1Z0-481 - Oracle GoldenGate 11g Certified Implementation Exam Essentials

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Example Questions

What three types of information are reported in discard file? Which parameters) would be used for one-time initial replicat? What command is issued to alter Replicat to start processing trail number 10 at relative byte address 100345? Which three are required to correctly configure an OGG? Ideally which process should be configured purge old trial files? By default, which option is evaluated first, SQLEXEC or filter statement? You have configured and added the extract and Replicate tasks using the direct load method what do you need to do to get the processes up and running? What is the default threshold for message compression in OGG? Which command forces a running Extract to close the current trial and start writing to the next trial sequence number? What parameter provides options for compression and encryption? Where are GoldenGate macros defined? What file must be configured in order to use custom encryption keys? Neither your source, nor your target table has a primary key, and you have not designated KEYCOLS. How will the Replicat proceed to identify matching target rows to update or delete? Which statement correctly describes GoldenGate Extract and Replicat process reports? Which translations are captured if you ADD EXTRACT BEGIN now 1:00 p.m., but START EXTRACT at 2:00 p.m.? You have a source installation of OGG l0 that includes an initial extract and datapump to provide a remote trail formatted for a GoldenGate 9.5 Replicat process to consume, which process should be use to convert the data to the earlier format? Which parameter tells Extract the tables for which to capture changes? What is the GoldenGate command line interface? In addition to using the parameter comment to enter remarks in parameter file(s) can be used? Select the commands that give statistics regarding OGG process and memory resource usage. Where can you find a list of the parameters being used by a Replicat process? Which three are types of encryption supported by OGG? When would you use the PASSTHRU parameter? Which best describes the function of OGG user tokens? Which utility is responsible for generating source data definitions files? To meet a business requirement for latency, Carlos wants to break long-running source transactions into shorter commits on the target database with the replicate parameter MAXTRANSOPS what is the most important thing Carlos should consider before using MAXTRANSOPS By default which type of operations are captured by extract? Nicole is preparing initial data load Extract task EINI_HR using the parameter DBOPTIONS FECHBATCHSIZE 2000. What is likely to happen if one of her source tables includes LOB data? What GoldenGate facility allows for custom processing in response to a data value? You want encrypt message sent or over TCP/IP to server usserver1, where the goldenGate manage process is running on port 7809. Your requirements include using a custom encryption key and advanced encryption standard (AES), and you have created an ENCKEYS file What parameters should you use? You have discovered that an OGG checkpoint table has become corrupted. What is you best strategy to recover From this? Where is user token data stored? You want to configure replication of CREATE TABLE statements from oracle to Teradata, so that only new table created in your mapped source schema is Replicated. Which should be the part of solution? When GoldenGate is configured for Archived Only Mode (ALO), what must be considered configuring the middle-tier server for Capture? You are configuring replication between two Oracle tables with the same number of columns, column table names, and data types, but in different orders. For replication purpose can you treat these as identical tables? You are configuring a multi-master DDL replication environment. To prevent looping of DDL statement like CREATE TABLE (....), the best solution is______. How do you control the size of the buffer that contains data extracted from an ASM instance? What us expected behavior of CHEKPARMS parameter? What three are valid responsibilities of the OGG Manager? What process is the recommended method to purge old GoldenGate trials? You have source table with PRODUCT-ID column and target table with PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION. On the target database is a lookup table containing product codes and corresponding description. What is good way for you to lookup the product description for each transaction? Which parameter could you use to start an Extract when Manager starts? When implementing GoldenGate on a 11gR2 Oracle database and after running the GoldenGate Database profiling script, you discover that certain objects are compressed, what should you do? What is the name and the location of the file that lists the key values used by extract for encryptions and Server Collector for decryption? Which GGSCI command(s) show all available information on both read and write checkpoint for an Extract? Example: 1 INFO EXTRACT <group name> Example: 2 INFO EXTRACT <group name>, DETAIL Example: 3 INFO EXTRACT <group name>, SHOWCH Which process (es) maintain a checkpoint file? What is GGSCI an acronym for? Which database platform does GoldenGate not natively support? What Oracle GoldenGate feature provides recoverability without loss of transactions? Which argument is used to set the maximum size of the EXTTRAIL or RMTTRAL.