1Z0-221 - Oracle Inventory Management 11i Fundamentals

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Example Questions

The ATP (Available to Promise) algorithm uses three time fences. They are PAST DUE SUPPLY, PAST DUE DEMAND and _____. Select one accurate and comprehensive description of the content scope of an ABC compile? For performing an ABC analysis, you need to define these three: 1. ABC compile 2. ABC classes 3. ABC assignment group Which two are correct actions? (Choose two.) Your cycle count has the following setup: Cycle count variance approval tolerances defined; Approval Required option set to "If out of tolerance"; Automatic Recounts selected with a maximum of three. If the first cycle count actual quantity entered for your item exceeds the approval tolerance specified, Oracle Inventory ____. Which three statements regarding Oracle Inventory forecasting are true? (Choose three.) Min-Max profile options support _____. From which Oracle applications can interorganization receipts be received into an organization? Which is the key setup required in order to restrict the access to an inventory organization by a user? (Choose one) Oracle Inventory interacts with other Oracle applications by sharing information. Choose two pieces of information that Oracle Inventory receives from the Order Management application. (Choose two.) You specified cycle count measurement error values when you defined your item at the master item or organization item level. You also specified a cycle count quantity variance approval tolerance at the cycle count item level. If the actual cycle count quantity for your item differs from the system on-hand quantity by less than the specified measurement error, Oracle Inventory _____.(Select one answer) What are the Inventory Move Order types that are supported? You are using cycle counting, the quantity variance approval tolerances are specified at these levels: Cycle count header level Cycle count class level Cycle count item level If the tolerances are set up at all the levels, which tolerance is considered first by Oracle Inventory? You have specified both quantity variance and adjustment value approval tolerances at the cycle count header level only. You have also set the Approval Required option in your cycle count to "If out of tolerance". Oracle Inventory would automatically approve your actual count entered if ____. Inventory organizations B1 and M1 each have five unique physical separations of material inventory area, which are under locator control. Customer shippable goods are stored in the FGI (Finished Goods Inventory) storage area. The raw material storage area is called Stores. Organization B1 wants to transfer customer goods from one locator to another. What is the applicable transaction to accomplish the transfer? You have enabled the CHECK ATP option for an item in the Finished Goods subinventory. What would Oracle Inventory do? Which three statements are valid about transaction reasons? (Choose three.) Which statement is true about an inventory organization that is set up under a multiorganization structure in Oracle Inventory? A customer produces stents at several factories that are set up as inventory organizations. The company needs the ability to uniquely identify each stent and know which factory produced it. Regulations require that each stent be identified by 16-characters. What would you do to meet this requirement? Which two statements are true about the item master? (Choose two.) Company XYZ has portable bar code readers that are used to scan and read data about the amount of time charged on a resource that has been utilized on the manufacturing floor. This data about utilization is then processed in the Oracle Work in Process module by using a _____. You are setting up a requisition move order for which approval is required. At the organization level, you have defined the following: 1) Move Order Timeout Period 2) Move Order Timeout Action However, the approval process is not being enabled for the organization item. What is a possible reason? The following table shows the values for quantity variance and adjustment value tolerances for an item in a cycle count: Item Attributes Value Item Standard Cost - $10.00 Positive Quantity Variance - Tolerance 5% Negative Quantity Variance - Tolerance 10% Positive Adjustment Value - Tolerance $200 Negative Adjustment Value - Tolerance $250 Given that the system count is 100, which value would be considered a Positive Quantity Variance that requires approval, and also considered a Positive Adjustment Value? is an audio CD distribution organization; it is not Warehouse Management System (WMS) enabled. wants to identify its inventory items to be combination of its own item name (which may have up to 30 alphanumeric characters) and the UPC code (which is numeric and always 12 characters). What is the best way to define the system item flexfield? Identify the type of entity against which Oracle Inventory charges a transaction. Which three statements are true regarding inventory transactions? (Choose three.) Which two statements are true about the Managing Shipments process? (Choose two.) Your client wants to implement re-order point planning for some of the items in the organization. They currently use min-max planning. What is the minimum amount of information that needs to be changed on the items the customer wishes to plan? Which two statements about the Stock Locator flexfield are true? (Choose two.) You are implementing Oracle Inventory in a Make-To-Order manufacturing environment where there is on-hand inventory for 200 different motors. For these purchasable items, given the proper profile setup, Min-max can automatically create _____. has four operating units. Each operating unit has its own master organization. Operating unit 1 has twenty-two inventory organizations. Operating unit 2 has four inventory organizations. Operating unit 3 has thirteen inventory organizations. Operating unit 4 has eight inventory organizations. All four operating units are assigned to one legal entity. Which statements are true? (Choose all that apply.) Which four statements are true about generating a cycle count? (Choose four.) From which Oracle applications can 'in-transit' receipts be received into an organization? wants material in a subinventory to be considered for material planning purposes. Which set of flags would you set for that subinventory? Which two statements are true about lot numbers? (Choose two.) A Finished Goods subinventory of name FG has to be set up in several inventory organizations. Which two are true? (Choose two.) Which data is received by Oracle Order Management from Oracle Inventory? Min-max planning can be used _____. Which three ways can inventory be received into stock by using the Oracle Inventory module? (Choose three.) Select all the control options and restrictions that can be applied to an item. 1. Locator Control 2. Serial Number Control 3. Lot Control 4. Subinventory and Locator restrictions 5. Revision Quantity Control A parts distributor has a facility that includes several buildings that are used as warehouses. All the warehouses together represent one subinventory in an inventory organization. Each building is multistoried, and each floor (story) has several rooms within each building that are unique to that building. All rooms are used to store material, and the distributor needs the ability to store material and pick material from these rooms. What is the optimum number of segments that you would recommend for the Stock Locator flexfield? The materials manager has noticed that several items were created and assigned to various inventory organizations, but the analyst skipped the Copy from Template step. She would like to know how to correct the items. Which three statements are true? (Choose three.) You have set the SET RESTOCK min-max field to YES. What will Oracle Inventory do? You have specified cycle count variance approval tolerances for your cycle count. You have also set the Approval Required option in your cycle count to "If out of tolerance". If the actual cycle count quantity entered for your item falls within the approval tolerance specified, Oracle Inventory _____. Which three statements regarding Inventory forecasting are true? (Choose three.) For which type of Move order is approval required? has a factory that is set up as an inventory organization with several subinventories. Each of the subinventories has locators. The factory purchases material using a purchase order. The person who receives the purchase order does not know which subinventory and locator the material needs to go to. wants the subinventory and locator to be automatically populated for that item. Which option would solve the problem? Which three values are applicable for the Transaction profile option Miscellaneous Issue and Receipt? (Choose three.) Based on the ABC analysis which statement best describes the approach a warehouse manager should take in securing A, B, and C type inventory items? What are the components of the Receipt to Issue process? You have specified cycle count variance approval tolerances for your cycle count. You have also set the Approval Required option in your cycle count to "If out of tolerance". If the cycle count quantity entered for your item exceeds the approval tolerance specified, Oracle Inventory _____. (Select one answer)