1Z0-430 - Oracle WebCenter Portal Essentials

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Example Questions

You are developing custom task flows. Identify two reasons for using connections.xml to store required connection details for external services. Users Lucy and Tom are editing a page or task flow simultaneously using Page Composer. How are the concurrency issues handled when Lucy saves the page or task flow first and Tom saves it later? After deploying WebCenter Portal for an enterprise, you can optionally register a connection to Portlet producers. Which three mechanisms allow you to accomplish this? A customer has a requirement to display BI reports on portal pages. What approach would you suggest? Which two skinable components are WebCenter specific (as against basic ADF)? Which protocols are used by the Mall Service to support mail servers? As the moderator of a portal, you want to delegate all management to another user except the ability to manage membership. How do you accomplish this? Which component should you use to display a series of meetings in a Portal? As an ADF Developer, you define a managed bean for a bounded task flow. Identify two valid scopes for that managed bean. You take a backup of a portal and then delete it.Another administrator then creates a new portal with same name as the portal you deleted. If you attempt to re-import the original portal that was backed up, what happens? The WebCenter Portal WLS managed server intermittently becomes unresponsive to page requests. Which two steps should you take to diagnose this issue? What are the steps for adding a component to the current page at run time? Which statement about Page Variants is not true? Identify the skin that was released with WebCenter Portal and should not be used with older templates. Which configuration step is performed in an OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) environment? What three configurations have to be done to ensure that a portal can correctly display content from WebCenter Content server? What happens when you turn on ADF skin compression? In which two ways can a customer enable better mobile device access for Portal users? Portal Server A has custom page templates and page styles deployed as shared assets. One of the page templates needs to be used in a different Portal Server B. What are the two ways in which an administrator can get this page template to Portal Server B? Which two statements are true about the relationship between ADF Faces and JSF? Identify two actions that are performed when you connect WebCenter Portal with WebCenter Content. Which three asset types are used to define the layout and the look and feel of the portal? You create a Content Presenter Template with the following source code: <dt:contentTemplateDefvar="node"> <af:panelGroupLayout layout="vertical" id="pgl2" valign="top"> <af:goLink text="#{node.propertyMap[`RD_NEWS:TITLE'].asTextHtml}" id="gil1" destination="#{`/faces/home/news-viewer?news_id='}#{node.propertyMap[`dDocName'].value}" styleClass="newstitle"/> <af:outputText value="#{node.propertyMap[`RD_NEWS:LEAD'].asTextHtml}" id="ot2" styleClass="bodyText"/> <af:outputText value="#{node.propertyMap[`RD_NEWS:IMAGE'].asTextHtml}" escape="false" id="ot1"/> </af:panelGroupLayout> </dt:contentTemplateDef> What does this code mean? A custom portal template contains discussions, documents, lists, members and roles, pages, task flows, and page templates. You want to create a portal using this custom portal template. Which data will be included in the new portal? What is the role of ADF Business Components in the development of a custom taskflow? Which two options correctly describe how you can add Oracle BPM task flows to a portal page? After a task flow has been deployed as a new shared library, which step is required in the portal extension project to make this task flow visible from WebCenter Portal? What cannot be done in the page editor? What are the three ways to integrate and interact with WebCenter Content from WebCenter Portal? Which two portal/shared assets show up on a portal page when it is being viewed? You want to develop Portal assets in JDeveloper. Which version of JDeveloper should you use? Which two methods can you use to create a two-level hierarchy in a portal navigation? You need to allow users to create pages with two or three columns of content. What component should you use to allow it, and why? You want all uploaded policy documents in HR Portal to have additional fields containing certain attributes (name, start date, and end date), which end users must fill as part of the document upload process using the WebCenter Portal Document Manager task flow. How can you accomplish this? What component should you use to display recent blog posts in a Portal? Which two key tasks can be performed in JDeveloper? The Personalization engine within WebCenter Portal allows implementing features such as _______. Can a BI report on the portal page participate in the master-detail interaction with a custom task flow on the portal page? A page template design is being used by all the authenticated pages. The template is designed in such a manner that all the errors arising from the back end or model layer are being displayed in the template facet. There is a requirement that some of the pages do not show error messages such as in the above scenario, rather they need to show messages in a pop-up window. How should you design the page template to take care of both types of page requirements? You created a portlet, and you need to get the user role inside one of the beans for the portlet. Users and roles are fetched from Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Which command should you use to check the role for a particular user? Your client is developing page templates and pages for their portal using primarily Portal Builder. During the process of building this Portal, the client uses Portal Builder and JDeveloper. Identify the initial step required to perform this round-trip development. When developing custom task flows for a Portal application, you should ensure that ______. Which option best describes the resource catalog? Your customer requires that a particular user, Scott.Tiger, be a member of every portal created in WebCenter Portal. How do you achieve this? To create a new Page Template, you go to the Portal Builder Administration page and click Shared Assets. You then select an existing Page Template, click the Copy button and define a new name. Identify three options that describe what the next steps could be, to customize the new page template and enable it for use. Which statement is true? A client has a requirement to integrate BI Reports from BI Dashboard with WebCenter Portal. However, when a user clicks the BI server connection in the Portal's Resource Catalog, he or she is unable to see any reports from BI Publisher. But when a user clicks the BI server connection in the WC, he or she is unable to see any reports from BI Publisher. What is the reason for this? Which two options for managing security policies in a production environment are supported? Users Lucy and Tom are editing a page or task flow simultaneously using Page Composer. Lucy deletes a component while Tom is trying to personalize (for example, move) that same component in View mode. What three things happen? How do you share a navigation model between multiple portals?