1Z0-429 - Oracle FS1 Series Systems Implementation Essentials

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Example Questions

In which file format is the system update bundled? Where does the FS1 Data Protection Manager record its events? Which is the suggested component cabling sequence for a Not-Racked FS system? How can you create a new administrator account? Which three statements are true for Volume Copy? Which option describes an event notification? Identify where in the FS System Manager the Storage Administrator can check the number of frames dropped from first-in or first-out buffer that have occurred on the channel associated with a particular Fibre Channel (FC) port. Identify the FS1 feature that migrates data between storage tiers based on workload. Data Protection Manager gives you the capability to schedule backups of the application data on a regular basis. What are scheduled backups called in Data Protection Manager? Which three options are the purpose of the FS Portal accessed on the Pilot via a browser? To copy a LUN, which step should the storage administrator perform after navigating to SAN > Storage > LUN? Which role should be used to create volumes but not update the FS1 system? Which two statements are true about new Auto-tiering in FS1? Which new feature in FS1 can be used for end-to-end data integrity checking? How many SAS HBAs can be supported in the Performance Model of FS1-2 Controller? Where in the Oracle FS System Manager can a storage administrator locate the number of users currently logged in? Which is the fastest way to recover a file or a complete file system? From which three sources can the system information be collected and placed into the system log bundle? The storage administrator is setting up an FS1 Storage System and would like to enable basic call-home functionality. Identify two call-home triggers that should be selected. Select the correct role for the built-in login ID administrator. The storage administrator has SAN attached on both hosts A and B clustering tothe FS1 system. These hosts need to be assigned to the same LUNs. Which option simplifies the storage administrator's task of associating hosts tothe LUNs? The storage administrator would like to change the load-balancing settings for a volume assigned to a host. Identify two options that explain how this is accomplished. Which FSCLI command can be used to identify string configuration? The storage administrator is creating a user account for a new user. This new user will not be allowed to perform system-wide operations. Identify the correct role forthe new user. Which port on a Pilot is used for management access to the FS system? How does the Oracle FS System Manager indicate that an alert has occurred? The storage administrator realized that the SAN host is mapped to the wrong cluster LUNs. How can the storage administrator correct the LUN mappings? Which set of steps is the recommended cabling sequence with FS1-2 hardware components? How many SAS HBAs are allowed in the Performance Controller configuration of FS1-2? How does FS1 maintain data availability in the storage controller? The storage administrator needs to configure security for the FS1 iSCSI implementation. Identify the location on the Oracle FS System Manager where it can be configured. What does the FS1 use to provide high-speed write caching and data loss protection in the event of a power failure? What is the minimum bending radius of fiber optic cable? Identify which CLI command is used to access and run the PITman tool. After replacing the bad disk drive by using Guided Maintenance, what is the final step to complete the drive replacement? Which FS1 feature can be used to isolate multiple DB (database) files, logs, and/or data to optimize performance? Identify three available roles for a new user account created by the Primary Administrator. When updating the FS1 Storage System software, which option should be selected only when directed by Oracle Support? Which four statements are true for CloneLUN and Volume Copy? Which account should be used by the customer support team when working on the FS1-2? Which three are functions of the Private Management Interconnections (PMI)? How long is the containment time for Warm Start Error? The storage administrator has installed an FS1 Storage System and would like to change the system name and provide a brief description. Which option should the storage administrator modify? Which four statements are true about MaxRep? The storage administrator wants to monitor and perform diagnostics on the topology of back-end SAS interconnect of an Oracle FS System. Identify which command the storage administrator should use. From where can you download the FS1 SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) MIB (Management Information Base)? Select the three options that identify the information required during the installation of the FS1 VSS plug-in. Which two are recommended locations for Pilots and Controllers? The storage administrator has installed the FS1 Path Manager on a host. Identify the status displayed when the FS1 Path Manager software registers the host information on the FS1 system. Which two are basic guidelines for adding Drive Enclosures (DEs) to an FS1 System?