1Z0-301 - Oracle9iAS: Basic Administration

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Example Questions

You change the administration port number of Oracle9iAS Web Cache using the WEB Cache Manager. Where is the detail stored? What does the Delegated Administration Service or Oracle9iAS SSO enable nonadministrative users to do? Which two are files that Oracle9iAS Web Cache reads at startup? (Choose two) Which two protocols are available by default for the Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE (OC4J) to receive communication when it is installed as a part of an Oracle9iAS Instance? (Choose two) You want to allow all clients from IP subnet 144.23.4 to be able to access specific static content in your Web site. You choose to implement this using the following Oracle HTTP Server directives: <Directory static_directory> allow from 144.23.4 </Directory> Which Oracle HTTP Server Security Module must be included in your configuration to enable this feature? A collection of Oracle9iAS Instances that share the same Infrastructure but do not have identical configurations is referred to as a _______. Which two protocols are used to communicate directly to an OC4J instance that is deployed as part of an Oracle9iAS instance? (Choose two) The OID server in your organization contains various details of the organization. You are asked to set up the hierarchy structure of your department in the OID server. What should you create? Which mod_plsql directive protects procedures, packages, or schemas from being directly executed from a browser? The number of users working with the OID server increases suddenly. Which two actions can you take to immediately maintain the performance of the OID server? (Choose two) A user authenticated to a partner application by Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On accesses another partner application in the same session. What does the second application do? Which mod_plsql directive enables you to provide access to a specific PL/SQL procedure without specifying it in the URL? Which two OC4J configuration files are server configuration files? (Choose two) When adding a new instance to an Oracle9i Application Server cluster, which process is responsible for accessing the Infrastructure and creating the required local configuration files? Your company started a project to Web enable its Java applications. Your management prefers a fast standard-compliant J2EE server, and they have concerns about the manageability of their large user community. They prefer a solution with a single user repository. Which installation topology would you recommend? How is the failure of an OPMN process handled? Documents matching the following regular expression are defined as being cacheable in the cacheability rules for your Web Cache: /.html?$ Your site has many .htm and .html files that are presented to Web visitors. Which file types will be created? The Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On administrative users should belong to the ______ administrative group. Why does SSL communication switch to using symmetric encryption after the negotiation phase? What best defines the principle of least privilege? All the user credentials of a department are stored in the OID server. How will you identify a particular user entry uniquely? Which component of an Oracle9iAS instance is responsible for accessing the configuration information for the Farm, reading changes that need to be propagated throughout the Farm, and updating the configuration information? What are the five files that are used to configure mod_plsql in a typical configuration? Which three metrics can you get from the OC4J Instance page on OEM? (Choose three) You set the Trusted Subnets in Oracle9iAS Web Cache Security to "This Machine Only". What is permitted? Which Oracle9iAS capabilities require an Infrastructure? (Choose all that apply) When a user has been successfully authenticated by Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On server, what information about the user is passed to the partner application? What directives is used to reduce the overhead of reestablishing network connections? What is true regarding Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On applications? What are the four major steps you should perform to develop your security policy? (Choose four) Where is metadata information of the OID server stored? Which directive ensures that accesses to applications that are Single Sign-On enabled use SSL? You are managing an Oracle9iAS Instance that has been configured to work with the Oracle Internet Directory for centralized password administration. Password for your authorized end users have been established. An end user wishes to change their password. Which statement is correct? Most J2EE applications, servlets as well as JSPs and EJBs, need to communicate with the database. Which two are true regarding data sources? (Choose two) You do NOT need to set the PlsqlDatabaseUsername and PlsqlDatabasePassword directives in the DAD if the mod_plsql authentication mode is _______. When stopping the Infrastructure instance, which option is correct? When you configure your application to run in Single Sign-On environment, you should register _______. You want to use Basic Authentication to protect access to your web site using Oracle HTTP Server password files. To accomplish this, you will use a <Location> or <Directory> block container in your httpd.conf configuration file. Which three Require directives are correct? (Choose three) Which three files are found by default in the $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/home/config directory? (Choose three) Which two statements describe features of the servlet support in Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE (OC4J)? (Choose two) Which command will show the condition of the Oracle HTTP Server? What directive id valid, but has no effect on a UNIX system? What is the default location of most of the configuration files used by the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)? The surge protection feature of Oracle9iAS Web Cache enables you to _______. In a Directory environment which method would you use to make the directory highly available? In a secure Oracle9iAS environment, what is true regarding authentication of the client through the middle tier to the client database? When Oracle9iAS Portal is installed, in which schema are its components stored in the Metadata Repository? Which two commands can be used to start the Oracle HTTP Server (OSH)? (Choose two) In which two directories would you typically find the mod_plsql configuration files? (Choose two) Why would you run the ssocfg.sh script in the $ORACLE_HOME/sso/bin directory?