1Z0-460 - Oracle Linux 6 Implementation Essentials Exam

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DTrace is being ported from Solaris to Oracle Linux. Which three statements are true for the DTrace tool? On your Oracle Linux 6 system, you have to configure the eth0 network interface to 100 MB/sec, half duplex without trying to autonegotiate. Which command will help you configure this requirement? Which file system is both new and now installed by default in Oracle Linux 6 with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK)? The DBA tells you that the system is not overloaded but you can tell that the system us actively swapping. What command would you run to show this information to the DBA? Your Oracle Linux system has two network interfaces ­ eth0 and eth1. You have to change the netmask and the IP address of the eth1 network interface. Which configuration file would you edit to make these changes? You have to collect data by using the OS Watcher tool to help diagnose a performance issue on your Oracle Linux system. You need to collect data every 30 seconds by using this tool and archive this data for a period of three days. Which is the OS Watcher tool option that can be used to collect this data from your system? You have to find out the version of bash shell package installed on your Oracle Linux system. Which yum command can help you find the version information? The crond daemon checks each command to see whether it should be run in the current ___________. Identify the Oracle-supported source for obtaining Oracle Linux Which three statements describe the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK)? A system administrator wants to view all running processes on the system in real time, to find out what RAM has been allocating to each process. What system command should be used? As a root user, you executed the following command on your Oracle Linux 6 server: [[email protected]] # strace - o /tmp/diag.out sh diag.sh Which statement describes the purpose of this command? Which yum command will you use if you want to find out the name of the package that has the /etc/sysconfig/nfs file? Which two statements describe Oracle ksplice? You have to aggregate two network interfaces, eth0 and eth1, into a single logical interface such as bond0. Which option shows the four configuration files that need to be configured to set up this bonding? View the output below. As oracle user, you run the following command on your Oracle Linux 6 system: [[email protected] ~ ] $ [[email protected] ~] $ nice - - 10 ./myscript.sh & [1] 2735 [[email protected] ~] $ nice: cannot set niceness: permission denied Why is the nice command failing? Which two commands can be used on Oracle Linux to find the routing table and default gateway information of your network? You run the following command as the root user to set properties of a network interface (eth0): # ifconfig eth0 netmask up Setting network interface properties with the ifconfig utility is not persistent across system reboots. Which file would you edit to make settings and to make them persist across system reboots? Finding a directive issued by your organization listing several important CVEs (Common Vulnerability and Exposures), you find one for Linux OpenSSH (CVE-2006-5764), which might apply to your oracle Linux systems. What command would help ensure that a patch has been applied to close this vulnerability on an Oracle Linux 6 system running OpenSSH server? You have mounted an Oracle Linux 6 ISO image (v33411-01.iso) on your system in the /mnt/iso/OL6u3/Server directory. You want to use this image in your local yum repository configuration file and enable it. Which yum repository configuration file has the correct entries to use this image as a local repository? You have successfully installed the uptrack tool on servers you will be using ksplice kernel updates. Which two options are correct descriptions of commands you can run? Examine the following commands: # groupadd project # mkdir /usr/share/project # chown ­R root.project /usr/share/project # qpasswd ­a scott project # qpasswd ­a foo project # chmod 2775 /usr/share/project Based on the commands, which statement is correct? You have to collect information about your Oracle Linux 6 system, such as hardware configuration, installed software packages, configuration, and operational state send it to Oracle Support. Which tool will help you gather this information for sending it to Oracle Support? What does the following btrfs command do? $ sudo btrfs subvolume snapshot src src-01 The change that are made by using echo command, like the one shown in the example below, are not persistent and disappear when the system us restarted. Which file should be modified to make configuration changes across reboots? # echo www.example.com > /proc/sys/kernel/hostname Which two statements are correct about the Oracle ASMLib library? You have to find the default runlevel of your Oracle Linux system. Which file will help you find this information? The ASMlib on Linux us designed to ___________. Identify the option with two files that are found in the /etc/sysconfig directory. You have to mount the Oracle Linux ISO image file OracleLinux ­R6 ­ U2 ­ Server ­ X86_64- dvd.iso to the /media/cdrom mount point. Which command will help you mount the Oracle Linux ISO image file? Which three statements are true about the Kickstart installation method? Your 32-bit i686 architecture system in registered with the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network. RPM package example -1 .0.0-1 is already installed and the application is used constantly. You want to download the latest version of the example RPM package. You do not want to install the package until you have coordinated with the program's current users. Which option will allow you to download until you have coordinated with the program's current users. Which option will allow you to download the latest version of the RPM package, but not install it? As user bob, you have logged in to the system on a terminal and issued the following command to make the top command run in the background. [[email protected] - ] top& You exit from the terminal and log back as bob into the system at the same terminal. How is the background job affected? Examine the following kernel boot command-line parameters. kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.32-220.e16 ro root = /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 init = /bin/bash ether = 0, 0, eth1 rhgb quiet Which two statements are true? Which two utilities can you use to manipulate the partition table on Oracle Linux? You want to allow multiple users the write access to files within the same directory, in addition, you want all the new files created in this directory to be of the required group instead of the primary ID of the user who creates the file. How do you accomplish this? Identify the two kernels that are shipped with Oracle Linux 6. Which two features are available with the Unbreakable kernel R2, but not with the Red Hat Compatible Kernel? You want to add a README.txt file in the home directory of every new user that you create by using the useradd command on your Oracle Linux system. In which directory will you place the README.txt file so that it automatically gets copied to the new user's home directory when the user is created? Which two statements describes the capabilities of Oracle Manager Ops Center product? Which rpm command can be used to find the package that owns the /etc/rsyslog.conf file? Examine the following snippet from the rsyslog.conf file. kern.crit /dev/console kern.info; kern.!err /var/adm/kernel.log What do these two rules mean? The Oracle "helper" package (RPM), formerly known as "Oracle-validated" (which helps meet prerequisites for installing Oracle software), has been renamed. What is the new name? What happens when the following command is run? # authconfig - - passalgo = md5 - - update As a system administrator, you run the system-config-network tool and make changes to the configuration. You change the hostname and the DNS search path settings. Which two files will these changes be written into?

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