1Z0-400 - Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Implementation Essentials

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Example Questions

You configured local policy preferences on the Net-Net 4500.The Net-Net 4500 sorts through these preferences. Which preference is ranked the second highest priority? What two options are available to enable access control in a SIP configuration and how would they be configured? Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an Application layer control protocol that performs which two functions? Upon issuing the done command, you get an Error 409. What does this error indicate? You must decide whether to deploy the policy based realm bridging with header manipulation rules (PBRB-HMR) model in your SIP peering environment. What are two deciding factors that tip your decision for or against HMR in contrast to a SIP- NAT Bridge (SNB) architecture? Which two parameters MUST be specified when configuring a local policy for SIP Peering? Which header fields will a User Agent Client (UAC) use to communicate the SIP extensions, or options, it expects the corresponding User Agent Server (UAS) to support? Which two base capabilities best describe the Session Border Controller High Availability (HA) architecture? How does the Session Border Controller ensure that a pinhole is kept open for persistent communication to a SIP endpoint behind a NAT device? Which statements are TRUE about a Net-Net 4500 SIP interface? Which two are TRUE regarding the Net-Net 3820 and Net-Net 4500 Fan Module component? You mape a configuration change to a media interface. Which command must be executed in order to commit the changes to volatile memory? Which two Net-Net 4500 Realm Bridging models are valid in a SIP environment? Which two alarm reporting mechanisms are available to provide fault information for your Session Border Controller in a VOIP network? Which two SIP request Methods are defined by RFC 3261? What are two differences between the SIP NAT Bridge (SNB) and the Single SIP NAT Homed in a Trusted Network (SSNHTN) models on the Session Border Controller? The h245-stage parameter in the h323-stack element determines___________. The __________ parameter in the sip-interface element indicates how often a User Agent (UA) located behind a NAT should re-register with the Session Border Controller. Which statement is FALSE about the sub-port-id field within a network-interface configuration? According to the Acme Packet Best Current Practice (BCP), when configuring High Availability on a Session Border Controller pair, what two critical steps must be completed? Which statement about the Net-Net 4500 is FALSE? On a Net-Net 4500, a hardware-based timer will reset the system in the event of a catastrophic software or operating system failure. This hardware timer is reset (preventing it from triggering) by the__________. __________is the percentage of a Session Border Controller's peer advertisement time for the other peer in the high availability (HA) pair to wait before considering the peer out of service. Which two statements about realms are TRUE? With a default configuration, how long is the grace period before the Session Border Controller deletes an expired registration entry from the cache? What establishes, modifies and removes CAM entries for packet forwarding? Which two statements about H.323 on the Net-Net 4500 are TRUE? You are logged into the Session Border Controller as superuser.You want to remove other users from the system. What telnet command is available to remove other users? Which two configuration objects are NOT required to enable SIP signaling to traverse the Session Border Controller? To view an existing multiple-instance element's configuration you can go to the correct branch of the configuration tree and___________. RRQ, ARQ, DRQ, and IRR are all examples of ________ signaling messages. A steering pool defines__________. All of the following are components of the Session Border Controller's OS Media Control function, except: The Net-Net 4500 will release media between non-NATed SIP endpoints that are located in the same realm when the __________ parameter is set to ___________. You are working with a Net-Net 4500 Session Border Controller.What will result from the execution of the delete-configuration command? Which option tag is used for reliability of provisional responses in SIP messages? Which is NOT part of the Net-Net 4500's front panel: Once the management network interface is configured, what can it be used for? How many VLANs per physical interface are supported on a Session Border Controller? What needs to be done to enable Physical Interface Redundancy (phy link redundancy)? You are enabling management access on a network interface in the Session Border Controller. Which two are applicable? Which two statements about the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) are TRUE? To replace the Session Border Controller's running configuration with a previous configuration, perform the following: What does the host inet in the boot parameters of the Session Border Controller refer to? Which two statements regarding SIP processing are TRUE? In a peering environment based on SIP-NAT Bridge, which two elements must be configured to accommodate signaling and media? Which two parameters are NOT phy-interface parameters?