1Z0-151 - Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Build Applications with Oracle Forms Exam

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Example Questions

Which four types of variables must have their names preceded by a colon when they are referenced in trigger code? The Order Entry application contains several forms. The inventories form uses an LOV that is based on a record group that queries the Warehouses table to return a warehouse ID. Several of the forms use LOVs that are based on the same query. You decide to centralize the creation of the record group to the entry form of the application, which opens all the other forms, for example, to open the inventories form, there is a When-Button Pressed trigger on the inventories button with the following code; OPEN _FORM ('inventories'); in a When-New-Form-instance trigger for the entry form, you create the warehouse_rg record group by using the CREATE_GROUP_QUERY built in with the following arguments: ('warehouse_rg' , 'SELECT ALL WAREHOUSE.WAREHOUSE_ID, WAREHOUSE.WAREHOUSE_NAME FORM WAREHOUSE order by warehouse_name); You also populate the record group in this trigger. What must you do to make this record group available to the inventories form and the other forms? You have a text item in your form named Object1. You want to create Object2 as an exact duplicate of Object1. You want to be able to change the properties of Object2. However if you change Object1, you do not want Object2 to change. Which method of reusing Object1 would be best for these requirements? When tabbing through items in the Employees form, users should not be able to navigate to the Salary text item. If they need to update the item, they will have to explicitly navigate to it by using the mouse. Which property setting accomplishes this requirement?