1Z0-451 - Oracle SOA Foundation Practitioner

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Which two components can be found on SAO component palette of Oracle SOA component? The faults that are defined by WS-BPEL specificationsare _____________. Mark for Review Which component of SOA Suite 11g performs administrative tasks like configuring, monitoring, and managing of runtime artifacts? Your Oracle SOA composite is running in production but due to new government mandate you have to update the security policy based on Oracle web service manager. What are your options to update the security policy? In Oracle SOA suit 11g embedded security is enabled via........... You are using Oracle BPELPM/human workflow. You have a case where the participant can just receive a notification task and the business process will not wait for the participant's response. Which participant type will you choose? A _____________ is a collection of one or more rules that are seen as a unit of execution. Mark for Review (1) Points Identify three applicable integration interfaces that are valid for Oracle Application Adapter. What three things are true about service component architecture? Business events is defined using the______ in Oracle SOA suit 11g. The mediator receives a file containing data about new customers from an application or service. Based on the country mentioned in the customer's Address, you can route deliver data in the database storing data for particular country. This is an example of ________. Which component of the Oracle SOA Suite is responsible for transformation/routing? Mark for Review (1) Points Choose three operations that are supported by Oracle file adapter? The SCA component used for service orchestration in a business service is the_________________ component. Mark for Review (1) Points The event delivery network is designed for handling asynchronous messaging arising from a business event or service and supports............. The SOA governance framework is centered on ___________, process, technology, and services. You are using Oracle jdeveloper 11g composite editor tool to built a composite application. Which service lime will you use to define your interfaces to the composite? With____________, you can design Oracle Human Task display forms that depict thehuman task in the SOA composite. Choose the document types that B2B supports. Mark for Review (1) Points (Choose all correct answers) The SOA reference architecture is a blueprint to guide the enterprise toward SOA success Mark for Review (1) Points In Oracle BPEL PM, which activity wait for an asynchronous callback response message from a service. In Oracle Business Rules, __________ describes a restricted list of values, or range of values for a given data type of a fact. Mark for Review (1) Points A Bucketset is used as a constraint to define a set of acceptable values for a fact or a property. Faults are notified and handled differently for synchronous and asynchronousinvocations. Mark for Review (1) Points Identify two features of event delivery network (EDN). In order to define the interactions between the service entry points components and refrences you need to create _________. SCA assembly model represents___________, which are defined elements containing in xml files. Service component architecture (SCA) is set of specifications for .........., .........and ........? The Mediator Component provides rich fault-handling constructs for catching exceptionsand acting upon them. Mark for Review (1) Points What is true about BPEL flowN activity? Which two statements are true about Oracle B2B? An Oracle JDeveloper web service test tool enables initiating composite applications and viewing responses. Mark for Review (1) Points Identify the correct order in which the fault management framework attempts to identify a fault policy binding? 1. BPEL process or Oracle mediator service component defined in the composite xml file. 2. SOA composite application defined in the composite XML file. 3. Reference binding component defined in the composite XML file. Business rules are declarative statements that describe business policies or describe key business decisions. Identify the statement that describes the "rules" component of Oracle business rules system. Identify two correct statements regarding schematron-based validations in Oracle mediator. Oracle SOA composite applications can be developed by using which three? What is the purpose of Oracle BPEl process manager dehydration store? When a human task service component is selected as stand alone component in SOA composite editor and option to expose its interface is selected the human task component is automatically wired to a ________ web service. ________ is an instant of an Oracle Web logic server used to host deployed custom built application for production use. What is the default underlying messaging platform in Oracle SOA Suite 11g? Mark for Review (1) Points For business rules, a rules dictionary contains one or more definitions of: facts; constraints; functions; rule sets. Identify the correct statement that defines the facts. Bucket sets ________. Oracle SOA suite 11g configured with the ................. application that enables the composite application components to send application? Which two statements are true about Oracle WSM policy framework? SCA components are integrated together into one application and communicate with the outside world through binding components such as______ and ________. Which routing rule type in an Oracle mediator component externalizes routing logic to a Oracle rules dictionary? Which two are BPEL faults? A BPL process uses to invokes to insert data into two Oracle database tables the first invokes inserts data into master table and the second invokes insert data into detail table? Identify the statement that will undo both transactions by throwing the fault if either one of the transaction faults? Oracle Service Bus can monitor the performance of proxy and business services and fire alerts based upon ________________. Mark for Review (1) Points By using technology, you enable to be more adaptable to change. It is easier to alter rules to meet the changing needs of the business, enabling the application to be more responsive to business requirements. This benefit of business rule can be defined as................

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