1Z0-102 - Oracle Weblogic Server 11g: System Administration I

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As an Oracle WebLogic Server administrator, you are given an EAR file application to deploy. Identity three reasons for creating an IAK file first. You have selected Configuration Archive Enabled for the domain. When a configuration change and activated, where is the previous version of the configuration archived? Your production JMS server and/or its consumers are not able to handle the incoming message workload. The number of messages on the server never stabilizes and the server eventually becomes overload. Which JMS server attribute will best help prevent the JMS server from being overloaded by producers? Consider a single JMS module that includes a connection factory as well as queue. Based on your system’s requirements, the connection factory needs to be made available to all servers in the domain. The queue, on the other hand, can be targeted to only a single JMS server domain. What is the best way to achieve the desired JMS setup? You run the following WLST script and it completes successfully. Which statement best describes what the script created? You have successfully created a global data source and connection pool via the administration console. In which directory relative to the domain will this new data source and connection pool definition located? Which two statements are true about adding servers to a cluster? Your company is developing batch order system that utilities JMS. Each order message that is created will be broadcasted to and consumed by several order processing and billing applications. As part of configuring the domain that will support this system, which type of JMS destination resource should you create? Which statement is true about the java Node Manager? An application requires a JDBC data source, which you create in the domain. You name it but the administrator allot another domain name the same data source DatasourceB. Without modifying either domain, which is the best method to ensure that the application deploys successfully in both? Identify three types of JMS resources that can be configured as a part of a JMS module. You have set Server log Rotation criteria to either size or time. When a domain is in Production Mode, which statement is true? You run the default startmanageWeblogic (.cmd in Windows) script as shown here: startmanageWeblogic.sh server1 What does this do? Identify two true statements about an Oracle WebLogic Server IMS Connection Factory. Identify three properties required by the domain Configuration Wizard when creating a new domain. Within your data center, the Administration and Managed Servers utilize a shared, central storage device, which server’s access via NFS. In this scenario, your application files no longer need to be copied to servers across the network. Which server attribute allows you to override this behavior? A client accesses a web application named companystore that is running on WebLogic Server. After adding several items to the shopping cart, the host server crashes. The client is automatically redirected to another server by a proxy, but the shopping cart is now empty. Which WebLogic Server feature would you enable to remedy this situation? Which two statements are true about multicast communication within a cluster? Each domain has a directory called servers that contains subdirectories for each server in the domain. Your domain has a managed server named managed1. When will the managed1 directory be created? When installing Oracle Weblogic Server 11g with the graphical installer, which three statements are true? Identify two supported methods of deploying a JMS module to a domain. Which two statements are true about a WebLogic domain? Managed Server Independence enabled is not selected in the configuration of myserver1 . Which statement is true? An EJB is targeted to a cluster. Remote EJB clients can therefore take advantage of WebLogic Server’s load balancing and failover capabilities. However, a proxy server exists between the clients and cluster, which performs IP address transaction. Which cluster attribute should you modify to ensure that load balancing and failover work correctly? Which two statements are true about java EE shared libraries? Which can be associated with multiple domains? You use a web browser to log in to a web application that is deployed to WebLogic Server. When you click link named "publish" on the site, an "Access Denied" message appears. Which two statements must be true about this server's security configuration? When a typical application utilizes a JDBC data source, the process involves several steps. Identify three of these steps. Which three methods does WebLogic provide to implement persistent JMS messaging? You are logged in to the administration console for a domain that is running in Development Mode. The domain configuration, you select Production Mode, Save, and then Activate Changes. Which two statements are true? You deployed a simple web application WAR by using the administration console. Its state is currently "Active." In the administration console, under Configuration of the application, you change some deployment descriptor values. What happens when you save such changes? Your task is to create and start a managed server on a “remote” computer (a computer other than the one where the domain has been created and the Administration server is currently running). So far you have: 1. Created the managed server, called startmanaged1, in the administration console 2. Created a managed server" JAR file template by using the pack command or, the Administration server computer. Which order of steps on the remote computer will successfully finish your task? You received a signed certificate from a Certificate' Authority and you wish to use the keytool command line utility to store it in your keystore. Which command of keytool would you us View the following file excerpt, which configures HTTP session replication: <session - descriptor > <persistent-store-type>replicated</persistent-store-type> </session-descriptor> From which file is this excerpt taken? A managed server, myserver1, has a boot.properties file in the security directory. It was started with the startManageWeblogic.sh script(.cmd in windows) and his boot.properties file was used for its startup credentials. You just used the administration console to change all administrator passwords. To continue using boot.properties, what can you do? All the servers in your domain are running. After you connect to the Administration Server in WLST you run the following command, which completes with no error: Progress = deploy (appName = ‘salesapp’, path = ‘sales.war’, target = managed1, managed2’, planpath = ‘plan.xml’) Which two statements are true? Your server includes an application that uses a generic JDBC data source to connect to a database. However, the network connection between the server and the database is not 100% reliable. You wish to avoid scenarios in which the application fails due to a failed JDBC connection. Identify two data source attributes to help accomplish this. The computer that the Administration Server was running on has crashed and cannot be restarted. Which three steps are required to bring up the Administration Server on the backup computer? In WLST, you enter the shutdown () command with no arguments. Which statement is true in this case? Identify the server attributes that you must configure to communicate with the server via HTTPS. What is the maximum number of targets (standard or migrate) that you can configure for a JMS server? Identify two methods for utilizing WebLogic Server's production redeployment feature. You are deploying a web application called inventory.war. It has been installed and has the Stat* "Prepared." It is targeted to the Managed Server named managed1. The web application's context route is /inventory and the starting page is index.jsp However, you want to test the application before allowing end users access to it. In the administration console, you select inventory-war, and then select Start and "Servicing only administration requests. In your web browser, you need to enter a host and port followed by /inventory/index.jsp. What host and port would you use?

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