1Z0-418 - Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources 2014 Essentials

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Example Questions

Fusion security authorizes end users to access which securable application artifacts created using Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF)? Identify the framework for developing and managing talent profiles that meet your industry or organizational requirements. Enterprise ABC Limited is based in US, UK, and Australia. The grade structure is common across the enterprise. However, the salary is paid out in respective currencies on each of the regions. Identify the correct method of defining the grade and grade rates. As an HR Specialist in your company, you are responsible to set up the Performance rating model. You navigate to Manage Ratings Model and select seeded "Performance Rating Model". Out of the four tabs available to update, the Review Points tab is used only by which Oracle Fusion product? A worker was first hired on 1-Apr-2005 with a work relationship of "Employee". Later, the worker started the work relationship of Contingent worker on 2-Jun-2006. The worker has two current work relationships with the same legal employer. Identify the three correct options regarding service and seniority dates of the worker. The HCM Security profile defines data security conditions on instances of object types, such as per records, positions, and document types___________. As a line manager, you are trying to accomplish global transfer for one of your direct reports. However, you are surprised that you are unable to accomplish this task. Identify the job role that can accomplish a global transfer. You are setting up the security profile tor the HCM object types. All security profile definitions for these HCM objects are eventually visible in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Authorization Policy Manager (APM). In the Fusion APM application, for which HCM object types can you create security profiles? A manager in an organization plans to implement a three-tier employment model and wants to ensure that the same attributes are applied to each person in the organization. What approach will you recommend to meet this requirement? You need to create an HCM data role user with "view all" access. This data role is based on the HCM administrator job role and combines those entitlements with unrestricted access to data in the secured objects. How can you properly assign a security profile to this new role? You want to track changes to certain Human Capital Management (HCM) records, for example, changes to employment and assignment records. You want to create your own actions and associate them with the predefined action types. Identity two correct statements regarding actions Oracle Authorization Policy Manager User Interface uses the general operational principle of allowing the administrator to identify a security object first and after the object has been selected, allow him or her to choose one of the operations available on it. Choose the three typical security tasks performed using Oracle Authorization Policy Manager. Which role can perform these actions? As the HR Manager of your organization you are required to perform certain changes on assignment related data of workers. Identify four action types that are predefined as part of the action framework for Oracle Fusion HCM that will help you track the changes done on workers' assignment records. Identify the option that best describes "Analyze Workforce Deployment". Identify three correct statements about the My Organization region available on the Manager Dashboard. Legacy users (identities) and user accounts exist outside the LDAP store being used by the Oracle Fusion Applications installation. What must the IT security manager do to import these definitions to the LDAP store? Your company is using a third-party HCM application that includes HR and Benefits. You are planning to focus on HR Infrastructure, including implementation of new modules such as Oracle Fusion Global Payroll and Talent Management. What is the deployment option available? A worker rejoins a legal employees on April 01. 2011with a work relationship type of contingent worker. The worker was previously associated with the same legal employer from June 21, 2000 till April 01, 2010 with a worker number 1122' and work relationship type of contingent worker. A legal- employer number sequence is used. Will the worker number be reused for this worker? Which Oracle Fusion HCM product helps HR managers and professionals in proactively Identifying potential issues and taking corrective actions? What are the three items of valid personally Identifiable Information (PII) that can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate a single person? If multiple people update a performance rating for a competency on a worker's profile, what is used to provide a unique identifier to each instance of the competency so that you can determine who provided what rating? You created a free-form content type and added it to the person profile type but yet it is not visible on the person profile page. What do you think needs to be done additionally to ensure that the content type is visible on the person profile page? Identify the work structure that shows the relative rank, level, and status of an employee. A trainer is employed with an organization based in the United States. She is required to relocate to the organization's subsidiary in the United Kingdom and the global transfer process is initiated for a future date, in the interim, the organization decides to terminate her employment. However, before terminating the work relationship, there are few steps that need to be completed. Identify two correct options for the stated context. You got promoted from manager to senior manager effective January 30, 2011. Your line manager does a keyword search by entering "senior manager" as