1Z0-478 - Oracle SOA Suite 11g Essentials Exam

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Example Questions

You are creating a web service interface to a legacy system that can handle only five concurrent calls. What feature of Oracle Service Bus enables you to define this restriction? You are modeling a conditional branch using a Switch element. You choose not to include an Otherwise branch. What is the result? Which two features are provided by decision tables? Which two statements are true about messages that are marked "Exhausted" on the Recovery tab of the BPEL service engine in Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control? Which statement is true about editing adapter InteractionSpec endpoint properties with Enterprise manager Fusion Middleware Control? Over a period of time, you have deployed three versions (1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) of a SOA application X to a three-node SOA cluster. All versions of X subscribes to a business event named createCustomer and instantiate a new BPEL process Y on receiving the event. At runtime, how many SOA composite instances are generated when createCustomer business event is fired? In oracle Service Bus, loose coupling between service provider and service consumer is provided by the __________. Identify the best description of the recommended use of shared storage in a high-availability (HA) implementation of Oracle SOA Suite? Which statement is true about how the BPEL Process Manager works? You want to leverage the Event Delivery Network (EDN) in your composite application for publishing and subscription. Which two components do you use? Identify three valid BPEL thread pools. Which statement is true about an if-then rule evaluation? Each JCA adapter has a single deployment listed in the WLS Console. Identify two accurate descriptions about managing multiple instances of each adapter in the runtime. Identify two correct statements about Oracle service Registry. Which two configurations provide a certified deployment of multiple SOA domains? Identify the statement that describes an ESB. Which two approaches are valid when using dynamic partner links in a BPEL process? You want to monitor a specific BPEL process variable in your process. You have all the capability Oracle SOA Suite at your disposal. Which approach do you take if you want the variable data written to a JMS queue to be processed by another application? Which statement is correct about a JCA common client interface? Which activity is used to invoke a human task from a BPEL process? A customer demands access to your Service Composite Architecture (SCA) application. However keeping with the customer's company standards, the interface must be EJB 3.0. Which solution meets the needs of the customer while requiring the least amount of time, effort, and architectural change for you? What does service abstraction do? Which SOA Suite capability enforces WS-* standards for authentication and authorization? Which two statements describe the security policy attachment features of Oracle SOA Suite 11g? Which two are beneficial results of a successful SOA governance initiative? By using the System Component Architecture (SCA) test framework, you can create tests for which three items? What is default transactional behavior for a synchronous request/reply and a one-way synchronous BPEL process? Identify two features of Oracle BAM. How is a SAML token used by OWSM for identity propagation? Identify the correct description of a business service. Which JDeveloper SOA project artifacts have references to the JNDI name of a resource adapter connection factory that is used in the project? You are implementing SOA asset lifecycle management in your organization. In the service definition phase, architects and business analysts identify requirements. What should you do with the requirements so they can be tracked through the lifecycle? Consider a scenario where Oracle B2B receives messages from different trading partners that need to be placed in separate folders after processing. For example, messages received from trading partner Marketing need to be processed and placed in a file folder called "Marketing" after processing. Messages received from trading partner GlobalChips need to be processed and placed in a file Folder named "GlobalChips" after processing. Which approach enables this to work? Identify two correct descriptions of Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM). Identify two correct descriptions of Oracle Event Processing (OEP). Why would you use the Mediator component in a Service Component Architecture (SCA) application Instead of using Oracle Service Bus? Which two activities are typically performed during the service implementation and configuration phase of the SOA lifecycle? Which two options are allowed in a decision table? Your solution needs to validate, transform, and route data. You want to deploy the capability as a Service Component Architecture (SCA) composite application. You would most likely use a ________ to provide the functionality. What does SOA governance complement and influence? You have defined an event. You now want to trigger that event from an existing Mediator component. How do you link the event to the Mediator so that the Mediator can raise the event to the Event Delivery Network (EDN)? An invoke activity in a BPEL process is dehydrated _____. (select two) Composite X invokes an outbound DB adapter to write data to a database table. You have configured JCA at the binding component as follows: <property name = "jca.retry.count" type = "xs:int" many = "false" override = "may" > 2</property> <property name = "jca.retry.interval" type = "xs:int" many = "false" override = "may" > 2</property> You have also modeled a modeled a fault policy to retry the invocation three times in case of remoteFault as follows: <retryCount>3<retryCount> <retryInterval>3<retryInterval> Which result describes what happens when the database that is being accessed by the above binding component goes down? Composite A has two versions deployed lo the SOA runtime. Version 2.0 is the default revision, and Version 1.0 is an earlier (but active) revision. Version 2.0 has 100 instances in the Running state also hits 50 instances that are waiting for a callback on a mid-process < receiver> within a BPEL component in the composite. You undeploy Version 2.0. Which statement describes what happens after undeployment completes? In a BPEL model, what is quickest way to implement a capability to skip rule execution if particular condition holds? When more than one policy is attached to a policy subject, the combination of policies needs to be valid. Which statement is true about the valid combination of policies for a policy subject? What element first executes the iterative activity and then checks the validity of the condition? Identify two service components that can be added to the components section of the SOA Composite Editor. Suppose that you pass some data from a process variable as a parameter into a human task. The variable is then updated at a later time in a parallel stream of execution in the BPEL process while the human task still executing (that is, before is auctioned by the assignee) What does the assignee see after opening the task in the workspace and looking at the parameter? You want to define a now event to be managed by the Event Delivery Network (EDN). The XSD is in place that defines the element that is to be the basis of the new event. Which step do you perform next?