1Z0-432 - Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Essentials

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Example Questions

Which statement about the management of Oracle ADVM volumes by using ASMCA is incorrect? Which two components are included in Oracle CloudFS? Under which condition can Oracle Automated Storage Management (ASM) be considered to be a component of the Oracle Clusterware technology stack? The Free server pool contains servers that are not assigned to any other server pools. Which two attributes of the free server pool can be edited by the user? You are talking to the network admin team about the Interconnect network in Oracle RAC and Clusterware. Which statement about the Private interconnect interface is incorrect? If you upgrade to ASM 12cR1 and implement Flex ASM, do you need to upgrade all the databases to 12cR1? Identify the correct command to create the salesrepservice for the PDB salespdbin the RAC 12cR1 CDB with DB_UNIQUE_NAME mycdb. You are preparing two Oracle Linux nodes, node1 and node2, for the installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure, you plan to use the existing Linux users "grid" as Grid Infrastructure software. What task must be performed before installing the Grid Infrastructure? What is the correct syntax to put a DATA1 disk offline for a failure group FG1, and drop it after five minutes? A node is evicted from a three-node cluster due to poor latency of the underlying storage. Which two statements are correct in describing the instance recovery process? Which statement about Allocation Units is incorrect? Which statement about Oracle Flex ASM is incorrect? After creating a volume and file system for a new Oracle ASM Cluster File system, you must associate the ASM volume name with a mount point. Which command creates this registration? Which statement is true about the installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12cR1 by using Oracle Universal Installer (QUI)? Identify the incorrect statement about server pools. Which three statements best describe how Oracle ACFS takes advantage of Oracle ASM? What device path do you have to specify in ASM, if you want to use the multipath device? /dev/sdc/ = first path /dev/sdd = second path /dev/multipatha = path of the multipath OS driver Which statement about the AU_SIZE disk group attribute is incorrect? Which two statements about server pools are correct? A customer is using the policy-managed database by name RACDB on a 4-node cluster. The server names in the Cluster are: dasher, vixen, comet, and dancer. There are two server pools defined, frontoffice and backoffice. The attributes are as follows: ServerpoolImportance MinMax Frontoffice1022 BackOffice512 There are two uniform services being created, crmsrv and hrsrv. crmsrv is being assigned to serverpoolfrontoffice and hrsrv is assigned to backoffice. Currently, all four nodes are up and running. The database and its services are running as follows: The serverpoolfronoffice, which is running the crmsrv service is being run on the dasher and vixen hosts. The serverpoolbackoffice, which is running hrsvc service is being run on comet and dancer hosts. What happens when the dasher node fails? You have recently completed building an 8-node 12cR1 RAC cluster, and you are now seeing a lot of instability, congestion, and network packet losses in the network. Which two items related to the private interconnect could have caused these issues? ASM has multiple redundancy levels. Identify three of them. You want to change an existing Oracle Clusterware standard Cluster to an Oracle Flex Cluster. There Is Grid Naming Service (GNS) and Flex ASM configured right now. In what order do you need to take the following steps? 1. Stop Oracle Clusterware. 2. Determine the current mode of the cluster. 3. Ensure that the GNS is configured with a fixed VIP. 4. Change the mode of the cluster to be an Oracle Flex Cluster. 5. Use the Oracle Automatic Storage Management Configuration Assistant (ASMCA) to enable Oracle Flex ASM in the duster. 6. Start Oracle Clusterware. Which tasks and in which order must be performed, before you can change the mode of a standard cluster to Flex? Which statement about the server Flex ASM is incorrect? What is the mandatory step for a media recovery of RAC 12cR1 database with encrypted tablespaces? On a new Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12cR1 system, you notice that Oracle Flex ASM has been configured. Which two reasons are valid for configuring Grid Infrastructure in this manner? You are given the task of managing an Oracle RAC 12cR1 Cluster by using Oracle Flex ASM. Which two statements are valid? There is an instance for which the instance type is set to ASMPROXY. Which two statements are correct? In a clustered Oracle ASM environment, a diskgroup is mounted in restricted mode. Which statement is correct? The DISK_REPAIR_TIME attribute has expired after a transient disk error. What happens next? You are doing a RAC implementation for a customer. Your customer states that they have the hardware to install additional network adapters on each RAC node. Identify three reasons for which they might need additional adapters. Which two statements about the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository are correct? Which statement about ACFS and ADVM under Flex ASM is incorrect? You have completed a rolling conversion from DNS to GNS cluster resolution from the database and cluster resources end. The remaining are the configuration changes to be done from the client side. Which two items need to be taken into account to achieve a successful connection? Your organization needs a new Oracle 12cR1 RAC environment. The decision is made to done a sting RAC system to new servers using the clone.p1 method. Which mandatory step must be performed before launching the clone procedure? Arrange the following steps for converting from DNS to GNS in the proper order: 1. Start GNS. 2. Configure GNS resource. Update database endpoint 4. Remove static addresses so only dynamic addresses are used. 5. Change the CRS resource to support mixed mode. 6. Modify the registered SCAN. To create a policy-managed database in RAC, which three properties have to be defined? In advanced Grid Infrastructure Installation, you can optionally configure Grid Naming Service (GNS). In which two cases must you configure the GNS? During the installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12cR1, you decide to configure the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository. Where will the repository be stored? The customer is still not convinced about the advantages of using node VIPs. Which is the most important point that will convince him about why VIPs are used in Oracle RAC 12cR1 environments? Which statement about the setup of Flex ASM is incorrect? Identify three stages of recovery of Oracle RAC Database 12cR1, which can be done in parallel with RMAN's RESTORE and RECOVER commands. Which statement accurately describes the benefit of the policy-managed database feature with Oracle KAL 12cR1? Which two components are required to set up a SCAN listener for your customer's 12cR1 RAC environment?