1Z0-507 - Oracle Fusion Financials 11g Accounts Payable Essentials

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Example Questions

Which expense approval rule would route the approval to the next level if the approval amount reaches the threshold? Identify two stages in the Payment Process Request that require manual actions to complete. The Payment Process Request section of the Accounts Payables dashboard has a tab called Recently Completed. This tab displays all the payment process requests completed in the last_________. Which section of the Accounts Payable dashboard displays information about supplier sites on payments hold? Which two receipts modifications are displayed in the Payables Matched and Modified Receipts Report? Which two Payment Controls can be overridden by creating a manual Single Payment Request? Which two organizational components are part of the OTBI report for outstanding payables Invoices? Which three tabs are available on a Single Payment Request? A company wants to default the business unit for a user In Oracle Fusion Payables. Identify the setup that meets this requirement. Identify three statements that are true for a supplier's bank details. Which three fields are required to create an invoice without a purchase order through the Supplier Portal? What is the invoice type of an unmatched Invoice created in the Supplier Portal? Which two statements are true about the Invoice Requiring Attention section of the invoice Dashboard? An installment for $2,000 is due for payment on July 31, 2012. The Installment has two discounts: the first discount date is June 15, 2012, for $150 and the second discount date is June 30, 2012 for $100. You submit a payment process request: What will be the resulting status of the installment and discount? Which section of the Payment Dashboard lists all the processes submitted within the last 72 hours? Identify three scenarios where you are NOT allowed to cancel an invoice. During its first month end close, a company has an Invoice with a Hold status dated 15-Jan-2012. Its accounting practice permits the transfer of unaccounted transactions from one period to another. What will happen if it runs the Payables Unaccounted transactions Sweep program? Which two actions can a supplier perform through the Supplier Portal? Select three reasons that a prepayment will NOT be available for applying to invoices. Identify three correct statements about Invoice Approval. Which three tasks are performed during the expense report reimbursement process? Which three business rules prevent a distribution from being reversed? Identify three fields that will be extracted from an invoice when using the Integrated imaging solution. What invoice approval status is required to apply the invoice approval action Hold from Approval? Identify two privileges granted to the job role Accounts Payable Supervisor. What duty must an employee have in order to create payables documents, review reimbursements, process results, and review expense exports? Which three options are used to sort the Unaccounted Transaction Report? Select three valid invoice line types. A user, while entering an invoice for an asset for capitalization, has entered the GL Distribution charge Account. Identify the asset related account to which this invoice should match in order for it to be automatically converted into an asset in Fusion Assets. Select three true statements about the Invoice Validation process. The Apply Missing Conversion Rates program can only be executed for a ___________. Identify the search method that allows a search across expense items and expense reports using any information captured in the expense item or expense report. A company has implemented the Supplier Portal. Select three correct statements regarding registration of a supplier in the Supplier Portal. Which three statements are true when a prepayment is applied to an invoice by selecting the option Include on Invoice? An invoice is created, paid, and is accounted for. Two adjustments are made to the invoice and validated with the same accounting date. Which statement is correct? A company has different payment terms for different suppliers. Payment terms with some suppliers also include discounts. Which report needs to be executed to identify the maximum discounts possible by the earliest payment to the suppliers or where they should have taken a discount but did not? What are the three exceptions in the Payables Period Close Exceptions Report? The following Issue is reported by the AP Invoice User: When creating an invoice, there is no visual Indicator that prepayments exist for that supplier and are available to be applied against the invoice. There used to be a bell icon next to the supplier number, but it is not there anymore. Identify the correct action that a consultant must perform in order to resolve the issue. Which statement is correct if the payment terms entered in the invoice differ from the payment terms on the purchase order? Choose three features of Oracle Fusion Expenses that facilitate streamlined expense item creation. What activity is performed by an Accounts Payable Manager with the duty role of Subledger Accounting Transaction Analysis Duty? Which three options in a Quick Payment do NOT impede the selection of documents? A company has three Balancing Segment values. An Invoice is charged to all the three Balancing Segments. It is created with three distributions with the respective Balancing Segment values and the same Natural Account for AP Charge Account. Which set up should automatically account the liability account to the respective Balancing Segment Values? During the invoice Import process, the implication assigns the accounting date from the first 5 finds. Which three sources will the application check for the accounting date? Which three accounting event types are predefined for the Accounting Event Class Prepayment Applications? Which are three key features of Expense Report Entry? A Payment Process Request was submitted. Subsequently, the user realized that there are some errors in the payment file. The payment process was terminated by terminating the payment file. Which three statements are true? What is the validation status of an invoice after it is loaded using the Launch Import Invoice program? Identify three attributes of a Single Payment Request. Identify two invoice approval actions that can be performed from the Accounts Dashboard.

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