1Z0-450 - Oracle Application Express 3.2: Developing Web Applications

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Example Questions

You currently have all your users set up in a directory. Which authentication scheme would you select to check the username and password in the directory? Before the application Installation can proceed, the Installer checks whether the user has required system privileges or not. Where would you specify the required system privileges? You can set the value of an item in your application by using which four methods? Which two actions are associated with page rendering? Which two actions are true about creating a form based on a table with a report? Which two statements is true relating to authentication in Oracle Application Express? Which three steps are presented when importing an application? Which three steps are presented when install an application in 4.2? Your application includes a standard tab set TSl with two tabs. You want the tabs to show up only in page 1 but not in page 2. Which actions achieve the stated requirement? You are testing a customer entry from that is part of an Order Processing application. When you open the form the first time, enter data, and click `Submit', a message "Action Processed" is displayed and data is inserted into the underlying table. However, when you open the page again, it displays old data in place of a blank new form. How do you ensure that a blank form is displayed so that you can enter new customer data? When a user runs an Oracle Application Express application, how is information (identified and preserved from one page view to the next for that user? You have created an access control list. Which authorization scheme would you select to control access to an application or a page component? ABC Company wants to change the font color of a Region Title to blue. Which two actions could be performed to accomplish this task? Which four can be exported using the application export utility? After creating buttons in a region position, you cannot change the position of the buttons to Which three actions can be performed by a Workspace Administrator? In your application both page 2 and page 4 branches to page 5. Page 5 has a Cancel button which currently redirects to page 2, however it should redirect to either page 2 or page 4 depending on the origination page. Which three actions need to be performed? XYZ Corporation wants to develop a new theme for all applications within a workspace. In order for a new theme to be applied to all applications, you must perform these steps. 1)Promote the theme to a workspace theme. 2)Change the theme identification number to a number higher than 100 3)Modify all applications to switch to the new theme. 4)Copy an existing theme 5)Navigate to the Themes page 6)Change the templates in the new theme 7)Edit the theme definition. What is the most likely sequence for he steps be perfromed in? ABC Company wants to see which pages use the Reports - Standard template in a particular application. What three actions can be performed to find this Information? Which two are true about creating interactive reports? Which two statementsistrue relating to authentication in Oracle Application Express? What is page zero used for? Where would you specify data load scripts that need to run as part of installing your application? Which three statements are true about a wizard-generated tabular form? You have 5 buttons in a region. These buttons are of style "HTML Button". Each button is of a different size (depending on the name of the button). How will you ensure that all the buttons are of the same size (150 pixels) and they look uniform? Choose three actions by which you can set a text item as read-only. Which three are valid process types of a Page Process? User Details form page is page 1 in your application. On this page the end user is required to provide his Name and Address details- You need to create a validation that requires the end user to enter aprovince if the country is not the United States (US). Which action needs to be performed? You created a page that includes a form based on a Table along with associated Report. When you click the "Create" button in the report page, the form appears. You observe that you are unable to view P2_SALARY item. How do you make sure that you can view and enter a value through this form? Which three actions are performed in the detail pane of the Object Browser? Which two actions are true about using standard and parent tabs? Which two actions are true about creating lists?

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