1Z0-462 - Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Essentials

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Example Questions

Which three can be used by an externalsystem to retrieve content fromWebCenter Sites over HTTP? When trying to accessAdminSite via theWEM Framework, the following erroris displayed:"You do nothave permission to access this application. Please contact your system administrator." The same user can access AdminSite in the Admin interface; that is, the user has the required roles to access AdminSite. Which security group is missing? Identify two features that Global Site Foundation provides. Your client wants its website to support multiple channel delivery. The client has new requirements: 1.The web pages should rearrange themselves for smaller devices and/or browser size and/or orientation. 2.Editors do not need to do anything more or learn anything new than what they do or know currently, with regard to their current 1024-pixel-wide website. 3.The client wants to keep the amount of code testing to a minimum. Which solution best meets these requirements? Which statement accurately describes theWebCenter Sites Presentation layer? Which set of asset types can be managed only throughthe Admin UI withthe defaultsettings after aninstallation? You are deployingWebCenter Sites usingOracle technology.Which two componentsare required for aSites installation? Your legal department hasinformed you thatthere is a newrequirement thatevery version of every webpage must bestored for seven years going forward.The site doesnot use Engagebut it does usetranslations.Currently, publishing is every 24 hours.What is the lowcost way to meet thisrequirement? In a default installation,which three users existin the SystemUsers table? Your client has an existingvideo streaming service thatis performing well. Videosare of high definitionand can measure ingigabytes of data each.The Marketing team wantsthe ability to allow itseditors to embed videos in the middle of their CKedit body attributes, with the stipulation that there is no need for any coding for the editors. Assume that the editors already know how to use all the OOTB features of CKedit. Additionally, the Marketing team wants video links to appear in lists with other heterogeneous assets throughout the website. Which solution will best meet these requirements? Given this scenario:A flex family iscreated with twoflex asset types,one parent assettype, oneparent definition assettype,and one flex definition asset type. Which statement is true? Which functionality doesWebCenter SitesPublishing use to ensure thatthere are no broken links orcontent? Which two accurately describe the capabilities that a SatelliteServer provides in a solution? Before an asset canbe published, it must be approved. Which three arevalid ways to approveanasset? Which two tables does the WebCenter Sitesnative user management system leverage? Which three are justificationsfor using an LDAP serverwith WebCenter Sites? You are responsible for a small marketing website that was built WebCenter Sites that consists of page assets and page templates. The site is fully cachaed and does not use an uncachedSiteEntry wrapper. The Marketing department has requested that you make the site responsive such that visitor experience is good even when you web pages are viewed on other devices, including tablets and mobile phones. You are tasked with designing an inexpensive solution that does not impact performance, add more hardware, change the asset model, or impact the contributor's current workload or the process that creates the web pages. What would you do to address their requirements? A customer has a requirement to contribute content to the management environment (Server M) and make this content available to the live environment (Server P). The customer has decided to use the publishing functionality to accomplish this requirement. Which statement best reflects the configuration that is required? Which statement accuratelydescribes the dynamic publishing method of WebCenter Sites? Which database does the Jumpstart Kit use? Which activity is NOT part of a WebCenter Sites security audit? Which statement is true about asset?? In Community-Gadgets,if you have not set any valuesin the Authorized domain, which statement istrue? Which three statementsare true aboutflex assets? Which JSTL tagwould you use whenyou need togenerate a linkto an imageserved by WebCentSites? The WebCenter Sites installation process reports that it has completed installation successfully.But a number of database tables are missing. What could be the possible cause here? You have installed the Gadget server and are trying to register new gadgets for your site. When using the Admin UI, you do not see the asset type FW_CSGadget listed in the search list, although this asset type is correctly enabled for your site. You can see "Find CS-Based Gadget" in the Start Menu for this asset type and it has been assigned "Any Role." Other asset types for the site can be searched but not FW_CSGadget. What could be the reason? You have enabledglobal search butyour assets are stillnot being returnedin a search. Which three arereasons that theassets are not searchable? Which three items cannot be published using standard WebCenter Sites publishing mechanisms,from a source instance to a target instance? An Article asset has 12fields and mostof them are renderedon a detail template. Which tag can beused to get allthe attributes ina single call? In which environment do editorial users maintain their content? Which two items does the search engine integrationframework work in conjunction with? By default,SiteCapturecan be used to crawlan instance of WebCenter Sites.Identify two tasks thatSiteCapture performs. Given:http://host:port/servlet_context_path/ContentServer?pagename=name_of_page In the preceding URL, which two legal values does name_of_page represent? Which two administrative capabilitiesare included on the Admin tab in the Admininterface? Which statement is NOT true about a collection? When you want to cache aCSEIement explicitly, you need to: If your solutionneeds to includeuser-generated content,you would most likely use the ________ toprovide the functionality. Which one of the following accurately describes WebCenter Sites? Which two statements are true about the significance of any column starting with "URL" in a database table that is created using WebCenter Sites? Which statement is true about "default core asset types"? You are replicating the site Avi with a prefix Type2Avi. Which two statements are true? In the ContributorUI, what must be doneif you want your author to change the slotpresentation? Which three are necessary to make aWebCenter Sites deliveryenvironment highly available? Content editors are reporting that the Contributor interface in WebCenter Sites slows down at certain times during the day when they enter and edit content. Which two tools can be used todiagnose where the problem lies? Which three are key considerations when designing a template architecture? An international company has a website with pages displayed in multiple languages. The locales used for this website are as follows: · en_US (US English) · de_DE (German) · de_CH (Swiss German) · de_AT (Austrian German) · en_UK (British English) The website has a drop-down list that displays the languages in which the website can appear. When site visitors select a different language, the web page that they are currently viewing is shown in the language they selected unless content is not available in that language. Then the next suitable language is shown. What two configurations are necessary to achieve this requirement? What happens when you call the render:logdep tag? What would you needto set to participatein aworkflow that providesan email notificationfor users? How can you specify where theGlobal Gadget CatalogInterface is to be enabled?