1Z0-474 - Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service 2012 Essentials Exam

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Example Questions

Identify two reasons your Privacy Statement is displaying to some candidates but not to all candidates? Your client would like to create a simplified way for hiring managers to progress candidates in the workflow with a single click avoiding the need to open each candidate record to complete the progression in the More Actions menu. What recommendation would you make to your client? Your client would like to allow the ability for candidates to reply directly to a specific email address of a recruiting coordinator who is responsible for monitoring incoming messages when a candidate receives a correspondence message regardless of the origin of the message. What are the two steps to enable this functionality? Your client would like to enforce that all hiring managers who are hiring engineers to consider only candidates with a Masters degree. What are two configurations that you can set in the system to make this rule increasingly visible to the managers? Your client has decided that they would like to collect the candidate's Date of Birth and Social Security number for their background checking vendor in a secondary Application Flow that the recruiter will execute prior to requesting the screening service. Once you have completed building the new form with the data collection fields, what are the two steps that you must take in order to change which form displays to the candidate? When creating a new user type it is recommended to first____. Your company is global and the standard Social Security Number field does not support your needs for capturing National IDs outside of the United States. Which two items represent the best design option for addressing this challenge? Select two. Your client would like ensure that candidates have the ability to search for jobs in a variety of ways. They would also like to provide visibility into jobs that candidates are a match for based on data that has been collected by the system. How would you ensure that this functionality is available? Your client would like to ensure that all applicants are presented with the correct set of questions that qualify that they meet the minimum requirements for employment with the organization that has locations in the United States and the United Kingdom. How would you ensure that candidates are presented with the correct set of questions for the job that they are applying for? When an ad-hoc prescreening question is created for a requisition and not saved into the prescreening library what are two disadvantages to this approach for an organization? When adding a Question regarding years of experience to a requisition, assume the available answers are "No Experience," Less than 1 year," "1-3 years," "3-6 years," "6-10 years" and "More than 10 years." If the client requires a minimum of 2 years of experience, which answer(s) must be marked as Required? Your client has a large campus recruiting initiative for several intern requisitions. The recruiters receive a large volume of resume at campus recruiting events. The recruiters would like to quickly pull these resumes into the system associated while collecting information that they have learned from the candidate on the spot such as date of availability and current GPA. Once you have constructed the Candidate file with the type "Create Candidate" that has all of your desired fields, what is the next step? Your client has expressed concern that one of the open positions that they have activated prescreening for is delivering a high volume of ACE candidates. What recommendations should you consider making to your client? Select two. In order to Create, Duplicate, Edit (Revoke or Grant Permissions) or Delete User Types, what setting must you ensure is enabled before any configuration can be made? Your client would like to streamline a select group of hiring managers' Involvement in the recruiting process by only exposing candidates that have been screened by the recruiter. How is this accomplished when configuring the Candidate Selection Workflow? While in draft mode what are some actions that cannot be performed on a requisition? What are three data elements driven by SmartOrg during the requisition posting process? Your client has requested that you construct a targeted career site for a brand new location. Identify two career section items that must be contextualized to this location? Your client would like to ensure that all candidates that are being hired into the Information Technology department sit 'for a mandatory skills-based assessment. When constructing the candidate selection workflow, what are the two steps that you most take to ensure that this step is enforced for this Job type? Select two. Your client is looking to solve the issue of multiple hiring managers considering the same candidate and progressing them to the offer stage creating an internal competitive offer situation. What two recommendations would you make to your client that will make this scenario impossible? Your client has decided that they would like to collect background checking consent from the candidates during the final step in the application process. Once you have duplicated the application flow and added the Background Consent block, what action must you take before the new Application Flow can be assigned to the career section? Your client requires the ability to capture multiple payroll allowances as part of a candidate offer. What design option best supports this requirements? What is the proper order for associating fields, forms, and files? What two elements does the Configuration profile control within the Recruiting Center? Choose the setting (Within the step of candidate selection workflow window) that prohibits end users from seeing candidates at a particular step of the hiring process along with user permission? When setting up prescreening on a requisition, which two parameters can only be applied to Competencies versus Questions? When building a Career Section, in order to preview it, which area within the Career Section would you access? Your client wants to use a Candidate Ranking field to establish ranking (I-10) and then be able to sort candidates within the list view for a given requisition. This field should only be available for Identify two configurations that must be selected in the user type to allow hiring managers access to only their requisitions. Your client requires the capture meal allowance terms as part of Offers generated for selected candidates in Mexico. How can this be accomplished? When configuring a screening service, your client may not want to provide both summary and detailed screening results to hiring managers as opposed to HR who should have access to both. How is this accomplished? (Choose Two) When configuring multiple-choice prescreening questions, what is an important consideration? Your client would like to limit visibility of executive candidates in the system for the majority of the requiting staff and all hiring managers. What are the three steps to accomplish this using the staffing type functionality? Your client would like to modify a standard paragraph in the candidate rejection letter to insert messaging relevant to a seasonal hiring push. Why is it best to duplicate the paragraph before making the edits? Your client would like to leverage the ACE prescreening to allow the system to automatically sort and rank candidates who are applying to high volume positions. What type of question will you want to avoid creating when setting up ACE prescreening for these high volume jobs? Your client is opening a new location in Texas and they would like to create an area on their career's page with a list of jobs featuring all postings prefiltered in the Dallas Fort Worth area. What step must you take in order to create the new URL with this prefiltered list of jobs? What is an important consideration when modifying a permission for a group of users? Your client wants to present different Requisition views, one for Manages and one for Recruiters. What configurations will support this requirement? When building the OLF Structure, what function is served by the mapping data in the "Associated Reference" field for each element? What are the three types of questions that can be Implemented In the construction of a Job- specific prescreening question? Your client would like to enable radius search on their Career Section to allow for jobs at specific locations to be identified by candidates. What three steps must you take to configure specific locations to be searchable via the radius search? What is the primary advantage of using the elements in the competency library when constructing prescreening on a job requisition template? Your client would like to allow candidates the ability to delete their own attachments when making updates to their profile so that their stored resume is the most current. What action would you take in order to accomplish this? Your client would flag for candidates who have responded to a question on the application that indicates they have been convicted of a crime. They would like for the recruiter to better understand the nature of the crime before disqualifying the candidate for a position. How would you configure the system to provide immediate visibility to these candidates? What is the name of the search utility that uses patterns and themes to search the database for candidates? You have been asked by your client to create a Candidate Selection Workflow that is specific to all Hourly positions in California. What two elements would you contextualize on your CSW? When configuring a status used in a step, it is possible to ask the system to automatically change the status. Under what two circumstances can this functionality be enabled? Users that have access to the Questions, Disqualification Questions, and Competencies Libraries can: As opposed to a general profile, which two elements are visible only on a job submission in the candidate file? For each requisition, what is identified when ACE Prescreening is configured?