1Z0-425 - Oracle Fusion CRM: Sales 2014 Implementation Essentials

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Example Questions

Which statement is true about the configuration performed For Enterprise pages? As an implementation consultant you are asked to define a customer specific template for all quota batch process outputs. Which tool would you use to customize quota batch process output templates? A sales manager has been assigned to develop a competitor management program in his organization, with the primary objective of ensuring that his Sales organization has 360 degree view of its competitors. Select the two activities that the sales manager would perform in Oracle Fusion Competitor Management functionality. Which three stents are true about the file-based import process? Identify the relationship between sales methods and sales stages. Which tool will a developer use to alter security for an existing job role on a custom object? Identify three rule set components used to define rule-based assignment for work objects in Assignment Manager. Identify three lookup types that are required to manage Leads in Oracle Sales. Identify the metric that provides the sum of all weighted revenue values for all forecast items in the forecast period. Which module maintains the industry hierarchy for territory definition? Which tool within Oracle Fusion CRM enables business analysts and administrators to customize and extend Oracle Fusion CRM applications, reports, and analytics changes directly from the Fusion CRM application? Which customization level should he set for a lookup type in order to update the tag attribute of lookup type? Identify two components of sales coach that can assist in bringing opportunities to a successful close. You are the administrator in charge of Oracle Fusion CRM configuration. When your company decides to expand their market to other countries, you are asked to create a new role in the application: VP of Foreign Marketing. Identify the two tasks that must be performed when you create the role. A sales representative has Full access to an opportunity, and would like to change the opportunity's original owner manually. What type of access to the opportunity will the on owner have after the change? A company wants to use the Assessment template as part of their lead processing. Select the correct sequence of activities of activities for creating the Assessment template in Oracle Fusion Sales. Which three record types use Product Groups? A company is implementing the Oracle Fusion territory Management application. Identify three duty roles related to territory management, which have to be assigned to administrators and users to access the application. Identify three mandatory items for creating a rule set in Oracle Sales. Identity the attributes that need to be defined while configuring sales stage in a sales methodology. For a sales quota plan, a sales administrator selects a territory quota formula and, seasonality factor group to apply to all territories. However, for one specific territory, the sales administrator selects a different territory quota formula and a seasonality factor group. Which statement is correct? What is the out-of-the-box visibility of Accounts for Sales Reps? You are the company administrator for Oracle Fusion CRM applications. While configuring the business objects, you will need to capture non-standard information. You decide that the Notes functionality is best suited to this task. After you have created a new note type during the note setup process, you will be able to__________. Which two revenue items do forecasts include? Entity three statements that describe the usage of sales stages in opportunity management A company has introduced a new product that requires a new object in the Oracle Fusion Sales application. What is the process to extend this new object in Oracle Fusion Sales? Oracle Fusion Sales supports automatic synchronization of in-sync interrelated attributes between Opportunity and Revenue Line. A sales manager updates the opportunity status attribute to "Won". Which two automatic in sync updates to Revenue Line attributes will occur? Identify two activities that the Refresh Forecast process performs during a sales forecast. Identify the two correct statements related to variance in the context of sales quota. Identify the two correct statements regarding nonrevenue forecasts. Which statement is true about the hierarchical relationship of a sales catalog? A customer has deployed Oracle Fusion management and wants to use Assessment templates to follow up on qualified leads. Identify the three true statements about Assessments templates. Your company has recently implemented Oracle Fusion sales. In order to help prevent data loss or corruption, the company has decided to export and store data separately from the system. You have been asked to configure and run the export process. Identify the two steps that will be part of your process. Identify the lookup type used for reference data sharing. Your company currently uses a legacy system, and has a 1:M relationship between opportunity and contacts. Now that your company has purchased Oracle Fusion CRM, you have been asked to import the legacy data. How should the flat file be arranged in order to successfully import all of the legacy data into oracle Fusion CRM? Part of Oracle Fusion CRM extensibility allows the user to browse an application’s existing configuration in a tree format. The object tree reflects the latest configuration of the application for both standard and custom objects. Which three object details can be viewed from the object tree? Your company currently limits product groups by customer type. In addition to customer type, your company has determined that product groups should also include a physical eligibility, and has decided to base this on postal code. While attempting to add the Postal Code Eligibility rule, Fusion returns an error. Identify the issue that would cause this error. The territory administrator has defined a territory in the following manner: Account Type = Named Customer size = Medium Geography = US West Identify the valid entity based on the preceding territory definition. Select two criteria that must be met for salespeople to submit their forecasts. Which two search profile options can be configured to change the default Search criteria? A customer has developed the Oracle sales lead module for their lead management activities. The customer wants to use assessment templates to follow up on qualified leads to gather additional information from customers/prospects, and to provide consistent guidance to sales resources to move the leads further along the sales cycle. What are the three points to be considered while creating the assessment templates? Which three features are available for Outlook configuration in Application Composer? Identify the three true statements about the Cube in territory Management. Which three rule set types in Oracle Fusion Sales do not have the filter settings associated to them? A metric that provides a revenue target associated with the expected performance of a salesperson territory for a given forecast period is known as____________. After creating custom fields for opportunities, you are ready to import legacy data into the Fusion system. Which step is necessary before the opportunity data can be imported? What should you do when trying to evaluate if there are any conflicts in a territory structure? You are the company administrator for Oracle Fusion CRM applications. While configuring the business objects, you will need to capture non-standard information. You decide that the Notes functionality is best suited to this task. After you have created a new note type during the note setup process, you will be able to _. You are the marketing operations manager for a large manufacturing company. The VP of sales has requested you to export the key sales opportunities for a particular marketing campaign. Identify the statement with respect to security of objects and records during the export process. The design team would like to add a new custom field on a Partner Management page, which only Marketing Partner users can see. What customizations should be applied to effect this change?