1Z0-482 - Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Essentials

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Example Questions

Select two infrastructure components that can be used to deploy both ODI and EDQ components. Prior to executing an interface or mapping in ODI, do you have to deploy the generated code manually in a source or target server? Select the two correct statements about the Date Profiler. Updates have been made to Interfaces in a Package. What would you do to make sure the Production team runs a scenario containing those updates while preserving the existing scenario's schedule? Identify the operation that ensures that referential integrity is maintained while loading changes detected by the ODI CDC framework. Select the correct statement in an ODI interface, each column of the target can have at most, one mapping in a given dataset. Which two ODI knowledge modules are included in the Application Adapter for Hadoop? Select four correct scenarios where EDQ parsing is beneficial. One of the parameters retrieve column properties in a knowledge module is odiRef.getcolList. What is the name of the parameter that retrieves the datatype of a mapped target column? When working with delimited flat files, is it possible to enforce primary key on a flat file using a CKM? You are running a Scenario in a Load Plan using a Run Scenario step. This scenario contains the Interfaces. In case of failure in this Scenario, you would like to restart the Interface that failed beginning. Which Restart Type option do you need to pick for the Run Scenario step? In an ODI interface, is it possible to use a specific partition if it is declared for the target table to load data? Is it possible to invoke an ODI job as a public web service to execute it? Which one of the following attributes should always be provided to EDQ AV as a separate attribute if available? The ODI application adapter for Hadoop______. To declare mapping on a target column, does a developer have to manually write the required database functions? What is a relationship in a matching process? In an ODI interface, to declare a lookup, is there a dedicated graphical object? Select the statement that best describes the difference between Server and Client Data Store access. To use ODI efficiently in a Data Warehouse project is it necessary to have a topology with an intermediate transformation server? You are designing a Load Plan in which you need to create multiple branches based on the value of a variable. How do you implement this using the Load Plan editor? Identify two true statements regarding the ODI SDK. You have to load three tables A, B, and C in parallel, wait for them to be loaded, and then load a fourth table D. Which steps do you have to go through in order to do this? What is a Load Plan? You are designing a Load Plan in which you need to run Interfaces A and B one after the other while running Interface C at the same time. Which steps do you need to follow to achieve this? In an ODI interface, if a business rule is declared to calculate a sum aggregation, does a knowledge module need to be customized in order to create the correct code? In ODI, when you add a column definition in a table, can you also use a technology-specific datatype for it? Is it possible to manage five metadata work repositories together with ODI and a single master repository in order to have a software lifecycle generation respecting the best practices that my company uses? Which property file parameter stores the location of the OBBIE web catalog folder? You want to add a new CDC subscriber in ODI after you have started the Journal process, what steps do you need to go through in order to use this new subscriber? Which tables store ODI/OBIEE lineage information? In an ODI Interface, when defining a join, can you always choose "Ordered Join Syntax"? In an ODI interface, is it mandatory to use a join to describe a lookup? When profiling data with EDQ, how can you ensure that the latest data is being used? In ODI Operator, is it possible to view code in the second level (the step) represented? Is it possible to monitor a JEE Agent using a plug in directly into Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console? Select the correct statement. When running an interface in ODI, is it possible to see a simu-lation of the code? After invoking an Enterprise Data Quality Job from ODI, where can you monitor the detailed progress of that Job? When the data, source, and target are persistent in the same data server, in an ODI interface, do you need an LKM and an LKM to load the data on target? In an ODI interface, can source tables be declared as not joined? Do all project developers using ODI need to consolidate their own local metadata repositories? Select the two correct reasons that might lead you to use EDQ Transformation Processors rather than transform data in ODI. When using a customized reverse knowledge module, can the execution be done only on the development environment? Select the three correct options for Token Checking in the EDQ parser. In Topology, can a query be defined to retrieve native database sequences? Identify the right variable step type to use when assigning a value to a variable with a SQL query. Can a project in ODI contain a user function to translate commands with different syntax for different technologies but with the same functionality? You are loading a file into a database but the file name is unknown at design time and will have to be passed dynamically to a Package at run time; how do you achieve this? Identify two Change Data Capture implementation strategies provided through the ODI knowledge modules. Identify the database view ODI uses when loading the journalized data in an Interface.