the keyword value and "January 15, 2011" as the effective as-on-date value. What is the search result? A worker in the enterprise has multiple active work relationship and lives in the UK where, the worker has an employee work relationship with a legal employer A. The worker has a contingent worker work relationship with a legal employer B in Europe. Identity three correct options to manage the person's record Which three statements are key Features of work structures? Grade structures (grades, grade rates, and grade ladder) were configured for your customer and the required employee assignment data was migrated to the system. However there was a change in requirement and the customer decided to do away with some grades as they were no longer used. When you try to delete one such grade from the system, the system throws an error. Identity three possible reasons for the system error Your company wants to track the previous employment information for workers, including employer name, dates of employment, and job description. What should you do? You are using Oracle Applications R11.5.10 for HR, Payroll, and Benefits, and a third party application for Talent Management. You are exploring the option of moving to Fusion HCM including Talent Management. What is the recommended road map? The information on the Overview tab of Navigator > Career > Profiles is similar to which card within the Person Gallery work area? As an HR Administrator, you have been trained to enter the details of a person who will be hired or start as a contingent worker, in the application. Identify the three options which are correct for the worker type - pending worker. You are working on Implementing Fusion Human Capital Management. Some of the work structures and need to be configured manually. Enterprise, Business Units, Legal Entities, Reference Sets, and Legislative data Group will be part of this manual setup. Identify the correct sequence of steps to be followed for this setup. You are currently in the process of modeling an HCM Organization and have to identify the entity that an employ people. Identify the option that best describes a legal employer: ABC company is implementing Oracle Fusion Core HR product only and has not licensed any other Management product. As an implementation consultant, you can still set up talent notifications via "Manage Notifications Setup" page, because this setup page is 'owned' by __________. You want to use the tree management feature to organize data into hierarchies. Identify the seeded tree structures. As a consultant in your company, you are required to set up names and details of schools, colleges, universities, and so on, so that users can select from this list when entering their qualifications such as degrees. Identify the correct setup task in FSM > Define Workplace Profiles. You are implementing Oracle Fusion HCM and you make regular updates to your HR Data. For tracking these updates, you are using Data Tracking, which is a means of manipulating a history of changes to personal records. A user can date track by setting an "Effective Date". An effective date is at a particular point in time when a person's record is effective. Identify the three valid statements regarding effective date. You are currently in the process of modeling on HCM Organization, with one legal entity also defined as Payroll Statutory unit having two separate legal entitles, which are also legal employers. Identify the three options that are correct for a Tax Reporting unit. Company ABC is a third-party payroll and benefits administrator for Company XYZ. ABC is planning to adopt Oracle Fusion HCM to administer payroll and benefits. ABC sees a large number of customizations to be done to meet its client's requirements. What is the best deployment option for ABC? You are implementing Oracle Fusion HCM and feel users may find it useful to be reminded of the effective date whenever they open a window where they can enter or change date-tracked information. You plan to implement the user profile option called "DateTrack: Reminder" that determines when the decision window appear to ask users if they want to change the effective date. Identify the three possible values for this profile. Select the two reporting tools that are tightly integrated with Oracle Fusion HCM to provide a wide range of analytics and reporting. What are the three benefits of Oracle Fusion Applications using a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) system? As a Line Manager, you often make use of the Voluntary-termination and performance predictions to abreast of worker dynamics and be able to take corrective actions. You are aware that these predictions are based on specific attributes from an employee record. At what level are most of the attributes required for the analysis held? For security implementation, the IT Security Manager Job role hierarchy includes the Data Access Administration Duty role, which is entitled to manage data access. For which task is the "Manage Data Access Sets Task" used? There are two legal employers identified for your current application implementation. The legal employers have inherited the number generation method set at the enterprise. However, there is a need to override the number generation method at the legal employer level. Identify two options where an override can be done. As an implementation consultant, you are required to explain the differences between person numbers and worker numbers to the client's Super User. Which two options best describe the difference between person numbers and worker numbers? What is used to associate content items and content types with each other? Action type identifies the type of business process associated with an action and determines what happens when you select that action. As part of implementing Fusion HCM, action types are associated with actions. Which two statements are correct regarding action types?