1Z0-271 - Hyperion Financial Management 9.3 Administrator I and II

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Example Questions

What dimension types must be included in an application view? How is line-item detail enabled for base-level accounts and scenarios? In member selection, the ____________function retrieves members at ALL LEVELS BELOW a specified parent. Destination options for a batch include: (Choose two.) Which standard dimension provides an audit trail of the transformations applied to Hyperion System 9 Financial Management data? To retrieve a data value from a grid and place it in a text box, use the __________ text function. Which function is an auto calculation and a mathematical function? What user role specifies a user as advanced or basic? To maintain vertical separation between report objects that change size, use __________ positioning. How are users provisioned in Hyperion System 9 Financial Management? When using the MemberName function in a row heading, which parameter does NOT support the Current keyword? <<MemberName("GridName", Row, "DimName")>> Interface tables are used to import metadata from external systems into the Dimension Library by using: How many Account Types are there? What do these colors represent in a data grid cell? GREEN | LIGHT-YELLOW | DARK-YELLOW | ORANGE When selecting members for a Financial Management data source, the Lists tab displays member lists created in: What must be enabled for Financial Management data grids to perform drill-throughs to Financial Data Quality Management? What does validating an application view mean? The default data view for a scenario can be: (Choose two.) A report designer can use an auto calculation to calculate the average of: Which mathematical functions are available in Financial Reporting? (Choose three.) Intercompany transactions are eliminated at the: A dimension association is required between the Currency property of the Entity dimension and the _______ dimension. What must the Administrator do before creating a journal? Which dimension view allows you to create dimensions? A report that contains static data from a specific point in time is a You can type "NODATA" in a cell to: Rules statements are written by applying: Which text function is NOT available for a Financial Management data source? Which dimensions support Phased Submissions? (Choose three.) What is the purpose of mapping tables in Data Synchronization? To create reports in Financial Reporting Studio, a user must have the ____________ role. Reports are designed in: To refer to rows 5 through 8 in a mathematical function, a report designer uses the reference: You load metadata by creating and running a(n):_____ When a parent is consolidated: Which options appear in the Grid Properties sheet under the General category? (Choose two.) What two methods are used to create dimensions in the Dimension Library? (Choose two.) What are the two types of user-defined member lists? (Choose two.) What is the first thing that must be done before using Smart View in Excel? What are the characteristics of a Sub EnumMemberLists()? (Choose three.) When scheduling a batch, you can select _____ dimension(s) from the batch POV for bursting. Which report objects can you save in the repository and reuse in multiple reports? (Choose three.) An IncStmt report is created in the Finance folder in the repository. To give Lturner access to the report, the report designer must assign View permission for Lturner on the: To automatically format cells based on specified attributes or values, use: In addition to the Sub Translate routine, which application settings are also used for translation? (Choose two.) Which formulas are more efficient? How many Member List files can you load at one time? What rule types are executed by user action? If SwitchSignForFlow is used to set up custom members balance sheet movement, what happens to the sign behavior for the asset account type? Which module in BPM Architect is used to import metadata, create members and modify member properties?