1Z0-264 - Hyperion Essbase 9.3 Developer

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Example Questions

During the forecast cycle, you adjust Jan, Feb, and Mar data using Smart View for Office. After submitting the adjusted data, you refresh the worksheet. The adjusted data displays, however, the total for Qtr 1 has not changed. Why? You have the Smart View for Office client installed. In Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, how can Analytic Services data be displayed? Which member property ensures a member is always calculated on retrieval? When Aggregate Missing Values is set to ON and a consolidation of the dimensions is performed, Analytic Services _______________________. In a database where both the Scenario and Customer dimensions are sparse, what is the effect of the following calculation script? CLEARDATA "Current Year"->"O-IBM"; What statistics are available in the Database Properties dialog box? (Choose all that apply.) During a CALC ALL or CALC DIM process, Analytic Services calculates sparse and dense dimensions in a specific sequence. What makes the default calculation sequence so efficient? What data sources are supported in rules files? (Choose all that apply.) Which of the following characterizes the top member in an alternate hierarchy? A calculation script What do data load rules files enable you to do? What can be loaded using rules files? In each database, what determines the configuration of data blocks and the index system? Which options are available to manipulate fields in Data Prep Editor? You are designing a database with the following requirements: - Calculate the complete history of product sales from product introduction to the present. - Calculate 12-month rolling averages - Present both calendar year and fiscal year hierarchies in reports. Which time design will simplify your calculations and best enable the report presentation you require? You are limited to _____ alias table(s) per database. Analytic Services can create data blocks during all of which set of processes? Which syntax is correct for a comment in a calculation script? Which statement is true about substitution variables? Which build method automatically adds shared members? What is the difference between the CALC DIM and AGG commands? Which statement best describes the function of the back calculation section in a calculation script? Theoretically, if all database dimensions were configured sparse, what would the data block size be? Which member property should you use for members that meet the following conditions? - No data is loaded to the member - The member has no member formula - No data is aggregated to the member Which statement best describes data normalization? What is the typical methodology for normalizing rates and drivers? Which set of statements best describes the role of the Main Rollup section in a calculation script? During calculation script development, you follow the calculation test procedure below: 1. Clear data from the database 2. Load test input data 3. Run the calculation script 4. Audit calculation results What are the benefits of following this procedure? (Choose all that apply.) In Smart View for Office - which filter options can you use to select members in the Member Selection dialog box? Attribute dimensions can have an adverse effect on: The functions @ALLANCESTORS, @ICHILDREN, and @UDA are all examples of which type of function? What type of calculations has all of the following characteristics? - Calculate all or a portion of the database - Control the order in which dimensions are calculated - Driven by business processes A data load rules file provides which options to load data? What are the three (3) principal methods used for focusing calculations? (Choose three.) In Smart View for Office - before you refresh a worksheet you activate the display option to suppress #Missing values. When you refresh your worksheet, Analytic Services returns: If a dimension is missing in your data source, what does Analytic Services do when you load the data?