1Z0-218 - PeopleSoft HRMS Fundamentals

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Example Questions

Which four statements are true about the Salary Grade table? (Choose four.) Company is a high-level key on some payroll tables. Two of the three PeopleSoft Payroll Modules use Company as a high-level key. These two payroll modules require company to be set up before the other tables that require it as a high-level key. Identify these two payroll modules. (Choose two.) An employee was recently given a transfer of department, and along with the transfer the employee's supervisor changed. Which two pages on Job Data need to be updated with an inserted row? Identify two of the tables where an employee's default compensation frequency can be set? (Choose two.) Adam is entering new hire information in the PeopleSoft system. Adam enters the new hire personal information and creates the organizational relationship of the new hire as EMPLOYEE. After Adam establishes the new hire's relationship with the organization, the system opens the JOB DATA page for Adam to enter the new hires job-related information. Adam decides to complete the new hires job-related information after his lunch break and cancels out of the JOB DATA page. What must be Adam's approach to successfully complete the new hire's job-related information in the PeopleSoft system after his break? The employee #1234 current row in Job Data has an effective date of 01/01/07. You need to insert a row with an effective date of 01/01/08 and a newly created Action/ActionReason code. Which three dates can the new Action/Action Reason code be set up in order for the new row to be inserted in Job Data? (Choose three.) Which default value do the Job Code table and Location table have in common? In which three scenarios would PeopleSoft create a new Employee Record Number (ERN)? (Choose three.) When hiring a person using the template-based hire feature, you choose the Save for Later option. What is the hiring status that is assigned to the transaction? You are setting up Human Resources for your customer. You have a table sequence to follow for your implementation. Choose the correct sequence of tables. Which field CANNOT be overridden in Job Data after being entered in the Department table? Which three are true statements about the characteristics of Business Units in PeopleSoft? (Choose three.) You have set up two SetIDs for your customer: one for Japan and one for Germany. Japan's SetID is JAP and Germany's is DEU. You set up three Business Units for Japan and two for Germany. One company was set up for each country. You want configurations to be separated by SetID except for Job Codes. You want both countries to use Japan's Job Codes. You created Job Codes only with the Japan SetID. You must _____ in order to accommodate this requirement. Identify two components where temporary assignments can be created for a worker. (Choose two.) While you are entering a new hire into Job Data, you come to the Salary Plan page. You notice that the Salary Step field is populated. From which table did the default value come from? Identify the four main components in setting up hiring templates. (Choose four.) On the Installation Table there is a tab labeled Last ID Assigned. These IDs inform the HCM system at what number to start numbering after the customer goes live. Identify three IDs that are assigned on the Installation Table - Last ID Assigned Tab. (Choose three.) The navigation path for creating an Action/Action Reason code begins with the _____ menu item. Which setup sequence would allow you to default the Compensation information in Job Data by using Job Code? What is true about SetID and Business Unit? Identify two true statements regarding Temporary Assignments in PeopleSoft HCM 9.0. (Choose two.) You are assisting your customer with testing the Add a Person functionality. The employee being added to the system is a part-time employee scheduled for 8 (eight) hours a week. The data entry person has entered the employee with valid information including 8 hours in the Standard Hours field on Job Data. An error is received stating that you are trying to add a person with less than the minimum standard hours allowed. What is the reason for the error message? On the Job Data Work Location tab for a new hire, Company is a required field. You can default Company from the _____ table. Using components of pay is a PeopleSoft Human Resources function that enables organizations to define single or multiple rates of pay, represented by Comp Rate (compensation rate) codes to identify what make up a workers compensation package. The Comp Rate Code table page provides organizations with three capabilities: _____, _____ and _____. (Choose three.) Identify two true statements regarding the Manage Hire page. (Choose two.) What enables the organization to define each piece or component of a worker's salary and itemize it to comprise a single total base salary? Using a Permission List associated with a user and identifying security sets and access types in the Security by Permission List component of PeopleSoft are known as _____. Your client has set up two companies, ABC in Country A and DEF in Country D. Your client has also set up several business units based on company and service lines. To reduce the data redundancy, your client has implemented one shared SetID across business units so that the majority of table values can be shared across the organization. However, your client has two separate salary administration plans that are specific to employees in each country. You have created two SetIDs, DEF01 and ABC01, to be used as high-level key for the new Salary Plans that you are going to create. What should you do next before you can set up the Salary Administration Plans for this client? Choose the best definition of historical rows in Peoplesoft's Human Resources System. You are helping an organization design its Human Resources table structure. This organization has two divisions in the Your client has several positions that have high turnover. In hiring employees, it is spending a lot of time entering repetitive information during the hiring process. It wants to use Template-Based Hire Process to speed up the data entry for these positions. The Template-Based Hire Process streamlines repetitive data entry on the _____ page. Identify the correct way to associate a Location Code with a Company. Choose three fields that are required on the Company Table. (Choose three.) Several tables are involved in setting up SetIDs, Business Units, and TableSet Controls. Choose the correct order of these tables. Your organization has decided to use a department security tree for Row-Level security in PeopleSoft HRMS system. You decided to use the XYZ permission list to secure data using the Security by Department Tree component. Which step do you need to perform to ensure that Row-Level security is enforced? Your client is using PeopleSoft HCM 9.0. It wants to pay some of its existing Persons of Interest (POIs). Which page in PeopleSoft do they use to set up their POIs for payment? In which two scenarios would you use Role-based data permission security method as compared to Tree based? (Choose two.) Pay period frequency is defined on the ______ table. Pay Groups can be set up in PeopleSoft HRMS when the payroll applications are_____. Which three statements about departments are true? (Choose three.) Employee # 4321 just got married and you need to update the information in PeopleSoft. Which two paths can you follow to insert a row and update the information? (Choose two.) Identify four ways to assign default Salary Components such as Salary Plans, Grades, and Steps to a worker. (Choose four.) Which four components can be used to add a job instance for a person in PeopleSoft HCM 9.0? (Choose four.) Your client has a contractor, who is already set up in PeopleSoft as a Contingent Worker. It wants to hire the contractor as an employee. Which statement is true concerning its Job Data setup? What should you do when system performance is affected and you no longer want to maintain all employee records on the Job table? You have implemented Benefits Administration for your customer. You processed a job row on job data dated 1/15/2007 for the employee but no event was created on BAS Activity. You missed a setting on the installation table. Under the Location Profile page you can set default values for the location code you are going to create. What are they? Identify three components that the HR administrator uses to administer template-based hires. (Choose three.) A new Employment Record Number (ERN) was created erroneously. The ERN Delete Process can be used to remove the erroneous record. Which are the three processes that this component checks before allowing the deletion of the ERN? (Choose three.)