change the qualifier back. Where do actions that are configured for execution in the Action Framework appear in Oracle Business intelligence Enterprise Edition? Transactions may involve multiple currencies that require a common currency to make the reports meaningful. What are the amounts Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse uses to store currency? Which view do you use to set parameters and define the data that is displayed in the SmartView report. Which method will reverse accruals in the next accounting period? Changing a Fusion Intercompany system option would______________. You have added a cost center to the chart of accounts from Fusion General Ledger. Identify the process that you need to run to sync the cube in Essbase. Where do end users modify preferences, such as time zone, delivery devices and delivery profile? You are required to enter the daily rates for currency conversion from British pound (GBP) to United States dollars (USD) each day. Which Excel add-in application do you use to load the daily rates? With which two options can Mapping Sets validate input values? What can be used to restrict the events selected for accounting when users submit the Accounting Process? Identify two valid points to be considered when configuring the workspace database connection. What are two reasons for using scorecards? When you use allocations, revaluation, or translation to define and maintain your period close component, which three tasks should you perform under the Define Period Close Components parent task in your implementation project? Select the option that helps in sharing Account Rules across applications. Identify the step that is NOT correct about implementing Fusion Accounting Hub to integrate with an external system. Where can a multidimensional analysis of accounting balances be performed online? Identify the option that needs to be selected at the header level when assigning a header level subledger Journal Rule Set. During the analysis phase of the implementation, it was discovered that there were some expense entries that are paid in the current month for services rendered in the next month, the client wants to defer the expense and recognize it in the next month. What would you recommend? Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition is available through the iPhone and iPad devices. Which BI object content is NOT visible through a mobile device? Select the appropriate financial Reporting Center functionality that helps users to view, input, manipulate, distribute and share data from the General Ledger balances to Microsoft Excel. The Link Journal Lines option in a Journal Line Rule is set to "Copy from Corresponding Line." What would this do? Which three objectives must be considered when designing the chart of accounts? A customer is trying to build dynamic reports in Fusion Financial Reporting. What are two recommendations? When reconciling transactions, accounted amounts in a reconciliation report may be different due to differences in the currency conversion rates used. To mitigate the differences in the account balances you should ____________. An invoice with two lines is entered, later that day an adjustment is made to the invoice to add another line. At the end of the day, the invoice is sent to the Fusion Accounting Hub. How many events would you create? After submitting the journal for approval, you realize the department value in journal is incorrect. How do you correct the value? Which three tasks that can be performed by using Account inspector in the Account Monitor choice list? The Receivables and Payables accounts that are automatically generated by intercompany transactions use rules and attributes in what order? Transaction objects in Fusion Accounting Hub are associated to_____________. Which report indicates if the accounting entries have been transferred to the Oracle Ledger when submitting the Create Accounting process? A client is implementing Fusion Accounting Hub for their external receivable system. The external system sends invoices billed and cash receipts in a flat file along with the customer classification Information. The client wants the accounting amounts to be tracked by customer classification, but NOT necessarily in a Chart of Accounts segment. How can this be solved? Which three options can you use from the Generate Allocations link to open the Submission page? Identify three characters that can NOT be used with the FRExecute command. Which components are used to perform ETL and prebuilt ETL logic while setting up Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition? Which three rule types are used to build an account rule? Identify the business intelligence component that enables you to explore and interact with information by visually presenting data in tables, graphs, and pivot tables. When an external system sends an invoice to Fusion Accounts Payable, the life cycle of the transaction is invoice Created, Invoice Adjusted, Invoice Deleted or Invoice Canceled. This cycle can be modeled using______________. Invoices received from a source system need to use a specific account based on 30 different expense types. However, if the invoice is from a specific supplier type, it needs to go to a default account regardless of the account type. What is the solution? There is a performance issue with new account hierarchies. Which setting would you update to improve performance? Choose the Oracle application that will automatically update the chart of accounts values and Hierarchies across multiple Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion instances through a single application. When recording the closing of a loan, you can link to the account that was used to book the loan origination. Which option would you choose in Journal Line Rule? The reconciliation report shows the Entered or transaction amount of the accounting entries booked to the intercompany receivables and payables accounts for___________. To open a period without going into the Setup and Maintenance work area you can maintain the period statuses of ledger from the ___________ work area. You have created allocution and periodic journal entry definitions for several monthly entries. You are now ready to generate allocation entries. Which task must be completed before generating the allocation and periodic entries? Why would an end user use BI Composer? The General Ledger supervisor requested a schedule be created to AutoPost the subledger accounts different times. To accomplish this, the AutoPost criteria need to be set by__________. What is the most efficient way to add a new year to the accounting calendar?