1Z0-414 - Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Implementation Essentials

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Example Questions

What does the term "datalink" refer to when setting up the network configuration on a ZFS Storage Appliance? Which two actions allow a statistic to become an archived data set? What type of cabling scheme is used when cabling two or more disk shelves? Which client is used to authenticate as local users when using the Active Directory Service in the workgroup mode? Identify two options that can be selected when customizing the Status Dashboard performance graphs. Which two properties are available when creating alerts based on statistics from Analytics? Which two options describe the data services Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances provide? Which three are good reasons to have multiple pools configured? The ZFS Storage Appliance has the ability to archive data sets (statistics)_________. Which factor has the maximum impact on performance in sequential read environments? A storage administrator is configuring the ZFS Storage Appliance for applications with large block random read and write I/O and mixed block size of sequential read and write I/O. What should be the optimal record size? Identify the proper procedure to power up the ZFS Storage Appliance. What happens to a shadow migration job if a pool is failed over in a cluster, or both system disks fail and a new head node is required when using shadow migration feature? What is the effect of a snapshot rollback on a clone? A storage administrator needs to restore data from a snapshot. Identify three valid solutions. Which storage profile serves data the fastest for random disk IOPS? A storage administrator has identified that the storage system has plenty of storage space available. Which storage profile should be used when both high performance and high reliability are required? Which three statements are true about Cluster Configuration of ZFS Storage Appliances? Which tool must you use to identify single or multiple devices at 100% utilization, minimum and maximum device utilization, and device utilization balance, all over time (performance analysis)? When is the password for the Browser User Interface access set? Which two groups' tasks become easier when a share is published? Which two protocols are required when implementing HCC? In which section of the Browser User Interface (BUI) can a storage administrator create snapshots? What happens when the Thin Provisioning property is set for a LUN? How do you disable a specific version of NFS in ZFS storage appliance? Which feature should be enabled to secure communications between the ZFS Storage Appliance and an LDAP server? A storage administrator wants to configure the "Cache Profile". Which is a valid configuration type? Which interface port is typically used to conduct the initial system configuration? Which is a definite performance issue for clients of the ZFS storage appliance? Identify the three levels of upgrades that are available. Identify two items for file-sharing deployments. Identify the two ways in which the ZFS Storage Appliance provides data integrity. The storage administrator wants to configure a snapshot in the ZFS storage ZS3. Which option must the administrator use to ensure application consistency? Streaming read workloads are usually best served from___________. Which two things should be considered for site planning? Which configuration provides maximum availability and performance? Identify the rack configuration that is not compatible for installing the ZFS Storage Appliance. Which two capabilities are available when ZFS Storage Appliances are clustered? Which is the most effective metric for identifying performance issues? What should be the difference between the Domain Controller and appliance clocks to cause the ZFS Storage Appliance to not properly join an Active Directory domain? A storage administrator is configuring replication for a share. Identify the two required fields that must be specified. Hybrid Columnar Compression is unique to Oracle Storage. How many times can you get better compression with HCC versus competitive options? Which option is true when allocating and verifying storage?