1Z0-202 - Siebel 8 Consultant Exam

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Example Questions

When should you use explicit primaries through Enterprise Integration Manager? You have populated millions of products in your test system and you are ready to move them to your production system. Which would you use? You need to search Service Requests in your workflow. You add a Siebel Operation step. Which two are true? (Choose two.) What is true when a user does not have access to any views in a screen? Which three are true of the Web Layout Editor? (Choose three.) Which Siebel business entity represents businesses external to your company that could be a current or potential client, business partner, or competitor? Which describes the role of Assignment Candidates for Assignment Manager? What is the primary difference between an organization and a division? What Siebel feature limits the user's ability to change a picklist value from one value to another? Which EIM Delete process option should you use to delete just the rows from an EIM table that contain a specific word? Your requirement is to allow only one industry for a given Account. What would you do to start to meet the requirement? How do you specify the type of owners that records in a business component may have? For which two can you define scores in order to use scoring with Assignment Manager? (Choose two.) You are creating a new child business component to support displaying promotional items that have been sent to Contacts. What type of table do you base the new business component on? Which two statements are true about using the Table wizard to create a new intersection table between two non-party tables? (Choose two.) What does the Component Reconfiguration feature allow you to do? The hyperlinks in Siebel Tools do not appear. What might the problem be? Your business model requires that you change the Job Title for contacts to be a required field. Select the true statement. Which two statements about static picklists based on the PickList Generic business component are true? (Choose two.) You have two accounts: - NY Express in New York state with industry classification Finance - CA Bank in California state with industry classification Finance. You have an assignment rule that assigns accounts based on state and another that assigns them based on industry. Your requirement is that Finance industry accounts should be handled exclusively by the Finance team. Which must you do to configure the rules to support this? Which statement is true of Customer data? You are working with a team of developers who are customizing the Siebel Sales application. You were doing some preliminary prototyping in the Opportunity project. Because you did not expect to check any of this work in to the server, you released the lock on the server and maintained the lock on the local repository. You now realize that you do indeed want to check your work in to the server. Which procedure should you follow to get your work into the server repository without disrupting the other developers' work? Your team extended the Siebel database by creating a new stand-alone table. Select the two true statements. (Choose two.) You set the search specification on the Account business component to [Status] = Active and the search specification on the Account List Applet to [Status] = Red Customer What do you see when you navigate to the Account List View? You created a new form applet. During your testing, one of the controls does not display any data. Which two could cause this? (Choose two.) What are view Web template items? When is it acceptable to run SQL against Siebel database tables? What is displayed in the Thread Bar if the Thread Title property is null in the thread properties? What is the purpose of the SSA Primary field in a MVG applet? Why are implicit joins used for joining party data? Which Server Administration feature can be configured to notify the Administrator when a server component reaches an undesired state? You have created a new button on an applet that will launch a workflow. You want the workflow to process the current record. What do you do? Which two are true regarding the Application Deployment Manager package descriptor file? (Choose two.) Why would you want to enable primaries for a multi-value group? You are adding a single value field to the Opportunity business component to show the ATTRIB_38 column from the S_OPTY_X table. Which is true about the Join/Join Specification? Which assignment deployment method would you most likely use to get a list of qualified candidates in order to select the best person for assignment? Which statement is true of Master data? The No Delete property on the Contact business component is set to FALSE and the No Delete property on the Contact Form applet is set to TRUE. How does this affect the ability to delete a record through the client using the Contact Form applet? What must you do in order to ensure that the Workflow simulator opens the Mobile Web Client and accesses the correct database when a simulation is initiated? Which two clients obtain initialization settings from both the configuration file and Application Object Manager component parameters? (Choose two.) You have been asked to create a multi-value group for contacts phone numbers. What should your first step in this configuration be? You are adding a Join and Join Specification to the Service Request business component to access data in the S_ASSET table. You set the Outer Join Flag to FALSE, the Destination Column to ROW_ID and the Source Field to Id. What will the result be? Which three does Siebel task UI support? (Choose three.) What does Enterprise Integration Manager use to prevent duplication of records during processing? Which represents a business entity and groups data from one or more tables? A few users want to see the Contacts screen tab to the left of the Accounts screen tab in the Call Center application when they log in. Which action could you take to satisfy the requirement? You created a new view in Siebel Tools, one group of users (Group A) can see it in the application, but another group of users (Group B) cannot see it in the application. What would cause this? You want to automatically delete all child activity records when a contact record is deleted. Which is the simplest way to configure this? Which two are true of the Siebel File System? (Choose two.) You are working in the high-interactivity Web client. You start creating a new record in the Contact list applet. When is the record committed to the database? (Choose two.)

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