1Z0-228 - Peoplesoft Enterprise 9 General Ledger

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Example Questions

The primary function of the PeopleSoft InterUnit and IntraUnit process is______. Which is used to create a working calendar that identifies holidays and nonworking days? Identify the best description for the Journal Edit Hierarchy. PS/nVision offers two types of layouts. What are the two types of layouts? When the Inheritance option for a ChartField is set to Always Inherit, the ChartField value on a transaction is inherited from_____. Which three configuration actions can be performed by using Standard ChartField Configuration? What must be provided on the Net Income/Retained Earnings page of the Closing Rule along with the Retained Earnings account? What is the function of the "Keep Ledgers in Sync" check box? You have a large journal (not yet posted) with many lines that use account 601231. This account value was entered erroneously and must be changed to 601232. What is the most efficient way to make this correction? You want to create a tree where nodes in the same hierarchical position represent the same kind of information. What would you use to accomplish this? Where do trees determine which ChartField the tree is based on and where the detail values for that ChartField are stored? Company ABC has 10 Business Units and a shared SetID called SHARE. How many SetlDs does ABC have? What feature is supported in combination Edits? From where would a user access the JRNL1.xIs Control Worksheet page? What are the two methods by which Spreadsheet Journals are imported to General Ledger? You can enable PeopleSoft Financials Audit Framework (Audit Logging): The Compare across Ledgers inquiry has a maximum number of ledgers that can be in the criteria selection. What is the maximum number of ledgers? Which two statements describe SpeedTypes? You provide the appropriate Inter/lntraUnit Template for a Business Unit on the_____page. In what period are balance forward amounts stored? Which report or reporting tool is useful in reconciling converted data from legacy systems?\ Which two ChartField types does Advanced ChartField Configuration enable you to add? Identify four true statements about tree branches. Identify two statements that describe Standard Ledger Groups. The InterUnit Activity Report shows you the InterUnit ChartField for every______ SpecifieD. What does altering the description on an existing tree node do? When the InterUnit method is direct method, the ChartFilelds and values that are used for the balancing entries for a Business Unit are retrieved using its own_____. John entered a reversing journal entry and posted it in June, an open montH. The Journal will reverse in July, which is a closed perioD. The journal was erroneously posted and John now wants to unpost the journal. The option to automatically unpost reversals when the anchor is unposted is selecteD. Identify the action that John should perform. Your customer informs you that they ran the Year End Close process, but then discovered that they were not ready to run it. How can they correct this error? Your client has created an adjustment journal. The adjustment must be made in a closed period where the journals have been archived. Which option should you select? Which page identifies the System Source that distributes accounting entries to PeopleSoft Genera/ Ledger? When deferred processing is enabled, most fields on the journal entry are not updated or validated until you perform one of these two actions. You created a journal by using a Journal Entry TemplatE. However, before posting the journal, you realize that you missed a ChartField because it was not visible in the Journal Entry Template that you useD. What should you do to fix the error? Your organization requires that all General Ledger journal entries for the Payables liability account have a blank department on the entries. Identify the best approach to achieve this business requirement. Which three statements are true about PeopleSoft trees? Where in PeopleSoft can you view a list of tasks for the products you are implementing for an organization? Which statement is FALSE about Standard Journals? John wants his users to see only certain fields on the Journal Line page when they enter journals. He wants to exclude fields such as Project, Open Item Key, and Program. However, other areas of the company use these fields to create journals. How would you configure the system to do this? Which three represent the data stored in the Ledger tables? To which level is the Define Options and Defaults page for the Spreadsheet Journal Import template set? Identify two statements that best describe Multibook. Which two fields on the Account page must be completed when setting up a Statistical Account? On which page would you set up the Cross-Product Drill Down capability for online inquiries? Which three statements correctly describe tree nodes? Your tree for translating budget keys contains only nodes and no leaves in the hierarchy. This is an example of a_____. Which functionality does NOT use PeopleSoft Trees? When you open a journal that you tried to edit or post, you receive a message stating that the journal is locked for further processinG. What should you do? Your retail client is performing a PeopleSoft implementation. They have these requirements: 1. ChartField POS to capture Point of Sale information 2. ChartField to accommodate up to 15 alphanumeric characters 3. Minimum setup and configuration Select a series of steps that will best accomplish the requirements. Identify two correct statements about the Combination Edit setup and process. Which Journal feature can be effective-dated?