1Z0-232 - Oracle 11i System Administration

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Example Questions

Identify three conditions under which you would be permitted to apply or release a hold on a concurrent request from the View My Requests screen. (Choose three.) The custom Journal Entry upload program has just been submitted. This program is incompatible with itself and is not associated with a specific concurrent manager. A user has just submitted a concurrent request to execute this concurrent program. Because of the incompatibility the request is created with the phase and status code of Pending and Standby, respectively. Identify the statement that correctly describes the interaction of the concurrent managers. You are working on an11.5.10.x OA Framework personalization. You have Page A that extends Shared Region B, that Shared Region B extends Shared Region C. You set your personalization context scope to PAGE and create a personalization that alters Shared region C. Which statement is true? What is true about the information displayed by a user using the Workflow Monitor? (Choose three.) Which aspect of the Request Set the user can define when the Request Set is submitted to the concurrent manager? Which three types of integration does the Business Event System support? (Choose three.) At ABC company, the change management group has decided to provide the role of approving POs to the purchasing manager, and has asked the system administrator to make the changes to the roles. Which privileges does the system administrator need to perform this task? (Choose two.) Which two components are required to create a responsibility? (Choose two.) Which option best defines the concept of Data Security, that is used by the administrators to control user access to data? Identify two instances in applications where the default value can be defaulted to the current value of a profile option. (Choose two.) You are using the System Profile Option screen to initialize the value of a profile option at several levels. You select the levels, the level context, and the profile option to change. You are able to default the value for the site, application and responsibility, but you are unable to change the value for the user level. Which statement explains this situation? ABC Company has the following requirements: In the Purchasing section, the primary job functions are Buyer, Buyer Approver and Buyer Manager. Buyer need tasks B1, B2, B3, and B4. Buyer Approver need tasks B5, B6, B7, and B8. Buyer Manager need all tasks B1 through B8, inclusive. Which is the best solution to meet the requirement using Oracle User Management? Which statements are true about the Business Event System? (Choose all that apply.) What is an indication that there are not enough background engines available? You have been tasked with creating Business Events for a stand-alone workflow project. Which option would you use to create your Business Events? Which statement is correct about the Workflow Monitor? A workflow is errored. Which are four valid actions for a Workflow user with the ADMIN role to respond to the error? (Choose four.) Which two types of objects may be added as items to a menu? (Choose two.) Your company uses Oracle User Management. In Department X there are four users and three managers. All managers need access to the same functions, and all users need access to the same functions. Managers access all functions accessed by the users, and also some additional functions. To implement the requirement, you need to define at least _____. Which configuration method should be avoided when configuring the Notification Mailer? What is a subscriber system? Which statement most accurately reflects how the list of concurrent programs displayed in standard report submission is compiled? What is the correct explanation of why responsibilities can access both Applications and Self Service Applications functions, given that you must designate the responsibility as either an Applications or Self Service Applications responsibility upon its definition? You are creating a new function. The function should be available in Normal and Maintenance modes. The function can be run with incomplete or inconsistent data. What should be the value of the Maintenance Mode Support column? Identify the correct concurrent request phase and status for a request being evaluated by the Conflict Resolution Manager. You are using Oracle User Management. Which statements are true? (Choose all that apply.) Analyze the submission schedules the users wish to use. Which user would have difficulty in submitting his or her program using his or her preferred schedule? Identify the metrics that can be configured for thresholds and receiving alerts as part of the dashboard setup. (Choose three). As a system administrator, you are requested to create a new responsibility called "Purchasing Buyer," which is identical to "Purchasing Manager" except that requisitions functionality is given only to the purchasing manager. You are able to satisfy the requirement using any of the options shown. Identify the option that is aligned with best practices. You created a new inquiry-only responsibility for your finance department users. After you set up the responsibility, the users indicate that they cannot execute all the concurrent programs that they requested. Which component of the responsibility needs to be changed? Identify the objects can be monitored as part of the performance tab in the applications dashboard? (Choose three.) What is true while adding form function to an existing menu? Which three search criteria are valid when using the status monitor in Standalone Oracle workflow? (Choose three.) Which three are correct responses of the Inbound Notification Mailer to process the response Messages? (Choose three.) In order to update a subscription, what value do you need to set the Customization level to? Can you set an event message to become available for a future date? Identify the policies that are defined to grant access to business objects. At your company, for the USA-Order Management Super User responsibility, the "Concurrent:Report Access Level" profile option is set to "User." For the user Joe, the Concurrent:Report Access Level profile option is set to "Responsibility. The USA-Order Management Super User responsibility is assigned to Joe. Which statement is true? In the context of system administrator, "Grants" will authorize a user to ___. You are moving workflow objects from your development system to your production system. You need to transfer the workflow objects from the development database into files that can then be uploaded to the development system. Which kinds of objects will you transfer using the Workflow XML Loader? (Choose all that apply.) Which three statements are true about the process of creating a new user through Oracle User Management? (Choose Three). Which option best describes the typical workflow planning process? In Oracle E-Business Suite, there are seeded events. When are subscriptions to these events executed? (Choose two.) Which option describes the creation of event groups? XYZ company decided to implement Oracle user management, to have a flexible and scalable system for managing access privileges and user accounts. The company wants to delegate some of the security and administrative tasks to local administrators. The company wants to have three local administrators, one for each region (North America, Europe and Asia), to manage his/her region's user accounts which have the employee role only. To implement the requirement, the system administrator did the following: 1. Created the North America admin role, Europe admin role and Asia admin role. 2. Granted the Role administration privilege for North America admin role, Europe admin role and Asia admin role to manage employee role. 3. Granted North America admin role to Jack, who is designated as the North America region local administrator. 4. Granted Europe admin role to Joe, who is designated as the Europe region local administrator. 5. Granted Asia admin role to John, who is designated as the Asia region local administrator. Which statement is true? (Choose all that apply.) Which is the standard deferred agent for a subscription to place an event message for a PL/SQL subscription process? You have just submitted a concurrent request. The concurrent program has incompatibilities. The concurrent program spawns a child concurrent program. The concurrent request would not be placed on hold. You decide to kill the concurrent request after the sub program has completed, but before the main program is completed. Identify which statement accurately reflects, in the proper sequence, the phases and statuses that the concurrent request would have. Which two aspects are required to be entered to submit Journal Import as a concurrent request? (Choose two.) Which two methods can you use to transfer workflow definitions to a stand-alone Oracle Workflow database? (Choose two.) Through which mechanisms does the External Source System send an event message to the event subscription?