1Z0-311 - Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I

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Example Questions

What makes it possible to access the portal from the OracleAS SSO Administer Partner Applications page? You are working as an Oracle Application Server administrator for a sales company that has a global Web site. You find that the event log size is 1.8 GB and is approaching the maximum limit of 2 GB. As immediate action is required, you decided to manually initiate the rollover of event logs. What would happen during the manual rollover of an event log file? You want to create a user in Oracle Internet Directory (OID) who should be authenticated using Single Sign-On and should be able to retrieve user information from the Oracle Directory Server. Which two tools can you use to create the user? (Choose two.) You are maintaining user information in the Oracle Internet Directory (OID) for authentication. You want to find out whether a user, STEVE, has the last name BENNETT. Which OID utility would you use? In your Oracle Application Server 10g installation, you observe that the Oracle HTTP Server parent process is running as the Oracle user's process and currently using the default port number 7778. To comply with the development environment, you have been asked to use port number 80 for the parent process. Which step would you perform after changing the Listen directive to 80 in the httpd.conf file to ensure that the changed port number is used by the parent process? You are creating a transport set to export a page group. The FINANCE_APP application is listed as an external object in the Transport Set Objects page. You require this FINANCE_APP application to be exported along with rest of the objects in the page group. What would you do? In Oracle Internet Directory (OID), which Directory Information Tree (DIT) attribute would you use to find out the object classes that are available in Identity Management Realm? While setting up the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) for your Oracle Application Server 10g installation, you want to enable the server to set a host name that can be used to create redirection URLs, using the ServerName directive. Within which two scopes can you specify the directive in the httpd.conf file? (Choose two.) You have Oracle Application Server 10g instance running. For the parent Oracle HTTP Server process you want five child processes to be always running. In addition to this, you want to restrict the number of requests that are handled simultaneously by the child processes to 20. Which options would you use to achieve this objective? (Choose all that apply.) In your Oracle HTTP Server configuration file, you have configured the following directives as: StartServers 10 MaxSpareServers 20 MinSpareServers 15 Which statement is true? You have not set the Subscriber Search Base node in Directory Information Tree (DIT) in Identity Management Realm by using the orclSubscriberSearchBase attribute. You use Discovery mechanism to find out user information in the DIT. Which statement is true in this scenario? Which statements describe the functionality of OracleAS Single Sign-On? (Choose all that apply.) You want authorized users to use the single authentication feature to gain easy access to external applications. Which components must be installed before using OracleAS Single Sign-On? (Choose all that apply.) You have a text file written in LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) that contains the entries to be added to the Oracle Internet Directory (OID). Using this text file as a source file, you want to add the entries concurrently using multiple threads. Which OID command-line tool would you use? You want to install Oracle Application Server 10g middle tier that enables you to generate Web-based reports and authenticate users accessing the middle-tier components. Which components must you have installed before you start installing OracleAS Portal and Wireless? (Choose all that apply.) Today, most Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications use a database to have a persistent storage for data. Which two statements regarding the data source are true? (Choose two.) In your existing Oracle Application Server 10g installation, you observe that the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) error log file, error_log, is available in the location set in the ErrorLog directive. Because the location set in this directive is running out of space and there is no free space available in other locations, you want to suppress further logging of any kind of messages, temporarily, into the error log file. What would you do to achieve this objective? A portal user named USER1 registered a new database provider with the OracleAS Portal instance. What are the actions that are implicitly performed as a result of the registration? (Choose all that apply.)

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