1Z0-457 - Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials

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Example Questions

When you size the Oracle Enterprise manager management Service (OMS), what are the three key criteria that you need to keep in mind? Which requires a stand-alone Oracle Enterprise Manager Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) license order to utilize user experience management? Identify a key capability of Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Quality Management (AQM)? Which usage is true when you utilize the HTTPS channel to set up secure communications for Oracle Enterprise manager? Identify three key capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Consolidation Planner. Identify the application that is used to build and package applications as a set and that enables deployment by Oracle Enterprise manager. You need a workflow of tasks that must be performed for a particular lifecycle management activity. What Oracle Enterprise management functionality can you use to provide this? What can the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center firmware profile do? Which statement is true when Oracle Enterprise Manager is used with virtual server pools? The shared file system loader configuration on the Oracle Enterprise management Service is for ____________. Which role is needed to create Incident Rules in Oracle Enterprise Manager? You are calculating space requirements for an Oracle Enterprise Manager deployment that includes Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Management Service, Repository, CPU, and Memory. What should you base your estimates on? Which three practices are recommended for the Oracle Enterprise Manager Repository? What Oracle Enterprise Manager pack can you use to compare two database schemas? Identify two true statements about the setup and use of identity management within Oracle Enterprise manager. Which two Oracle Enterprise Manager functionalities can reuse the application-Specific user session recordings from Oracle Enterprise Manager Real user Experience Insight (RUEI)? Which three are key elements in the plugin.xml file for Oracle Enterprise Management? Which statement is true when you perform out-of-place patching with Oracle Enterprise Manager? Which three virtualization technologies can be managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center? What Enterprise Manager functionality can you use to monitor non-Oracle components from the Oracle Enterprise Manage console? Information publisher provides out-of-the-box reports for which three sets of information? Identify the hierarchy that the Oracle Enterprise Manager Compliance Framework is composed of. What two access control functions can be performed by using the Group feature in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control? Which three activities can you perform by utilizing the monitoring templates in Oracle Enterprise Manager? What is the key time model statistics that is gathered by the Automatic Workload Repository? When you create reports using Information Publisher, which three statements are true? What feature of the Diagnostic Pack for Oracle Database collects statistics on all active sessions and stores it in memory? Which statement is true about Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud and Virtualization management? When you use the Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control single system upgrade method, backup of the Oracle Management Repository (OMR) is not necessary ____________. What is the primary purpose of the Middleware Diagnostics Advisor (MDA) that is included in Oracle Enterprise Manager WebLogic Server management Pack Enterprise Edition/ Which three Oracle WebLogic Server Change and Compliance Management capabilities are available in Oracle Enterprise Manager? Which three steps are true in Enterprise manager Cloud Control's Cloud infrastructure administration setup? Which agent configuration would you use for a single host that is running an Oracle 10g Database, an Oracle 11g Database, and an Oracle WebLogic Server? Which feature provides real-time change detection? Which Oracle Enterprise manager Ops Center capability is used by the High Availability capability for proxy controllers? What are three console personalization features that are available to users in Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control? Oracle Enterprise Manager Groups enable users to _________. Identify three consolidation choices handled by Oracle Enterprise Cloud Control Consolidation Planner. Which Oracle Enterprise Manager Pack includes deployment procedures? The Connector Framework for Oracle Enterprise Manager resides on __________ . Which one would you import from an LDAP directory to use in Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control Chargebacks? The alerts retrieved by Oracle Enterprise Manager Connectors are ____________. You are responsible for a mass development of the management agent. Which is the function you access through the Enterprise Manager console for this purpose? Which statement is true about Oracle Enterprise Manager? Which would you configure so that an Oracle Enterprise manager user has the ability to perform jobs without having to know specific credential information? Identify the correct sequence of processes involved in developing plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager. When you set up Oracle Enterprise Manager Real Enterprise manager Real user Experience Insight (RUEI), what is needed to establish monitoring of SSL-encrypted HTTP traffic? Which three metrics are monitored by Oracle Enterprise Manager Business Transaction Management? Which statement is true about the Oracle Enterprise Manager JVM diagnostics capability? What order of steps would you use to display a virtual assembly with Oracle Enterprise manager?

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